Oxygen Valkerie Jansen is tough beautiful and has an uncanny knack for survival But that doesn t explain why NASA picks her to be part of a two man two woman crew to Mars or does it Bob Kaganovski the sh

  • Title: Oxygen
  • Author: John B. Olson Randy Ingermanson
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 319
  • Format: ebook
  • Valkerie Jansen is tough, beautiful, and has an uncanny knack for survival But that doesn t explain why NASA picks her to be part of a two man, two woman crew to Mars or does it Bob Kaganovski, the ship s mechanic, is paid to be paranoid and he s good at it After a teeth rattling launch, Bob realizes that his paranoia hasn t prepared him for this trip He can dealValkerie Jansen is tough, beautiful, and has an uncanny knack for survival But that doesn t explain why NASA picks her to be part of a two man, two woman crew to Mars or does it Bob Kaganovski, the ship s mechanic, is paid to be paranoid and he s good at it After a teeth rattling launch, Bob realizes that his paranoia hasn t prepared him for this trip He can deal with a banged up ship, but how s he going to survive the next five months with HER just a flimsy partition away Halfway to the Red Planet, an explosion leaves the crew with only enough oxygen for one All evidence points to sabotage and Valkerie and Bob are the obvious suspects.Oxygen is a witty, multi award winning roller coaster ride, with a plot that moves at the speed of light.The authors had hoped to work in some cool controversy on science, faith, the meaning of life, the existence of God, and possibly even the Coke versus Pepsi debate, but they were having so much fun writing the story that they forgot to offend anyone.This is the second edition of Oxygen, released in September, 2011 It includes four bonus appendices that will specially interest aspiring authors and readers who want to know the story behind the story Learn how John and Randy sold this novel to a publisher in less than 7 weeks without an agent See the exact proposal they used to sell the book And read their hilarious critiques of each other s first scene.

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    1. “Oxygen” by John B. Olson and Randy Ingermanson is a great new science fiction/thriller. NASA wants to send a crew of four to Mars, two men and two women. While they are on their way to the Red Planet an explosion seriously damages their ship. Now the question is, who did it? And why?I really enjoyed this novel. Christian fiction is not genre I normally read, and although there are religious questions throughout the book, I didn’t feel like it was being crammed down my throat. The question [...]

    2. Originally I first heard of this book when I was fishing for tips on how to write novels and I came across Randy Ingermanson’s Snowflake Method. Then I noticed this book and thought I’d give it a read after having seen glowing ratings and compliments about its pace and story. Upon finishing, my personal review was not one of glowing stars and meritorious comments. The beginning of the novel sucked. Sure, I was thrown right into the fray with our protagonist, Valkerie fighting for her life, t [...]

    3. Ok, so I was really disappointed in this book, despite its heralded, award-winning reputation. Maybe I'm just not as big a sci-fi fan as I once was, or maybe I'm too selective in this genre, but I grew tired of it quickly and just wanted to get to the end simply to see who survived and how. My biggest complaint was too many conflicts--one after the other, after the other. I couldn't keep myself in "crisis" mode and still maintain caring for the characters. The author strove to impress on us the [...]

    4. Hard science fiction isn't my usual reading, but one of the authors of Oxygen, Randy Ingermanson, developed a popular outlining method for writers (the Snowflake method) and I found out about Oxygen on his site. I'll admit that what grabbed me was the romance aspect of "science fiction romance", but I ended up thoroughly enjoying everything about this book.The story follows a team of four, two men and two women, who are to be the first astronauts on Mars. NASA is short on funds and has had to tu [...]

    5. A while ago I took advantage of a cheap Kindle download of John B. Olson and Randy Ingermanson's 2001 novel Oxygen. though I'm not a fan of its genre (near-future scientific thriller), I wanted to see if Snowflake guru Ingermanson could actually write fiction and was attracted by the "Bonus Goodies For Aspiring Authors" included in this edition.The story is about a space mission to Mars. We meet the characters—the astronauts— when they are in training before the mission launches. The main ma [...]

