Wind and Shadow

Wind and Shadow The desolate world Mikuhr is home to a once proud people now on the verge of extinction Conflict explodes when apprentice priest Kiel Caldwell arrives to investigate rumors of new spiritual revelation

  • Title: Wind and Shadow
  • Author: Kathy Tyers
  • ISBN: 2940013652255
  • Page: 362
  • Format: Nook
  • The desolate world Mikuhr is home to a once proud people now on the verge of extinction Conflict explodes when apprentice priest Kiel Caldwell arrives to investigate rumors of new spiritual revelation, but he is kidnapped by a demon possessed telepath who thinks he might be a predicted messiah And when Kiel s loose cannon military brother Kinnor arrives to investigate, aThe desolate world Mikuhr is home to a once proud people now on the verge of extinction Conflict explodes when apprentice priest Kiel Caldwell arrives to investigate rumors of new spiritual revelation, but he is kidnapped by a demon possessed telepath who thinks he might be a predicted messiah And when Kiel s loose cannon military brother Kinnor arrives to investigate, a local leader with revenge on her mind threatens to bring down ruin on them all It s up to returning Mikuhran diplomat Wind Haworth to head off a conflict that could have spiritual, political and military consequences but no one foresees the consequences of introducing the Mikuhran Wind Haworth to Federate military Sentinel Kinnor Caldwell.

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    1. I have waited quite a while to read the follow-up to the Firebird books, which I first read almost ten years ago. I was somewhat disappointed in the first quarter of Wind and Shadow. I'm not sure if there were too many characters, or I just had trouble making a connection to them. However, after this point, the novel picked up pace markedly, and with strongly maintained tension, I found myself racing to the end of the book. While the ending left me feeling happily satisfied, I can't wait to go o [...]

    2. Their people have been enemies for centuries, but Wind Haworth has embraced the Sentinel religion and puts herself forward as a diplomat. Apprentice priest Kiel Caldwell no sooner arrives on the planet of Mikuhr to investigate rumors (and meet Wind) when he vanishes without a trace, sending the fragile peace into a spin. Sentinel prophecies say a messiah is coming. Some have thought it might be Kiel. Is that why he’s been snatched by the enemy?Kiel’s twin, Kinnor, is sent to find out what ha [...]

    3. Wind and Shadow is a masterful addition to the Firebird universe. It builds on themes and concepts introduced in the earlier novels, expanding them in wonderfully creative ways. Here we get to see the twins, Kinnor and Kiel, full-grown and struggling with adulthood. There are primarily two storylines, one following each twin, and both are excellent. There are some great new characters too. One of my favorites is Wind Haworth. As a young member of a previously despised race, her journey is especi [...]

    4. Kathy Tyers continues the story line of the Firebird books with Wind and Shadow. In this fourth book, the tale moves forward over twenty years, to a very different Federacy. The distrust and fear of the Sentinels has ramped upward in the past two decades in-universe sine the end of the third book, Crown of Fire, and persecution is beginning to rise. Things have come to the point where there are those who advocate for the actual genocide of the Ehretan remnants, both Sentinel and Mikuhran (as the [...]

    5. After many years of torturous silence for her fans, bestselling author Kathy Tyers returned to her Firebird universe with the fourth book in the series in Wind and Shadow, published in 2011 by Marcher Lord Press.Wind and Shadow picks up Brennan and Firebird's story by following the lives of the three Caldwell children, now all grown up. While their younger sister Tiala has devoted her life to spiritual intercession on behalf of her people, twins Kiel and Kinnor have allowed their own opposite in [...]

    6. I was thrilled when I heard that Kathy Tyers was writing another book in her Firebird series. This book, though, is about the children of the primary characters in the previous book. In fact, Wind and Shadow could be read by itself, though some of the depth of the universe Tyers has created therein will be lost.Within the first few pages it can easily be seen that Tyers has put as much effort into the creation and maturation of her vision of the Firebird universe as she does into the Star Wars b [...]

