Beauty What s it like to be the most beautiful girl in the world Molly desperately wants to be beautiful And that s what she tells Dharma the mysterious portrait artist who sketches her face at the town fai

  • Title: Beauty
  • Author: Lisa Daily
  • ISBN: 9781595143808
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Paperback
  • What s it like to be the most beautiful girl in the world Molly desperately wants to be beautiful And that s what she tells Dharma, the mysterious portrait artist who sketches her face at the town fair just minutes after she s humiliated in front of Hudson, the guy of her dreams When Molly wakes up the following morning, she s the most beautiful girl in Miracle, Ohio BWhat s it like to be the most beautiful girl in the world Molly desperately wants to be beautiful And that s what she tells Dharma, the mysterious portrait artist who sketches her face at the town fair just minutes after she s humiliated in front of Hudson, the guy of her dreams When Molly wakes up the following morning, she s the most beautiful girl in Miracle, Ohio Babies coo in her arms, her house fills with flowers from dozens of drooling boys, and she s chosen to be a model for the hottest store in town Best of all, Hudson finally falls for her But Molly soon discovers that beauty and her wish comes with a price She s faced with an impossible choice Will reclaiming her true identity mean letting go of Hudson for good

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    1. Imagine waking up in one morning and finding out that you are the most beautiful girl in town.Molly, like average teenagers, doesn’t like the way she looks. She is too self-conscious about her appearance, and it doesn’t help that she has the biggest crush to a boy in her neighborhood, Hudson, who isn’t even aware of her existence. After a humiliating incident involving a stuffed monkey, the prettiest girl in her school, and a country-fair-went-wrong, all Molly wants is just to curl up and [...]

    2. I don’t think there’s a single girl (unless you are one of the 5% of the population gifted with natural beauty), who doesn’t wish they could magically become the IT girl. Maybe not the most stunning girl around, but we all have flaws and imperfections (especially as girls) that make us unsure, self-conscious, and awkward.In Beauty, Lisa Daily brings all those internal issues that I know I faced as a teenager, and even as a woman today, to the foreground. Molly is just your average girl. Sh [...]

    3. REACTION AFTER READING THE BOOKOkay so here is what my reaction is after reading this book.[image error]GIFSoup[image error]GIFSoupOkay so this book was just an okay book for me. It was good but not good enough to be memorable or to make it to my favorite list. The first few chapters really made me excited but as the story progressed it disappointed me. It started out so well but on the middle part, it kind of became really predictable all through the ending. The topic of this book however was v [...]

    4. Rating: 3.5/5WHAT I DISLIKED:1. From the moment Molly becomes beautiful there is no question as to where this book is heading. There were no twists or turns, just a straightforward narrative that didn’t surprise me.2.This reminded me A LOT of Mean Girls. So in terms of originality it was lacking and the storylines were nothing new.WHAT I LIKED: 1. This book is still an enjoyable read even though originality is lacking! I had fun from page one and it was a pleasant reading experience. Great bea [...]

    5. Taking certain elements from Tom Hanks’s movie Big, “Beauty” is a yet another story of being careful what you wish for (a phrase actually spoken by one of the characters in the book).Wishes are devious things and wish-givers commonly tricksters, demons or simply the odd fairy trying to get human beings to understand that magical shortcuts are rarely if ever the boon they’re made out to be. The protagonist is yet another loner teenager moping because of her off-kilter looks (these girls o [...]

    6. What if you could be stunningly beautiful? Would you make the wish regardless of the costs? Molly did not realize that her melancholy wish for beauty at the town fair would be granted by the kind, but rather odd sketch artist drawing her portrait. After waking up the next day dreamily beautiful, Molly’s life changes in many ways. Everyone wants to be her friend, her crush takes an interest in her, and she is voted into the homecoming court. Molly quickly realizes that with her beauty, comes po [...]

    7. I had previously read this sometime in 2012 but after recommending it to a friend (hi Gabrielle) I thought it would be fun to re-read it. I'm so glad I did because this time around I enjoyed it so much more. I had forgotten how much I loved the aspect of the fair and how much it made me jealous my city never had awesome summer fairs like that. I understand that some might find this book shallow but i thought it was a lot of fun and fluffy. But this was really entertaining and I'm glad I re-read [...]

