Ted and Ann: The Mystery of a Missing Child and Her Neighbor Ted Bundy

Ted and Ann The Mystery of a Missing Child and Her Neighbor Ted Bundy This is the ONLY book to read to learn the full story of the disappearance of Ann Marie Burr in August Fascinating Ann Rule New York Times Bestselling Author While Ted Bundy might be the greates

  • Title: Ted and Ann: The Mystery of a Missing Child and Her Neighbor Ted Bundy
  • Author: Rebecca Morris
  • ISBN: 9781457505218
  • Page: 206
  • Format: Paperback
  • This is the ONLY book to read to learn the full story of the disappearance of Ann Marie Burr in August 1961 Fascinating Ann Rule, New York Times Bestselling Author While Ted Bundy might be the greatest evil enigma ever, author Rebecca Morrisstrips away the layers of the greatest mystery of his life what was his connection to the disappearance of Ann Marie Burr This is This is the ONLY book to read to learn the full story of the disappearance of Ann Marie Burr in August 1961 Fascinating Ann Rule, New York Times Bestselling Author While Ted Bundy might be the greatest evil enigma ever, author Rebecca Morrisstrips away the layers of the greatest mystery of his life what was his connection to the disappearance of Ann Marie Burr This is an astonishing achievement, the missing piece that readers of crime have long sought Bravo for Morris Gregg Olsen, New York Times Bestselling Author At age three he was using knives to frighten his teenage aunt By fourteen he was a thief, animal abuser, and peeping tom who liked to pull little girls into the woods to scare them Ted Bundy killed at least thirty five girls and women, and possibly hundreds Was his first victim eight year old Ann Marie Burr who disappeared from their Tacoma, Washington neighborhood in 1961 Her body was never found and there were no clues, just two tenacious detectiveswho spent the rest of their lives trying to solve the case Was Bundy telling the truth when he told a hypothetical story about killing Ann and dumping her into a muddy pit With new information about Ted Bundy s childhood, interviews with those who knewhim best, and the memories of the Burr family, Ted and Ann is the story of one the 20th century s most fascinating cold cases Rebecca Morris is an award winning journalist who has worked in radio and television news in New York City Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington A native Oregonian, her reporting has appeared in The Seattle Times, The Oregonian, People, Entertainment Weekly, New York Newsday, American Theatre, and many other publications She lives in Seattle.

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    1. SO-SO.TED AND ANN: The Mystery of a Missing Child and Her Neighbor Ted Bundy is an okay read, but not really all that interesting. Recommendation: Read Ann Rule's book, THE STRANGER BESIDE ME, instead. " 'What's one less person on the face of the earth, anyway?' he [Ted Bundy] remarked when discussing his crimes."—screen 790/935 NOOKbook edition, 935 (iPad) screens

    2. This was enjoyable in that it tells a lot more about Ted Bundy's early life than I've maybe read in the past. However, it was extremely hard going with the amount of formatting and editing errors throughout. If I hadn't been intrigued by the story I'd have packed it in.There were heaps of missing spaces such as neverbeen or sevenyear and then chapter headings just dumped here and there in the text. I assume they're errors created in formatting to ebooks as I've seen them come up a lot before in [...]

    3. Some people were rather amazed that this is the first book about Ted Bundy I have read. For some reason I have made a conscience effort to not read about Ted Bundy.It seems important to mention that because I may have liked this book more than others because there are many details about Ted Bundy I am not familiar with. That being said, I would say this book was not a ‘page turner’, but it was interesting. It dealt mainly with the aftereffects of the disappearance of Ann Burr. Mainly how her [...]

    4. An excellent and very informative book and a worthy addition to the genre of literature about Ted Bundy. The author interviewed dozens of people for her research and many of the facts in the book are things I'd never heard of before. Ann Marie Burr was abducted fifty years ago and she's on my missing persons website. She may well have been Bundy's first victim; Morris makes a good case for that. But we'll never know for certain.

    5. This is a very interesting book about Ted Bundy's first possible victim, although the 8 year old girl's body has never been found, and Bundy himself waffled between admitting and denying the murder. He was 14 years at the time and the two did know each other. It is also true that Ted Bundy (Bundy being his stepfather's name) had a horrible and abusive upbringing. His sister, Eleanor Louise, was his mother, and his father was probably his own grandfather, Samuel Cowell. Samuel was feared and hate [...]

