De wilde roos

De wilde roos Tibet Willa Alden wordt als gids ingehuurd door Max von Brandt die van plan is als eerste Duitser de Mount Everest te bedwingen Tijdens het beklimmen van de Kilimanjaro heeft Willa een been ver

  • Title: De wilde roos
  • Author: Jennifer Donnelly Annet Mons
  • ISBN: 9789047520474
  • Page: 329
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Tibet, 1913 Willa Alden wordt als gids ingehuurd door Max von Brandt, die van plan is als eerste Duitser de Mount Everest te bedwingen Tijdens het beklimmen van de Kilimanjaro heeft Willa een been verloren, maar dat weerhoudt haar er niet van deze nieuwe expeditie te ondernemen Waar Willa zich echter niet overheen kan zetten is dat haar grote liefde, avonturier Seamus FTibet, 1913 Willa Alden wordt als gids ingehuurd door Max von Brandt, die van plan is als eerste Duitser de Mount Everest te bedwingen Tijdens het beklimmen van de Kilimanjaro heeft Willa een been verloren, maar dat weerhoudt haar er niet van deze nieuwe expeditie te ondernemen Waar Willa zich echter niet overheen kan zetten is dat haar grote liefde, avonturier Seamus Finnigan, destijds tegen haar wil het besluit nam haar been te laten afzetten om haar leven te redden Met haar handicap kan ze leven, maar ze kan Seamus niet meer toelaten in haar hart Teleurgesteld vertrekt Seamus naar Engeland, waar hij met een andere vrouw trouwt En Willa valt voor de charmes van de knappe Max von Brandt Ze weet alleen nog niet dat Max een dubbele agenda heeft en dat Seamus haar nooit helemaal heeft kunnen vergeten

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    1. Χάρηκα που ξανασυνάντησα τους παλιούς μου φίλους, την Φιόνα, τον Τζο και τον Σέιμι και που έμαθα νέα για τους αγαπημένους μου Ίντια και Μαλλόουν. Όμως, αυτό το βιβλίο στάθηκε κατώτερο της τριλογίας και των προσδοκιών μου. Είχε πολλές πολλές… ατέλειωτες αδιάφορες σελίδες, σε [...]

    2. Loved the story. Although it was my least favorite of the three. Don't really know why But fabulous story-telling by Ms Donnelly once again. :)

    3. Για την γραφή της Donnelly και μόνο, κατά τα άλλα η ιστορία πιο αδιάφορη κι από τα λαχανάκια Βρυξελλών.Να μην πω για την πρωταγωνίστρια η οποία έπεσε από βουνό κι έζησε, έπεσε από ελικόπτερο κι έζησε, μέχρι κι από καμήλα πήγε κι έπεσε κι έζησε. Αυτή δεν ήταν άνθρωπος, ο RoboCop ήταν.

    4. Αν μπορούσα να περιγράψω με μια λέξη το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο αυτό θα ήταν απογοήτευση! Αν και έχουν περάσει αρκετά χρόνια από όταν πρωτο διάβασα τα δύο πρώτα βιβλία της τριλογίας ακόμα θυμάμαι με κάθε λεπτομέρεια κάθε συναίσθημα που μου άφησαν. Δυστυχώς αυτό δε το βρήκα στο [...]

    5. Wow depressingI can't believe I am giving this only two stars. I have been waiting for this book to come out and was INCREDIBLY excited to see it on NetGalley and even more priveledged that I was allowed to read an ARC. On that note, this isn't Jennifer Donnelly's finest work. Her other books, including her YA books have received nothing less than 4 stars from me. I found this one disappointing, forced and predictable though.d def. not up to her "standard" of writing. Second, there were numerous [...]

    6. Got my hands on an advance copy and all I can say is WOW!! If Tea Rose and Winter Rose were turned up to 11 in terms of drama, emotion, plot twists and unforgettable characters, Wild Rose is turned up to – I don’t know – 12? 20?? This absolutely lives up to its predecessors, and then some. It’s tied with Winter Rose for my favorite of the three but everyone has a different favorite for different reasons!I could gush for pages, as this is very fresh on my mind – but I don’t want to st [...]

    7. This book was a trial to get through. It was very similar to the previous two books, but unfortunately it didn't contain many of the things I liked about the earlier ones and only contained the annoying bits. (Just for the record, my favorite was The Winter Rose and even that one I found frustrating for the second half.) The Wild Rose retreads a lot of the same (frustrating) plot points.Seamie and Willa are in love. They can't ever fall in love with anyone else (of course not, it's true love, af [...]