    6. Oxygen is a well-researched and crafted, near future, Christian science fiction novel. Published in 2001, the story is set in 2014 during the first manned mission to Mars. Microbial ecologist Valkerie Jansen is assigned to the Ares 10 as late replacement. This alone would cause strain for the crew but her faith adds another level of tension. When a near catastrophic explosion occurs the crew of two men and two women must learn to trust each other or perish in the cold of space. While I pray that [...]

    7. I was surprisingly impressed by this book since sci-fi and Christian fiction are not usually a very good combination.

    8. Been many years since I read this book but I do remember I enjoyed it. I like sci fi if it is properly written and this was.

    9. [Edit--now available as an e-book! See my blog: vikingsbooksetc.wordpress/ ]This is my friend John's first published book, so I suppose I'm a tad biased, but I really enjoyed this book. In fact, I started reading (stupidly) when I was supposed to be studying for finals back in my undergrad days, and ended up reading it all the way through ina bit under two day-- didn't get much studying done then! It's unfortunate that the book went out of print, as this is a enjoyable and impressive blending of [...]

    10. I purchased the book Oxygen for two reasons one of those being to read the bit at the end for other Authors.I wanted to thank the authors for a good read. I read the story first knowing it probably would have spoilers at the end.I normally don't write much about what I read and it tends more towards the saccharin than anything else. Probably because mom said if you don't have anything nice to sayIn this case though I have so much nice to say I have to say a bit more.I've read science fiction for [...]

    11. John Olson and Randy Ingermanson have now complimented Oxygen by another eBook called The Fifth Man.I hope the two books set the scene for series of enlightening outer space excitement! The main appeal of the books is the subtlety of the Christian message, which lightly winds throughout both textsAlthough the writers ask Christian questions throughout, they do not hit the reader over the head with a moralistic bludgeon; rather, they touch on timeless issues, which lead the narrative through such [...]

    12. My father-in-law gave me this book when he finished it, thinking I'd like it. Since we don't always have the same taste in media, and since I've never really gotten into sci-fi, I was reluctant to read it. It sat on my nightstand for several months. Finally one day, it was time to either read it or take it to the book exchange. I decided to give it a go and couldn't keep my nose out of it for the next few days until I'd finished it. This one is definitely going on my shelf for future reads, rath [...]

    13. Rather surprised this book is always put forward as a christian book because christian content exists in this book only slightly more than the christian god exists in the real world (and as as Yahweh doesn't exist at all, it would be difficult for it to be less). The only spiritual content in the book is a couple of characters who happen to be christian, one of whom considers life the universe and everything at one point. She come to the conclusion there is no evidence what so ever for her choic [...]

    14. This has got to be one of the most intense romantic suspense/space adventure/science fictions I’ve ever read—I’m thinking it would make a great movie, but one you might want to watch early enough in the day that you have time to breathe for a while after it’s over. Valkerie Jansen is interviewed as a possible astronaut on the first manned venture to Mars, one of four who will make the long voyage to the red planet. Her problem is that obviously the interviewers missed her grades as a fre [...]

    15. There were periods of my life when I genuinely dreamed of being one of the first astronauts on Mars. When I thought how great it would be to be on a rocket ship bound for another planet. (A rocket ship typically manned by my best friends, of course.) And then to finally reach the Red Planet. To stand under an alien sky. To see Earth as a distant blue star in the night sky…What those dreams always overlooked, of course, was the reality of space travel over long distances. The myriad of dangers. [...]

    16. The best I can say for this book is it was OK. The first 25% of the book read more like a soap opera than a science fiction book. There is second guessing on decisions based on who liked or was friends with who. Then after the crew of the ship is set and takes off there is an explosion and the crew members are again at it blaming each other. And also blaming the mission controllers for the explosion. So it was more soap opera stuff. The middle of the book does have some action that is akin to wh [...]

    17. A sorta who-dun-it in space and actually really gripping. I am surprised how much I enjoyed this. At first I thought it might be getting a bit too technical, but it wasn’t too much information that I was lost. The suspense had me riveted. In fact, I got choked up in one part. Makes me wish NASA would attempt to go to Mars.Biggest flaw to me was that the characters even though they all had backstory and personality, felt a little bit unrealistically perfect and borderline cheesey. Like they fel [...]