    6. Did he or didn't he? Probably. I think so. But, sadly, we'll never know. Neither Ted nor Ann is here to tell usd they're the only two that know. This book was much better than I was expecting. It's a very informative view of both Ted Bundy and Ann Marie Burr. I have read lots about Ted Bundy, but there was information in Morris' book that I'd never heard. I also learned about the Burr family, and the tragedy they endured - both with Ann's kidnapping, and throughout their lifetimes. It's a sad st [...]

    7. This is another story about Ted Bundy. This story sort of centers around a 7 yr old girl that he had taken and killed. Very informative. I knew he was a very busy killer, but I had no idea how busy. The book delves into Ted's early life and his family. There were a lot of issues there. Recently, I had read a novel by Anne Rule about Ted Bundy, and this book is along those lines. The author, Rebecca Morris, at one point, even mentions Ted's friendship with Anne. Very well written and informative. [...]

    8. Disclosure: I received this audiobook for free in return for providing an honest review.I began listening to Ted and Ann thinking it would focus mainly on Ted Bundy. After all, I'd spent my teen years in the Pacific Northwest, where Ted Bundy was often cited as a cautionary tale for not accepting rides from strangers, no matter how attractive or clean-cut. As the book progressed, I became immersed in the story of Ann Marie Burr, an 8 year old Tacoma girl who went to bed one night, went missing, [...]

    9. I'm sorry to see comments about formatting errors because I didn't come across the as I listened to the story over audible and I was impressed. I know a fair bit about ted bundy and have read all other books on him, and found this one to have information I hadn't come across before. Fantastic. The author did a wonderful job conveying the family of Ann's anguish and experience at loosing a child and never really coping. I especially enjoyed chapter 13 I think it was with its basic info regarding [...]

    10. I found this book to be quite interesting and remarkable. This book is the true story of the abduction and investigation of Ann Marie Burr, missing from Tacoma Washington in August 1961. Imformation is given about the Burr family,the background of the family and their dealings with the police and media after losing their daughterTed Bundy,a childhood acquaintance of Ann,s who lived not far away from the Burr family who became a prime suspect in her disappearance since his incarceration and event [...]

    11. "No parent should ever face this!"I was given this audiobook in exchange for honest review. It is a interesting story I had never read this book so it was very informative and well presented by the narrative talents of Lee Ann Howlett. She was professional in delivery on such a heartbreaking topic.

    12. Long, strange trail of tearsSo many possibilities, so many lives ended and even more altered forever in unremitting pain. The best insights into Louise, Ted's mother that I have seen yet. All interview subjects treated with kindness, but not kid gloves.

    13. Did he or didn't he?I think I have read every book out there on Ted Bundy. Started with Ann Rule and went from there. I've talked to people who were involved in finding Ted (my ex was an officer involved in the search up in Seattle). After reading this, I honestly do not believe that Ted had anything to do with Ann Burr's disappearance. I do believe he may have known Ann. They possibly knew the same people. But Ted's infamous career never really started until the 1970s. When Ann vanished, Ted wa [...]

    14. Story of the 8-year-old Ann Marie Burr , and her relationship and the coincidences that linked her to serial killer Ted Bundy. many , many "links" that are quite conclusive that she must have been Ted's first victim.She disappeared from their Tacoma, WA home in summer morning in 1961. Her body was never found, there were no clues, no ransom demand and no arrest. Was Bundy telling the truth when he told a hypothetical story about killing Ann and dumping her into a muddy pit? With new information [...]

    15. Did he or didn't he? Maybe. Probably. There is a lot of debate among amateur sleuths and professional detectives alike. Only two people know the answer for sure: Ted Bundy and Ann Marie Burr, and neither one of them are talking. Rebecca Morris does give a very informed, thoroughly researched opinion at the end of the book, but I'll let you read that for yourself. The truth iswe'll never know.Morris has produced a very extensive, investigative body of journalism here. So extensive that the reader [...]

    16. If you want to read a book about Ted Bundy, this may not be what you are looking for. But if you are familiar with the man, his psyche and his crimes, this will add another dimension. There is, of course, some background on Ted Bundy- the circumstances of his birth, his family, and his early years. Rebecca Morris, the journalist/author, also had conversations with a woman who, along with her brother, spent a lot of time with a young Ted. She asserts that her father, who sexually abused her and h [...]