    7. Long time fans of Kathy Tyers will relish reading the latest installation of her Firebird series. This book follows the next generation, now making the Firebird books a familial saga. Set in an alternate universe where the Messiah has not yet come, Wind and Shadow continues the speculation of what waiting for the “Word to Come” might look like in the age of space travel and high technology. The protagonists of the Firebird trilogy now take a supporting role while their children face new dang [...]

    8. I have loved every Kathy Tyers novel I have read, especially the Firebird Trilogy. It was thrilling to pick up the continuation of that series, Wind and Shadow. I wish I would've re-read the original trilogy before reading this one as there's so much backstory I forgot that would've made the experience richer. This made the beginning of the book a tad confusing at times for me, but as the story progressed I understood more, and I loved the time I spent reading it. A meaty, redemptive, sci-fi nov [...]

    9. I will be the first to admit that I don't remember much from the previous three books, and that Firebird was always my favorite (I haveoblems with the Shuhr). But I spent far too much of this book confused. Maybe it was all the made-up words--which is a huge pet peeve of mine, especially when there are entirely suitable English equivalents. Maybe it was the barest of resolutions/explanations for what happened to characters like (view spoiler)[Shel Mattason and Mercell--I guess Shel died offstage [...]

    10. Wind and Shadow by Kathy Tyers, is a follow up to her original Firebird trilogy. Can this be read apart from its predecessors? I believe it can. Wind and Shadow takes place twenty years after the close of the original series. This is also a much more spiritual novel featuring not just angels but demons as well. Where the Firebird trilogy was space warfare; this is very much about spiritual warfare.It has been foretold that the coming Messiah would be a male born of the Caldwell line. The Enemy k [...]

    11. I received an Advanced Readers Copy (ARC) of this book, and I'm glad I did. It's not an easy read, but it's worth the time to mull over and let marinate in your head. Demons, psychics, clones and what really defines humanity are all tackled, along with the coming Messiah, serious firefights, and genocide.For those looking for a really complex story, or Christian fiction that actually tells an interesting, worthy story, this needs to be on your shelf. Expect no easy answers, but a thoughtful medi [...]

    12. This fourth book in the Firebird series is set some 20 years after the third one. I suspect it's primary purpose was to set up the fifth book in the series by giving us some needed background information about Firebird's twin boys. Here we follow them as they work through their separate struggles on a problem planet. I found it difficult to get into -- the characters aren't as well fleshed out (one of the twins isn't even particularly likable) so their stories just aren't as compelling. Still, t [...]

    13. Fantastic - I could barely put this book down, even though I was somewhat leery because I loved the preceding series so much, but knew the main characters from that series played little role in the newer books.Kathy Tyers did an excellent job of drawing me back into the world, though, despite the change of characters. The connections to the previous books is solid, but the story still stands on its own.I will definitely be re-reading this soon, though, because there are so many layers to it. I f [...]

    14. It took about 3 chapters to really get into the book. Seemed like not a lot of character development in the beginning. I don't know if that was on purpose - to keep me guessing who these people are? Once into the book, I enjoyed it. Looking forward to see how things unfold in the next book.This is a continuation of one of my favorite book series, Firebird. So, I'm happy that Kathy Tyers is writing more.

    15. Awesome story! The situation goes from bad to worse in this exciting Sci Fi set in the Firebird universe. The two main characters know there are so many reasons they shouldn't be together. And only one reason why they should! And if you've read the original Firebird trilogy, you can probably guess :)If you like Christian Speculative Fiction this book is for you!

    16. Wind and Shadow continues where Tyer's Firebird Trilogy left off. Tyer's sets up the story well starting right in the middle of the action--with the lives on an entire world on the line. She is one of my favorite author and she didn't disappoint in this one.

    17. There's a reason Kathy Tyers is one of my writing heroes--and this book solidifies it. Allowing us to keep company with the wonderful Firebird, Tyers introduces new and compelling characters, and a plot that keeps us reading and turning pages!

    18. Many fresh and intriguing concepts. Good blend of character and action in a thoroughly believable created world. However, maddeningly impenetrable mostly for some reason.

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