That Damned Coyote Hill

That Damned Coyote Hill Hawthorne came to lay vengeance upon the heads of the guilty and all the beasts of Hell wouldn t stop him Heath Lowrance is the author of THE BASTARD HAND and DIG TEN GRAVES He lives near Detroit Mi

  • Title: That Damned Coyote Hill
  • Author: Heath Lowrance
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 356
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Hawthorne came to lay vengeance upon the heads of the guilty, and all the beasts of Hell wouldn t stop him Heath Lowrance is the author of THE BASTARD HAND and DIG TEN GRAVES He lives near Detroit, Michigan

    One thought on “That Damned Coyote Hill”

    1. Very interesting and fun "weird western" story. If you like this sub genre then this story is for you. If you haven't dived in to that pool yet, this is an easy way to dip your toes in and test the water.

    2. Three hustlers have come to Coyote Hill to scam the towns inhabitants with a boxing match, unknown to them a rider, Hawthorne, is following them. He is intent on seeking revenge on the men for taking the life of someone he loved. When he confronts them at the fight, killing one and setting off a chain of events that sees a local being taken hostage, he is unaware that the town has a secret that will see all three men wish they had never ventured into Coyote Hill.Engaging short story that is well [...]

    3. This is the second of the Hawthorne books that I've read, although I believe this one was written before "The Long Black Train." Very well written, with a lot of action and interesting characters. I liked "Long Black Train" somewhat better. This is what would be termed a weird western, and is somewhat longer than a short story but shorter than what I'd call a novella. I enjoyed it and will look for more Hawthorne tales.

    4. I love Heath Lowrance's writing. It's always fast paced & never a dull moment. THAT DAMNED COYOTE HILL is another incredible read. Hawthorne is riding in the muck and the mud after someone & very intent on finding them. He's not going to let the rain or giant coyotes slow him down. Nor the warnings from the previous town about the creepiness of the upcoming town, Coyote Hill. He gets into to town to see a fight going on, strange townsfolk watching & an odd Indian standing off in the [...]

    5. Amazing atmospheric thrill ride. Some of Heath Lowrance's best work to date. Gray Hawthorne doesn't do justice. He does Karma. The beauty of Lowrance's gritty and gloomy settings, mixed with the tough guy action makes for something completely unique. Keep Hawthorne on your radar, guys. He's the man.

    6. I haven't read a lot of old west horror, but this one certainly has piqued my interest in the sub-genre.A very well written short-story that has me wanting to know more about Heath Lowrance's old west.5 STARS

    7. This is a very short story, 25 pages, that I wished was longer. It's a Weird-Western that crosses genres into horror/supernatural and works so well. It made me want a full length book about Hawthorne and his adventures!

    8. I voluntarily reviewed an arc of this book in exchange for an honest review This was a very quick read covering a common topic (werewolves) based in a western setting. It doesn't follow your typical werewolf story or your typical western story, it's a combination of both with some very unpredictable results. This is a very good story for a quick read

    9. I was introduced to Heath Lowrance's work last spring, when I read his debut novel, THE BASTARD HAND, and was blown away. My full review of that book is here and at my website, if you'd like to check it out, but suffice it to say I discovered, in THE BASTARD HAND, an author who can mix it up with the best of them, creating fictional worlds where you're never quite able to get comfortable, where the good guys ain't necessarily all that great and the bad guys might not be exactly what you think th [...]

    10. When I was a youngster, like all young men, I was infatuated by the story and lifestyle of the cowboy and the open plains of the wild west. I remember the sharpness of The Rifleman with Chuck Connors, the strength and personality of Clint Walker as Cheyenne, and the dark brooding quality and humour that James Drury instilled in the role of The Virginian with his ever present and helpful pardner Trampus. I loved reading the graphic novels of Zane Grey, and the world best selling authors J T Edson [...]

    11. When was the last time you read a kicka$% western? I mean seriously, one that just grabbed you by the collar and smacked you in the face? This is just such a story. I have become a fan of Heath Lowrance very quickly after reading this digital short story. The character he has created is incredible and hopefully this series will continue. Very few authors have his ability to craft such rich content, stylish prose, and evoke such intense emotions in a reader.Whatever category or genre you wish to [...]

    12. Hawthorne already knew it was a strange town when he rode into it. He'd seen a very large coyote, big as a wolf, that reared up on two legs before loping off. It didn't matter. The men he'd been pursuing were here.He accepted the challenge to fight the big bruiser and finished it before they realized who it was. The other two took a young girl prisoner, threatening to blow her brains out if he didn't back off. He did for the moment.An old Indian off to the side warned him to leave it alone. The [...]

    13. Ever since childhood I've been a fan of the westerns starring Clint Eastwood. They seemed less clichéd and the central character the mysterious "man with no name" was so much more interesting than some random good guy dressed in white.So it is with That Damned Coyote Hill. Lowrance brings us an interesting and enigmatic lead character who is cast firmly in three dimensions. He uses strong descriptive writing and the weather perfectly to bring added atmosphere into the story. That Damned Coyote [...]

    14. What can I say?Listen, it's like this. You know when you read something, and it makes you go all shivery and you can't put it down even for a second and you ignore the phone when it rings and the dog whining to go out and you let your tea go cold? That. And you know when you finish reading that same thing and you wish there was more? Yeah, that again.Heath Lowrance writes so beautifully it would make you cry, beautiful and brutal. The sense of place and people and atmosphere and something not be [...]

    15. That Damned Coyote Hill is a lean, entertaining western with a well handled horror theme thrown in for good measure. Recommended if you fancy a short, two-fisted read.

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