    17. What a heart-rending story, I mean to wake up and find your 8-year-old daughter missing and never find heror find out what happened to her. No one ever charged, no body and maybe the worse part, no answersen again, if Bundy took her, not knowing the details might be a blessing. Do I think Bundy took Ann? For the most part, I want to say no, he was 14 at the time and just because he was close, doesn't necessarily mean he did it. There were other suspects, some very strong possibilities. I know th [...]

    18. In 1961, a little girl named Ann Marie Burr disappeared from her own home, never to be seen again. There were few clues and even fewer leads or suspectsuntil Ted Bundy, who lived only a few miles away from the Burrs, entered national prominence with a horrific spree of killings. Ann's parents wondered: did Ted Bundy kill their daughter?Although an interesting question, it's difficult to determine whether he did. Ted denied killing Ann on several occasions, but he was a sociopath who lied frequen [...]

    19. I downloaded this book for free off of . It sounded like it could be an interesting read. I only know the basics about Ted Bundy. This book discusses the disappearance of Ann, an 8 year old girl, in Tacoma in the early 1960's. The book chapters go back and forth between focusing on Bundy and then focusing on Ann's family. There are interviews with lots of people who knew both. Many did not want their identities revealed in the book. There was a lot of duplication in the book with stories repeate [...]

    20. Anything about Ted Bundy is fascinating, and this story about a young girl who went missing when Ted Bundy who lived in the area was only 14 years old is particularly of interest. It's possible that Ann was his first killing although he never admitted to it. One of the problems with this book is the author's tendency to go off on unrelated tangents involving numerous people who really didn't have anything to do with the story. There were a lot of names thrown into the mix and I found it difficul [...]

    21. Excellent bookThe book is well written and kept my interest the whole way through. You don't need to be a Bundy case follower to enjoy it.It was so sad to read how much this case made problems in so many lives. It sure seems more than coincidental that Bundy lived just a short bike away from the little girl's house. And he referred to the murder later in life. I definitely think he did it.A tragedy for everyone. So much sympathy for his mother--I don't believe for a minute that her parenting was [...]

    22. Interesting insider's view on the disappearance of young Ann Marie Burr, gone without a trace on a stormy night decades ago. All that was left was an open door, a bench under an open window with a footprint on itd Ann was never seen or heard from again. It's both heartbreaking and sickening, and leaves you wanting to know the end to the story, to find out what really happened to her. From the circumstantial evidence and comments made later by Ted Bundy himself to one of the profilers who intervi [...]

    23. I've read Ann Rule's book about Ted Bundy, and this was a very different angle on his story. I thought Morris did a good job at both the research involved as well as the overall flow of the writing - it was a quick and engaging read. It was interesting to learn about Ted's family dynamics growing up, and about Ann's family as well. I have a different perspective about Ted now. His arrogance definitely outweighs his intellect, and it's sad to think that he went to his death never feeling any remo [...]

    24. I've read a number of books on Ted Bundy, and this one is definitely an eye opener and interesting look into the younger Ted. But let is not forget about why this book was written. 53 years ago, a trusting and somewhat flirty 8 year old girl disappeared from her home and vanished without a trace - never to be seen again. Her parents went to their graves never knowing what became of their eldest daughter, and that in itself has to be heartbreaking, if not devastating. So did Ted Bundy kill Ann Ma [...]

    25. The subject matter is compelling, if disturbing: Ted Bundy and his possible connection to the 1961 disappearance of an 8 year old girl in Tacoma. This book has facts galore- what it does not appear to have is an editor. There are typos and more than one sentence that makes absolutely no sense. The sequencing is puzzling with much repetition and back and forth. If properly edited, this book would possibly merit higher marks.

    26. An ok book and interesting speculation. I borrowed it from and so feel I got my money's worth but am glad I didn't purchase it, as it was not a stellar read. There are tons for formatting errors but my review is not affected by that, as I feel it does a disservice to readers and authors to rate a book on anything other than substance. For me, the book lacked depth and that's why it gets only 3 stars.

    27. This was a fascinating look into what could have been Ted Bundy's first murder. He was only 14, and his victim was 9. They knew each other. It's chilling when people describe "the look" Ted had, and his rambling on, like he was insane. He was thought to have "multiple personalities", but I disagree. He was just evil. An excellent book about a crime I've heard about for years, but didn't know the details. Must read.

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