    8. What if you could be transformed from a gawky, awkward teen into the most beautiful girl in town? It sounds like a dream come true, but in Daily's spot-on YA debut there are drawbacks. Teens will love this modern-day fairytale - I did! - and I hope Daily continues to write fantastic YA!

    9. This book was great. it really taught an important message to girls of all ages. It showed me things that I never even thought about, but that were there all along. I loved how Molly realized in the end that she liked being the real her because that is all you can be, or else you are a fake, because you are lying to everyone you care about but most important yourself. I loved how Hudson didn't even like who she was becoming and how he liked her for the real her. Great book. Recommend to all girl [...]

    10. Ever imagine what it would be like to be the most beautiful person in town?Molly has never been the most gorgeous girl. To her grief, no one really notices her, and if they do they don't give her a second glance. One day when the carnival's in town, she learns to be careful of what she wishes for. After being completely humiliated, she runs off and bumps into an artist named Dharma. Then overnight, she becomes the most unparalleled beauty anyone has ever seen. Now she's got it all: her crush, po [...]

    11. Beauty is a pretty good book. I wouldn't say it's spectacular, but it is a great book if you're looking for something light. Lisa is a great writer, this book is really cute and fun but it also has a great message. I would go into more detail, but I think it's something that would be better if left for when you read the book. I just really enjoyed that aspect of it.I honestly don't think I would want to go through what Molly does in the book. Sure some of it sounds nice, but when you think long [...]

    12. I liked this, but there were parts that annoyed the crap out of me. Don't expect an earth shattering plot from this book because it's fairly obvious to even the most clueless person how the story is going to go. This book is predictable beyond belief. It was like a step by step formula of every chick flick coming of age film. I'm not going to even bother spelling it out since other reviews have already done so. Predictability aside, I did honestly enjoy reading this. The premise was cute if you [...]

    13. Extremely predictable (I knew what was going to happen even before starting), but still extremely enjoyable :) And the message was a good one. This is a good choice for teen girls as young as 7th grade.Molly is just your average teenage girl, but she feels like a nobody. At home, her mother nags her about her appearance and her little brother calls her "beast." At school, her crush doesn't know she's alive, the mean girls of the Popular Clique pick on her, teachers harass her, and even her best [...]

    14. In the first stages of the story, Beauty begins exploring an interesting topic—how people who are physically attracted seem to be treated so much better than those who are not. Molly goes from being the girl the popular kids laughed at to getting almost everything. People actually talk to her. Teachers are easier on her. Boys fight to be the one to do nice things for her. Waiters, baristas, and ticket sellers give her things for free. All this is really great commentary on how life can sometim [...]

    15. It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and often it's hard to figure out exactly what it is that makes someone beautiful. Why is one person considered beautiful and another not so beautiful? How would one's life change if she suddenly became beautiful or ugly? How would she know if anyone loved her for herself or just her outer appearance? This novel raises these questions and more through the experiences of Molly, a rather plain-looking girl who has a crush on neighbor Huds [...]

    16. Beauty was a fun read, but our main character, Molly, was constantly driving me nuts. She becomes beautiful and magically transforms from quiet, kind invisible girl to world-class B in a matter of days. I was in a constant state of wanting to throw the book across the room for almost its entirety.Of course, you can tell simply by reading the description that this is going to be a very moral-driven story, but in the end that’s all I got out of it. Here we have a girl with a good friend and a pr [...]

    17. This book was so very meaningful! In the beginning, Molly was so insecure about herself and just wanted to be beautiful. That was her goal. Then, she went to Dhrama because she was in distress. When she became beautiful EVERYONE wanted to be her friend/date. They all followed her around. Even strangers!(which I have to say is kind of creepy, not flattering) Even her brother thought she was ugly in the beginning. Molly had so much fun that she lost all of her friends that were dear to her AND her [...]

