Over the Line

Over the Line Sweet Baby Jane Perkins has carved out a mega selling reputation as rock s favorite bad girl But her hard living tough talking image can t prevent the sharp dose of reality that hit home when her est

  • Title: Over the Line
  • Author: Cindy Gerard
  • ISBN: 9780312980993
  • Page: 432
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Sweet Baby Jane Perkins has carved out a mega selling reputation as rock s favorite bad girl But her hard living, tough talking image can t prevent the sharp dose of reality that hit home when her estranged mother is killed in a car accident As bizarre coincidences escalate in her own life, Janey grows certain that someone is watching her every move, and it s not one o Sweet Baby Jane Perkins has carved out a mega selling reputation as rock s favorite bad girl But her hard living, tough talking image can t prevent the sharp dose of reality that hit home when her estranged mother is killed in a car accident As bizarre coincidences escalate in her own life, Janey grows certain that someone is watching her every move, and it s not one of her adoring fans Since leaving the Army Rangers six months ago, Jason Wilson has been adrift, a warrior without a war Now he s taken his first civilian assignment for his army buddy s security firm protecting a rock diva on her sold out tour Far from being a spoiled star, Janey is a revelation sweet, modest, and incredibly sexy Their friendship is turning to mutual, heated desire, but it s a distraction that could cost them than their hearts Drawn into the depths of a deadly secret, they ll face off against a killer growing ruthless every day, and Jase will discover just how far he ll go to protect an explosive passion he never expected

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    1. It happened. My first Cindy Gerard book with a 3 star rating I liked this one, but the main problem was the story and I guess I'm not so good with superstars and fame and all (crazy lunatic stalkers, hired assassins and such) Don't really feel like writing a long review, here are just some of my thoughtsThe story is about Sweet Baby Jane, a rockstar singer, and Jase, her bodyguard. It all kinda smelled like the movie with Whitney Houston, there was a crazed fan/stalker who was making threats and [...]

    2. Since Jase Wilson ended his Army Ranger career, he's drifted from one loser situation to another. When his former team leader, Nolan Garrett offers him a career lifeline with E.D.E.N. Securities, Inc he decides to take advantage of it and is determined to make it work. His first assignment is a colossal oneoviding bodyguard services for mega rock star Sweet Baby Jane (Janey Perkins) who's got a serious stalker. This story had so many angles as Janey had a wide circle of people around her that di [...]

    3. I love books with atypical heroines, so I was happy to see one in this book. And the book was good in itself, too! I have one little criticism regarding the plot, but otherwise I really enjoyed this book.Series Note:This series should probably be read in order, but this one you might be able to read as a standalone. Might.Summary:Since Jason Wilson got out of the military six months ago, he's been at loose ends. He plan to go into law enforcement is over because of hearing loss he suffered durin [...]

    4. Contrary to books 2 and 3, we are back with a bodyguard intrigue. In this story both main characters are younger than in the other books. I liked the heroes relationship but not so much the plot. In my opinion, there were too many villains targetting the heroin and even so the motives were quite obvious.

    5. Once I got over my disappointment that this wasn't going to be Dallas and Amy's book, I found myself quite happy to spend time with Jason 'Jase' Wilson. I don't remember him at all from the previous books (maybe it was a blink or you'll miss it appearance), so I felt like he came a bit out of nowhere, but he ended up being a great addition to the E.D.E.N. team.Jase's baby-faced, wholesome farm boy good looks mask a hardened warrior who is deceptively capable of looking after himself, and anyone [...]

    6. Cindy Gerard just keeps getting better and better and since everything I have read of hers has been 5 star, that is just fantastic. The pace is fast, the romance hot, the mystery and suspense is just short of the heart attack range. Not having a clue as to the baddie is a tribute to really knowing how to lay a creditable red herring.There are a lot of people who want to see rock star Sweet Baby Jane Perkins dead. Everyone has a reason for wanting her gone: revenge, greed, ultimate control and ju [...]

    7. 3.75 StarsCindy Gerard is a legend. I LOVE her writing. It's clean, sharp, snappy, sexy and intense as hell. Over the Line was another great read and I guess if I didn't already have the high 'Cindy Gerard' expectations I probably would have rated it higher, but it just didn't draw me in as much as the first three and definitely the last book I read in this series. I was forewarned that this wasn't quite as good, so I was prepared. I started reading anticipating that I wouldn't enjoy this book - [...]

    8. Review posted on Got Fiction?2.5I found this one really meh. Basically you have Britney Spears, I mean Sweet Baby Jane (which seriously? That name?), and she has a stalker who was just released from prison. The hero works at a private security firm and is hired as her bodyguard.I liked the bodyguard/pop princess dynamic. I didn't like how once people started dropping dead around her that the bodyguard, former Army Ranger at that, has to go and buy a pistol. He knows there are several fronts he h [...]

    9. Okay, so I had a little tiff with the heroine over a couple things, but she fixed it, sooo we're good. That aside, I liked this book. I won't say I really liked it, because I'm already forgetting people's names and I just finished it 5 minutes ago. But it was a quick, fun read.HoweverQ: How many different threats can one person successfully withstand with one half-deaf short guy? Oh, and for it to still be plausible.A: 2-3 less than this plot had, depending on the split.I'll go ahead and give a [...]

