Dias de Ouro

Dias de Ouro Esc cia Angus McTern tem tudo o que pode desejar na vida Embora o av tivesse perdido as terras e o castelo da fam lia num jogo de cartas quando Angus era pequeno ele continua a encarar seriamen

  • Title: Dias de Ouro
  • Author: Jude Deveraux Maria Emília Ferros Moura
  • ISBN: 9789898228659
  • Page: 360
  • Format: Paperback
  • Esc cia, 1766 Angus McTern tem tudo o que pode desejar na vida Embora o av tivesse perdido as terras e o castelo da fam lia num jogo de cartas quando Angus era pequeno, ele continua a encarar seriamente os seus deveres na qualidade de laird Por conseguinte, quando a herdeira leg tima do castelo a bonita Edilean Talbot aparece, a calma exist ncia de Angus fica abalaEsc cia, 1766 Angus McTern tem tudo o que pode desejar na vida Embora o av tivesse perdido as terras e o castelo da fam lia num jogo de cartas quando Angus era pequeno, ele continua a encarar seriamente os seus deveres na qualidade de laird Por conseguinte, quando a herdeira leg tima do castelo a bonita Edilean Talbot aparece, a calma exist ncia de Angus fica abalada para sempre No in cio, Angus trata Edilean com frieza Ressente se da educa o privilegiada da jovem e sente se enraivecido pela forma como todo o seu cl parece ador la Contudo, quando a heran a de Edilean roubada e ela precisa desesperadamente da sua ajuda, Angus p e o orgulho de lado Por m, nem tudo o que parece, e devido a uma terr vel confus o Angus acusado de se apoderar da heran a da jovem A partir desse momento, a nica forma de escapar persegui o consiste em subir a bordo de um navio na companhia de Edilean Durante a travessia, o amor come a a nascer entre eles Contudo, a felicidade de curta dura o pois n o a liberdade aquilo que os espera na Am rica, mas o ganancioso noivo de Edilean, que faz tudo para obrigar Edilean a regressar Esc cia com ele Por m, o destino volta a reunir Angus e Edilean

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    1. I am a HUGE fan of Deveraux's older books. I grew up reading her, and for years, I considered her to be one of my favorite authors. Unfortunately, she's not an author that has improved with age. Her plotlines have become convoluted, and have become much less focused on romance and much more on "normal" adult fiction plotlines.When I first started this book, I was thrilled to see that it was set in historical Scotland, which is where many of her older books were set. Finally, she's getting back t [...]

    2. I'm giving this 3 stars as in "I liked it" but not more than 3 stars. However, the narration by Davina Porter was definitely 5 stars! In fact, she may have saved the book for me. I'm a sort of on-again, off-again Jude Deveraux follower - I love some of her books, and hate some. I did not particularly like A Knight in Shining Armor.This one starts in 1766 Scotland, with a young, orphaned British heiress living with an uncle who won a Scottish keep in a game of cards with the original laird. Edele [...]

    3. Put a prideful and honourable Scotland guy together with a pampered oblivious to other peoples’ predicament English lady and you’ll get stressful reading. Again… I don’t feel like this is JD’s book. A bit draggy in the beginning and abrupt at the end…. In the middle was filled with on and off relationship between the both abovementioned. At certain point, I don’t see the significance of their separation and when they get back together, it was like they just picked up where they lef [...]

    4. This book took me awhile to get into. If you can hang in there through the first several chapters, it improves. That being said, it isn't up to Deveraux's usual standards. The hero and heroine spend the majority of the book either hating each other or apart.This is book 2 in her Edilean trilogy. Since this is a historical book, it should have been the first in the series. Lavender Morning is the first in the series and is a contemporary romance.

    5. Além de se passar noutra época, o livro combina personagens cativantes com personalidades fortes, momentos divertidos e um romance enternecedor.Opinião completa: quandoseabreumlivro.p

    6. Blah blah blah. Skip to end. Yep they lived happily ever after. Blah. I couldn't even get slightly interested in the plot or characters.

    7. So I needed to clear my mind. I read mindcandy to do so. I wanted something light and frothy I wouldn't have to think about but just enjoy. Perhaps a historical romance with some playful banter would do the trick? WRONG! Back before I was allowed to buy the books I wanted because they were not considered "age appropriate" I was stuck stealing romance novels from my sister and horror from my father. In that period I read a good many Jude Deveraux novels and either my memory is faulty or her writi [...]