    18. The concept for this story was cute and interesting. It was a sort of Teen Witch (the movie from the early 90s) meets Mean Girls. And these girls are definitely mean to Molly in this story. They're absolutely ugly and such bullies. The true depth of this story comes from what being beautiful does to Molly. There are some changes to her personality, and they aren't all good. The question is whether or not she'll be able to find herself now that she's beautiful.I found the idea of Hudson liking he [...]

    19. This book was so horribly awful that I considered burning it. It was soooo unrealistic and almost painful to read. The story behind it could have been really good, but it was just ruined with all of its cheesiness. There were random moments that were really deep and heartfelt, but that kind of made it worse and threw the whole thing more off balance. Even though I claimed I hated it, it had a good message that probably a lot of younger girls, like 6th or 7th graders would like. But not so much a [...]

    20. This book was a typical girl turns pretty and regrets it later on. At least that's what I thought in the beginning of this book. Molly wishes to Dharma that she wants to be the prettiest girl. After her wish comes true, she has fake friends and becomes very bratty. It's not until Hudson tells her that he liked her the way she was before and her true friends leave her, that she makes an effort in changing back to the way she was. This book would be great for normal and insecure teenagers. It show [...]

    21. i thought it was going to be a remake of Beauty and the Beast, but it has nothing at all to do with that. Molly is a normal girl with hair & zits problem who faces a humiliation at the fair. when she runs away she meets a red-haired lady and her life changes (red haired lady - i'm thinking the girl from Brave?) suddenly she has a beautiful face and all these people start to like her - even the guy she likes starts talking to her. then blah blah blah she realizes can she keep her face and the [...]

    22. Why does shallow get rewarded?!??@ 85%I can't finish this. I just can't stand when the "nice" social pariah becomes pretty, it goes to her head and she's "mean" to her true friends, then poof! Something gets resolved and all is forgiven and she gets the boy. I feel the message is abhorrent that 1) Pretty people are shallow and pretty, and 2) Anyone who betrays you is worthy of being forgiven. There's more but I don't feel like writing it.@ 60%I was hoping for a little more drive to this. I feel [...]

    23. This book was a waste of time. The story is not even close to real life and it potrayed all the wrong messages. For example, Molly wasn't even noticed by boys or just people in general before the makeover. Now that she is beautiful, she gets noticed. Are you saying that you can't get noticed if you aren't beautiful? I also didn't liek how she got the boy to notice her when she was beautiful but he didn't even know her name before. Again, see reason 1. Don't read this book. It's a watse of time.

    24. This book is clean, so you could recommend it. The girl character sees a woman at the fair and is turned into a more beautiful version of herself which attracts all kinds of attention and turns the girl into a bit of a mean girl. It was pretty good until she turned mean and then I didn't care for the main character anymore and I didn't feel like the author fixed the problem in a realistic way. It was just an okay book.

    25. I went into this looking for a light, fun (potentially fluffy) read, and I am so pleased because it was all of those things. No, there's nothing deep or ground-breaking, just a girl with self-esteems issues who becomes magically beautiful, and all the changes and drama that came with that.(view spoiler)[I have no idea if Molly and Hayley are friends again after all that transpired, because the book left it ambigous. Perhaps it's a little better that way. (hide spoiler)]

    26. What if one day you wake up and find that the thing you desire most came true?Molly is facing most awkward years of being a teenager. Everyone is changing around her. Her friends, her self Add pressure to the mix and poof, chaos. Then comes Dharma, a portrait painter who grants Molly's wish but then after a whirlwind of craziness Molly learned the most important thing, Life is not about being beautiful on the outside because what matters most is whats on the inside.

    27. This book is a book I couldn't even finish. It took me a week to read about four chapters and halfway through this book I have up. It was so predictable and incredibly ridiculous, I don't know what I was expecting but I certainly wasn't expecting such an extreme level of corny cheesy bubblegum morally correct righteous cliché fluff.

    28. i really loved this book. i think there should be a 2nd book not long but short to help with the ending. The ending was like ? to me when the book ends he kisses her the real her not the fake her. They still want to the dance but what happens does everyone hate her ? is she still in the popular crew?

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