    8. The Wild Rose Was a good read, but I just could not get into it like I did The Tea Rose. As I was reading it, all I could think is: "I wish this book and series would just end". Willa's problems with her leg did not seem believable with the time period. Her drug addiction, opiates are highly addictive, never affecting her was extremely questionable. I disliked her and Seamus' illicit affair where because "They were in love" it was ok to cheat on Jennie and hurt friends and family. They could jus [...]

    9. Τελειωσε λοιπον αυτο το μαγικο ταξιδι της τριλογιας. Νομιζω ειναι μια ιστορια που θα μεινει χαραγμενη στο μυαλο μου και στην καρδια μου. Για να ειμαι ομως απολυτα ειλικρινης τα 2πρωτα βιβλια μου αρεσαν περισσοτερο απο το 3ο. Με κρατουσαν σε εγρηγορση συνεχως. Το τελευταιο δε [...]

    10. Край на тази сага дето ме държа толкова дълго и упорито. Но последната част определено не е като предходните две. Внимание спойлери!!! Още, когато във втората книга се появиха историите на Шийми и Уила много се дразнех, че ме откъсват от основната сюжетна нишка. Дали заради то [...]

    11. I hated just about every character in this book. But I especially disliked Willa; selfish, reactionary, overly dramatic, self-destructive, stupid Willa. When she and Seamie started their adulterous affair, I hated him too. In fact, I kind of hoped that one of the other or both would just die and let me finish the book in peace, maybe with the focus on Sid and India's military rehabilitation hospital, or on Katie's overly ambitious personal goals. But no. Spoiler Alert: they didn't die. They kept [...]

    12. Η κριτική γραμμένη το 2016, τι λοιπόν θυμάμαι από αυτό το βιβλίοΘυμάμαι την λαχτάρα μόλις έμαθα ότι θα εκδοθεί επιτέλους . μιλάμε περιμέναμε για το τελευταίο της σειράς κοντά 3 χρόνια.Θυμάμαι την χαρά που το βρήκα στο πάγκο στο μέρος που παραθέριζα δεν το σκέφτηκα καν αν θα το [...]

    13. Πέρασαν 9 χρόνια από τότε που κυκλοφόρησε "Το Τριανταφυλλάκι" και 3 χρόνια από την κυκλοφορία του "Άγριου Τριαντάφυλλου", τα δύο πρώτα βιβλία της επικής τριλογίας της Donnelly, και 2 από τότε που τα διάβασα κι εγώ η ίδια. Και όμως, παρά το μεγάλο χρονικό διάστημα που μεσολάβησε, θυμ [...]

    14. I kind of knew that I wasn't going to like this book after I finished reading the second book in the series, The Winter Rose. You, the Rose Trilogy follows the lives of the Finnegan Siblings, Fiona, Sid and Seamie. I loved Fiona and Sid. Seamie not as much and Willa, his love interest, really not at all. That's the major problem with this book. Seamie and Willa are just not as likable as Fiona and Joe and Sid and India. Unlike the first two couples, Seamie and Willa are priviledge. They were edu [...]

    15. This book is a whopper coming in at over 600 pages and set in locales across the world from 1914-1918. But let me tell you, do not be discouraged by its size. This is an amazing book. It's the third book in the Rose series by Jennifer Donnelly and its release has been very much waited for. I don't even know where to begin. Ms.Donnelly has done such an amazing job with her research. She was very thorough and included some very important and relevant historical facts. And she did justice to them.W [...]

    16. 3.5 stars. SPOILER WARNING. Those who have not yet read to the end of book #2, The Winter Rose, might find this review slightly spoilerish. The Wild Rose begins about eight years after the close of The Winter Rose. Seamie Finnegan is now a famous explorer and the pride all of England. Willa Alden, on the other hand, still carries a lot of emotional baggage from her climbing accident on Mount Kilimanjaro, and when not drowning her sorrow and misery in alcohol and drugs, she lives by and climbs th [...]

    17. Δε θυμάμαι πότε ήταν η τελευταία φορά που ΜΙΣΗΣΑ ηρωίδα βιβλίουΌχι απλά να μη μου άρεσε,να μη με ενθουσίασε,να με άφησε αδιάφορηΝα θέλω να τη δω να ΨΟΦΑΕΙ από την πρώτη σελίδα.Για να μην το θυμάμαι,μάλλον πάει πολύς καιρός.Γουίλα Όλντεν,πες αλεύριΔε μου άρεσε αυτό το ζευγάρι, [...]

    18. *3.5*H ιστορία του Σέιμι δεν ήταν όπως θα ήθελα αλλα δεν ήταν κακή απλά δεν με ενθουσίασε.Ισως έφταιγε η Γουίλα,που δεν μου άρεσε καθόλου σαν χαρακτήρας και δεν την ήθελα για τον Σέιμι.Είχα καλύτερες προοπτικές γι'αυτο το βιβλίο και με απογοήτευσε.Ωστόσο μου αρεσε περισσότερο [...]