    8. I have to admit it. I checked this out of the library audio book collection strictly because I wanted to hear the voice actor, Davina Porter, do more Scottish accents. She's probably my favorite reader. The story was pap, but the reading excellent.

    9. I read Lavender Morning first and it is a tame contemporary romance with a helping of mystery whereas Days of Gold is a historical romance with all the 'trimmings' as well as some suspence. In Lavender Morning we are introduced to an array of people connected to Edilean, Virginia a small town outside Williamsburg. What I enjoyed most in Days of Goldis that it takes us way back to before Edilean was even started and tells the story of the man and woman who we get a whiff of in Lavender Morning th [...]

    10. Que preciosa portada, lástima que es solo eso.Este libro me recuerda muuucho a otro libro de esta autora, La Mujer Perdida, no por la trama sino por la forma en que se encuentran y desencuentran los protas. Pero la diferencia radica en que esa me gustó más que esta.Tenemos aquí la historia de los legendarios Angus y Edilean, fundadores de la ciudad donde transcurre las historias de esta serie. Angus decepciona como personaje, el chico tiene potencial es listo, vergonzoso, con gran sentido de [...]

    11. This book was weird for me. I absolutely loved it for the first three quarters of the book. Then, the last quarter totally fell apart, not literally but in the feeling of the book. The romance, decisions and story development made sense and was thoroughly enjoyable to read then at the end, both Angus and Edilean started making choices completely against their characters. By the time Angus had left Edilean twice (once for 4 YEARS, then again for 6 weeks) without so much as a "good-bye", leaving h [...]

    12. Güzel bir hikayesi Angus ve Edilian'ın İskoçya'dan Amerika'ya uzanan maceresı güzeldi ancak tam da çok mükemmel harikulade değildiDerinliği olan bir yazar ama hep bir şey eksik hissinden kurtulamadım.Edilian Kasabasının doğuşunu anlatan çok güzel bir romandı. Ancak Hatun lafına çok takıldım. Çevirmen bunu tatlım olarak değişitrebilir miydi? Bu kelime beni hikayede ilerledikçe çok rahatsız etmeye başladıZaman zaman Angus karakterine çok kızdığım anlar oldu. Ş [...]

    13. Days of Goldby Jude Deveraux#2 EdileanAudio narrated by the AMAZING Davina Porter4*Although this is the second in the Edilean series, this takes us back to the beginning (1766) with Scottish laird, Angus McTern, and Edilean Talbot, niece of the Englishman who stole away the Scots' land. Even though Angus is really a laird in name only as the property no longer belongs to them, his people still consider him their laird and he still oversees the business of the land because the Englishman doesn't [...]

    14. 1766… Angus McTern… Laird of the McTern’s in Scotland… but his grandfather lost the land to an Englishman (Lawler), but the McTern’s stick around, and take care of the land… Angus tries to make up to his clan for his grandfather’s irresponsibility… Responsible is Angus’ middle name…Edilean Talbot, almost 18… her mother died in childbirth, her father was a rich soldier who put her in boarding schools (though he loved her, he did not know how to care for her)… and he sold e [...]

    15. I checked this book out from my county library. I'm glad that I didn't buy it.Deveraux is a very problematic writer for me. On the one hand, she's undeniably talented. I always want to read her newest books, because the good ones are gems. On the other hand, some of her books are tired and cliched. Usually, her newer books are better than her older ones. Sadly, this is not one of her best.A while back, I wrote a rather scathing review of Sweetbriar. It's one of her bad books from the 80s, filled [...]

    16. Days of Gold is the second novel in the Edilean Series. I was curious about this novel since I read Scarlet Nights which is the following novel in the series.Synopsis:The will states that Edilean Talbot has to marry a gentleman of her choice who will inherit her gold. Her uncle interpreted this statement a little differently and chose two men for her to marry. Edilean makes a choice which involves the Angus McTern and not the two men. Angus develops affection for her in their journeys, but can i [...]