    18. I rarely read science fiction, and now I'm wondering why, I enjoyed Oxygen so much. This story of humans' first attempt at reaching Mars grabbed me right away. Once the suspense started, it rarely let me go. In fact, this story kept me up one (week) night until 2:00 a.m.! I think I can safely say I couldn't put it down. There were a couple of short lulls, when a character would go into some introspection about what finding life on Mars might mean for humanity and for their personal religious bel [...]

    19. Science meets thriller while heading to MarsWith all the excitement in the last few years about discoveries that Mars might have once met the requirements to harbor life, I had to take a look at this book. I'm very glad that I did.Olson and Ingermanson have taken four brave souls on a trip to Mars. Watch as an already assembled team has to take onboard an untrained and highly intelligent new member, and then decide who has to remain behind for the good of the mission. Then follow the drama build [...]

    20. Okay, I know I say this a lot, but I absolutely LOVED this book!!!!!!!!!!! I really couldn't put it down until I reached the very end! At which point I still didn't put it down for about five minutes while the whole thing sunk in! The only complaint I have about this book was, as always, the ending. Or rather, lack thereof. Too many books that I read these days just don't work hard enough on the conclusion, leaving the reader frustrated and confused. Whether you need to sell the next book or not [...]

    21. Well researched tale of traveling to Mars. A resourceful months enroute with what could be total strangers. What could possibly go wrong. Apparently much in the manner of Apollo 13. As befitting most works of man, the best laid plans often go awry. In the far reaches of space, fear can overcome your thoughts and cloud your judgement.I enjoyed the disasters, the suspicion and even the tortured thoughts of each player in this drama. The journey is filled with contradictions. Who to trust, how to s [...]

    22. I must admit: this book was written by pros. They keep you turning the page, wondering how this particular conflict is going to resolve itself. I think the book covers every genre it undertakes well: romance, adventure, suspense, and of course, Sci-Fi. It is well-written and researched sci-fi, written by two guys who are very well educated geeks themselves. Their firm grasp of the technology of the space program, and of biochemistry and physics makes this book very believable. And they had a tec [...]

    23. This book was a total surprise. It is a roller-coaster of fear and excitement, sorrow and joy. It is one of the few books that brought me to tears. Valkerie Jansen is a last-minute substitution for a manned trip to Mars. Shortly after lift-off (where one of the rocket's stabilizer fins clipped the gantry), and shortly after the Mars trajectory burn. One of the vessel's solar panels is destroyed by an Apollo 13-like explosion, which may or may not be sabotage. The four crew members, CAPCOM and th [...]

    24. I bought this book for the bonus material in the back for aspiring writers and didn't really plan on reading the story. The cover looked cheesy and the synopsis didn't grab my attention I had just finished reading Hunger Games and the genre was so different I didn't know if I was up for it, but one bore night I started reading it. And then I couldn't stop. It was action packed and there was a point in the story where I could easily suspect any of the people involved for the explosion. The charac [...]

    25. If you like seat-of-your-pants suspense, and drama that keeps you reading until way past your bedtime, you'll love Oxygen. In this fast-paced space thriller/mystery/romance novel, Olson and Ingermanson put their very human and likable characters into situations where survival is impossible, over and over again. You're sure you're going to lose one of your favorites at any moment, but somehow they go on breathing, hanging onto every last molecule of oxygen, while you hold your breath trying to he [...]

    26. Great book - had a lot of action, suspense, plot twists, romance, etc. Was worried that it might have too much technical stuff but was very well written. This book was hard to put down as I wanted to see how the team got out of each situation and wanted to know how the book was going to end. However I was able to guess the ending a few pages before I read it – but still was good. I am not a big science fiction fan but liked this book – was not too hard to believe that we could be sending ast [...]

    27. For readers who like high tension and mysteries, this book will keep you on the edge of your seat. There's also some romance and some psychology - what a mix! The six main characters are well drawn and you get to understand why they come to their conclusions - and why they're often wrong.The authors are PhD scientists, so they have all the science right, but don't shove it down your throat. They are also very good writers. Calling all writers: the authors have bonus appendices on how they sold t [...]

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