    19. Η τριλογια ολοκληρωνεται με "το αγριο τριανταφυλλο" το οποιο μαγευτικα καλογραμμενο και συγκλονιστικο οπως τα δυο προηγουμενα,τελειωνοντας μας αφηνει ενα αισθημα αγαπης που θα μεινει για παντα στην καρδια μας για ολους τους ηρωες των βιβλιωνΟλοι ειχαν τα θετικα και τα αρν [...]

    20. Even though I had a hard time getting into this third story in the series I kept reading. I'm so glad I did because I really enjoyed the story of Seamie and Willa. I can't say that it was my favorite of the three books but like the other two books the writing was incredible. I love how Donnelly weaves her stories and intertwines her characters. I'm sad that this is the last book in this series, I'll miss these character. I'm looking forward to reading Donnelly's Revolution and Northern Light.

    21. The Wild Rose takes place a few years after The Winter Rose. Seamus Finnegan is is a famous explorer. After an accident on Kilimanjaro that leaves his friend and love, Willa Alden hurt physically and emotionally, he must try to pick up the pieces of his life and try and move on. This is after he is left while Willa races away from her problems to Tibet. True to the other books (The Tea Rose and The Winter Rose) we see what is going on with other members of the Finnegan and Bristow family. Fiona [...]

    22. This third in the series was just as fabulous as the first two were. I hated for it to end. While each are indeed long books- I would still recommend them to anyone who enjoys HR. I will miss most of the characters as if they were somehow part of my life and have now left me. LOL!! Thank you Jennifer Donnelly for these splendid stories of love, loss, and triumph through hardship.

    23. Wowat ending is I am still mind boggled. I need a few hours, or days, to gather my thoughts.Update:Although the information on the issue in the Middle East during the early 20th century was a bit bias, I still found the immense detail included to be extremely entertaining and intriguing. This historical fiction centers around the events prior, during, and after World War 1, and all the while the author was able to captivate readers with the characters and their struggles, and the way t [...]

    24. I hated this book. I am sorry. I wanted to like it, since I loved The Tea rose, and liked the second book. I never liked Willa and in this book it turned into hatred. First off all: writing this that mention eating less to stop your mentrual cycle is, I have no words for this. I don't care why she would do it. Willa is in my opinion one of the weakest characters I have ever seen. No matter how Jennifer Donnely tries to write her as this selfminded, strong women, she is in my opinion weak, and ru [...]

    25. The Rose series by Jennifer Donnelly is a favorite!! It's right up there with the sweeping romantic sagas like Outlander and Bronze Horseman. The kind that has you wrapped up for hundreds of pages, traveling from continent to continent. I don't read them often, but the right ones really come through!! I was so caught up in the story! Donnelly does such a fabulous job of putting you in the moment, you can practically see and feel every setting you are in!!!Years ago I finished book 1 and 2 and Bo [...]

    26. Jennie deserved better. The whole plot was hard to believe, especially the fake pregnancy and Max's whole plot line.

    27. I just finished this book last night and I am still reeling. I just can't believe that this series is over! I loved it so much. Jennifer is an amazing writer, she has a serious talent for weaving such emotional, vivid,and interesting stories. I just love the way she describes the settings in the book and has facts to add that don't take away from the plot or character development. When I started the Wild Rose, I was slightly concerned that it may not be the conclusion to the series that I was ho [...]

    28. This was an infuriating book that I cannot recommend to any of my GR friends. #3 in the Tea Rose Trilogy is not just more of the same; it's pure, pumping drama - totally unbelievable drama in a concentrated overdose.Example: (view spoiler)[ One of the characters of Tea Rose #2, Willa, lost a leg in a Kilimanjaro climbing accident. In #3 during World War I she manages to live through a desert biplane accident, work for Lawrence of Arabia, recover from typhoid, fight with a German masterspy, amazi [...]

    29. I'm kind of sad that it's the last of this wonderful trilogy. I've really gotten to know the characters intimately during the course of this storyline. It's been sad, joyous, interesting, astonishing, and a really great ride.The first of the trilogy really held me enthralled throughout the entire story of these amazing, yet real, characters. By the time I got around to reading this I had forgotten a lot, but somehow it all meshed together and the characters drew me into their lives once again.Al [...]

    30. Loved, loved, loved this entire trilogy!!! And this 3rd and final book surely did not disappoint. All 3 books were equally as good, but I would probably have to say that my favorite was The Tea Rose. All in all an amazing saga with strong characters ( Fiona Finnegan my absolute favorite), skillful writing, and many twists and turns along the way! Long and detailed but worth the time invested. These books became a real "guilty pleasure". Sigh

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