    10. This is the best so far, great chemistry, loved bothH/h, good suspenseght read. I didn't loose any sleep over this book

    11. I wasn't expecting anything from this story about Jason "Plowboy" Wilson and Sweet Baby Jane, the rockstar. This comes a close second to Ethan and Darcy's story. I just noticed that the plot of the 4 stories so far are mostly the same - stalker, prominent person, bodyguard, the farm and fieldsNot saying I'm tired of it, just noticing the similarities. It still works though.It seems like all of the characters here are unpredictable and the ending is always a croquet game in Wes and Susan Garrett' [...]

    12. 4.25 stars actuallyJason "Plowboy" Wilson (To the Edge) has finished his stint with the army rangers and brought his blushing country boy charm to the growing arsenal of E.D.E.N but it's his Special Forces skills that will help him guard mega rock-star Jane "Sweet Baby Jane" Perkins against stalkers, overwrought fans and an unprecedented run of bad luck. There was great chemistry between Janey & Jase but not a whole lot of surprises in the storyline itself and they were both very likeable ch [...]

    13. Great book!Well developed, lovable characters. An engaging plot line that kept me hooked. More romance in this book, definitely a big plus.Jane Perkins is a rock star. She grew up in scattered trailer parks across Mississippi. Jane built herself up from nothing and created a name for herself. Unfortunately, a lot of people want to take her out and mooch off her generosity. Jane soon finds herself in need of a bodyguard, whether or not she wants to admit it.Jason Wilson in a former Army Ranger wh [...]

    14. I truely enjoyed reading this book. It isn't only romance there is excitement and danger and Jase must keep Janey safe while he is her bodygarde. Jase is a character I could relate to. He is fresh from the military and is devistated when he can't get his dream job as a cop because of Hearing Lose, that he recieved while in the military. So in desperation he goes to his old comander to get a job as a security specialist. His first assignment is a hard rockin, black leather wearin, rock star in ne [...]

    15. So I've been on a romantic suspense spree lately and as much as I love those twists and turns, this book had a little bit too much going on. To be honest, while reading this, I had to pause a few times and think "did the Cindy Gerard really write this?" because those Black Ops, Inc. series was just perfect and this was so not. Having said that, I did like the romance bit, more than whatever the heck was going on clearly since I skipped some of the suspense part.

    16. I don't know why I didn't connect with the first book, but I think I need to go back and try it again. I really did like this one a lot. I really liked Jase (Jason). I think it was kinda refreshing that Jase was just an averaged good old country boy. Good looking but with a baby face, 5'10 instead of over 6 feet as the usual. I was cracking up when Janey called him Opie out of anger. Anyway I need to hunt down the other books in this series.

    17. WOW! That book was a whoe adrenaline boost!!!! There was a moment in which it seemed the entire known world was against her!!!At the beginning I was not so convinced, it smelled a bit too much of Kevin Costner/Whitney Houston movie a rock star and her bodyguard talk about clichè! But it grew better and better. The plot was complicated but good and in the end, you simply had to love both hero and heroine!Onto the next one!

    18. 3.5* I was almost ready to give this 4* but didn't care for the way the suspense plot worked out. Won't give spoilers, but I'm not a fan of this particular "bad guy" scenario. Up until I had it figured out, I was intrigued with the multilayer suspense plot. I enjoyed the romance between the main characters, as well.I also thought the reason Jase gives Janey towards the end for why they could work was lame. Earlier in the book the reasons stated were different, and more believable, imo.

    19. The hero was different from what I expected - way less alpha but o so cute. Sweet baby Jane was rather nice but failed to seem completely real; I really liked how she helped Jason grow and find back his confidence.The suspense behind the identity of the real mean guy is rather good, though I had had some strong doubts before the revelation.

    20. Never in a million years did I think that the book about the bodyguard and the rock star would be my favorite of the series but so far, this was the best. So good.

    21. For like a week now, I've been doing this Cindy Gerard marathon, I started with the Black Ops, Inc,,then the One-Eyed Jacks (skipped book 2 though, didn't really feel like reading it), then now this Bodyguard series. I've read 1 & 2, skipping 3 (I know I should be intrigued by it because it's set in the Philippines, my country)I skipped it because I'm not fond of the 2nd chance romance trope. So, now I found myself reading book 5well I was really looking forward to reading Jason Wilson's sto [...]

    22. So I can't decide which couple I like more: Eve and Mac, or Baby Blue and Janey (Yes, I'm going to call him Baby Blue. It fits Jason Wilson better than Plowboy, I think.) Both couples are so much fun with the bickering and the bantering and the no angst thing.And I actually laughed out loud at Baby Blue's "no holding back," straight forward spontaneity:"Speaking of time," he leaned down and nuzzled her neck, "do you know how long it's been since I made love to you?"Her eyes flared with fire. "Yo [...]

    23. Fourth in The Bodyguards romantic suspense series revolving around the Garrett family and their friends. The couple focus in this story is on Jason "Plowboy" Wilson and Sweet Baby Jane.My TakeI had a hard time reconciling this Plowboy with the one we briefly met in To the Edge, 1. They just don't seem to be the same person. Both of the primary characters seem over the top if you accept the stereotype of soldier-boy from Iowa and rock star, but going deeper, you find a young man scarred by his pa [...]

    24. Over the line was a bad misstep in what has been a good series. The bones of a good mystery are there, but they are put on the back burner. The whole set up is completely unbelievable to me. A girl with no personality is a major rock star but only has one single bodyguard. Even though there are numerous threats? She spends the entire book looking longingly at him, and he reciprocates. The mystery is rapidly rapped up in about the last 20 pages, and seemed like utter nonsense to me. If you are re [...]

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