    17. Another book in the Edilean series and, frankly, there are so many of them that I cannot keep track of where exactly this book falls chronologically on the list ( states it's #2). It has not helped matters any that I have not read the books in order. This much I know: Edilean is a fictional town in Virginia. It was founded by a Scottish immigrant in the 1700's, and named after his wife. The current modern-day occupants of the town all seem to be involved either directly or indirectly with crimin [...]

    18. I wasn't too sure what to expect as this was my first Jude Deveraux book, but it was pretty good. The writing wasn't great, I didn't think (but at least not Nicholas Sparks bad <.<), but the story fairly well laid out and there were some amusing scenes. I also liked Edilean's character evolution over the story.Wasn't too fond of Angus, because I didn't think his character grew too much. He was already a pretty good guy, just a bit of an idiot, and then spent four years pining for Edilean i [...]

    19. This was a book I grabbed to read on the plane at the airport. It was my first romance, fluff book. I never thought it' d be the type of book for me, but I was drawn to it because of the time period and place. Takes place in Scotland and early New World America. It was a lot of fun and easy to be whisked away to another time and place. After this one I kept going back to Jude for more. None of her novels really lived up to the first one I read. But still fun. This Edilean series is still my favo [...]

    20. I was surprised to see that this was a book number 2 because as I read the book I had the feeling it was number 1 and that I would like to read the next book. I guess I'll have to find out what book 1 was and read that first. I liked the two central charcters. I also liked that the author made the female character strong and independent. There's lots of action and while the story begins in England it ends in America and we see a lot of historical US in this story. Well I looked up book number 1 [...]

    21. I like this story, but it wasn't perfect. I think this book could have been a tale of an epic adventure and much more rich in detail and atmosphere. The story was great, characters were very likable and bright. The historic details were not much and I think could have been a bigger part of the story. There were 4 years of separation between the main characters that is just missing. Such a missed opportunity! With all of that said, I wasn't expecting a sweeping Diana Gabaldon-esque adventure, but [...]

    22. DNFThe fact that it took me 2 months to read 200 pages should speak for itself. The writing was bad, and the story was corny and boring. This is my first attempt and a purely romance novel, and I doubt I'll be trying another one soon. Something about knowing that they will end up together prevents me from having any interest in the story. I can't read a book where ice seen spoilers, and given the premise of a romance, basically every book is spoiled because everything works out happily ever afte [...]

    23. This book had real potential even though much of the plot wasn't really plausible. (I understand that it is fiction though and so that isn't a big deal to me.) There were two parts to this book and Part I was about 3/4 of the book long. Then it ended abruptly and the last forth of the book was set for years in the future in a completely different setting with different characters and I was lost and then very quickly bored. WTH??? This could have been a really great book and I was excited about r [...]

    24. I had bought this book, just out of the urge of wanting to read a book that would keep me hooked to the end. i didnt know anything about it, i just went into the bookstore, i liked the cover, and the summary, so i bought it. When i got home, i looked up reviews, and became nervous because everyone seemed to have hated the book. The next day i started reading it after school, and i really couldnt put it down. I read over half of the book in just the first day i started it, and then i got busy wit [...]

    25. Second in a series called Edilean. This book is precursor to the first book in the series. It starts in Scotland with Angus and Edilean. They come from different classes and different countries. She escapes from an evil man trying to marry her with trunks of gold to America. Angus comes alon g to protect her. After many adventures in Boston and the unsettled part of the colonies, they marry and head back to Scotland to return the McTern laird to the rightful people. Can't wait to read the next b [...]

    26. This book started very well and with some LOL scenes that were very cute. I really loved the part of their sea travel and how close they became. Unfortunately, the last 1/4 of the book was pretty lame, just an excuse to add more pages and perhaps some tension & angst to an otherwise great book. I strongly disliked the last part, but for the sake of the rest of the book I still have to rate it with 4 stars. Plus, I really liked the narrator of this audiobook.

    27. This is one of those strange circumstances when I deliberately read books out of order. I started with book 1, which is a contemporary story about characters in the town of Edilean. When I saw that the books alternated between contemporary and historical, I skipped this one (book 2) & went right on to book 3 to pick up on characters mentioned in book one. Now I'm reading the historical ones. Days of Gold tells the backstory of Edilean and Angus, who ended up founding the town of Edilean.

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