When I Fall

When I Fall Genre LGBT Futuristic Fantasy Space OperaSeries An Uncommon Whore Previous Book An Uncommon WhoreRelated Title Belle StarrAs king Helios Dayspring is desperate to secure the future of his people and

  • Title: When I Fall
  • Author: Belinda McBride
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 106
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Genre LGBT Futuristic Fantasy Space OperaSeries An Uncommon Whore Previous Book An Uncommon WhoreRelated Title Belle StarrAs king, Helios Dayspring is desperate to secure the future of his people and their new homeworld His lost memories are slowly returning, bringing with them danger and betrayal.As the king s consort, Griffin Hawke wrestles with growing isolation fGenre LGBT Futuristic Fantasy Space OperaSeries An Uncommon Whore Previous Book An Uncommon WhoreRelated Title Belle StarrAs king, Helios Dayspring is desperate to secure the future of his people and their new homeworld His lost memories are slowly returning, bringing with them danger and betrayal.As the king s consort, Griffin Hawke wrestles with growing isolation from his lover When Helios s secrets begin to come to light, Griffin finds that he barely recognizes him any And Griffin is haunted by his own secrets, nightmares that bring torture and death in his sleep.Surrounded by enemies and allies, seductive aliens and dangerous operatives, Helios and Griffin find themselves tested to their physical and moral limits Not knowing who to trust, they can only turn to each other.Will you be there to catch me when I fall Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual situations, graphic language, and material that some readers may find objectionable male male sexual practices, violence.

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    1. When I Fall is the sequel to An Uncommon Whore which I liked a great deal and reviewed HERE.  That previous book had been taken from the first person point of view of Pasha/Helios and I found him to be a very sympathetic narrator.  When I Fall has a change in narrative and is taken from the first person viewpoint of Griffin, Helios' rescuer and later lover.  The story picks up a little while after the end of the previous book.  Helios is now established king on Neo Domus, ruling over the b [...]

    2. Uhm I fell in love with Lio & Grif. This is a really great series and I can hardly wait what happens next. Exciting plot, great sex (I mean outstanding - this must be mentioned once more), sympathetic characters.I really expected something else and got so much more than I had imagined. Belinda McBride really writes with attention to detail. The world created by the author is multi-dimensional. I really enjoyed reading it.“And if I do?” There was something there in his eyes—a kernel o [...]

    3. This follows on from book 1 (An Uncommon Whore), so you'll really need to read this beforehand! And to make this clear: this one is told from Grif's POV.Helios has been king for a year. It's a job he relishes, but it burdens him down at the same time. He's become more serious and introvert, and although Grif is at his side as his consort, it seems Lio doesn't share everything with him anymore. At times Grif feels shoved aside, finding out about talks and decisions only afterwards, and what's wor [...]

    4. I think this book ruined the first one for me :( Griff was an asshole I did not like his POV or his thoughts. He was an insecure jerk the whole book. I was bored with all the endless political discussions and never connecting with Griff made this impossible to enjoy(view spoiler)[First he is always mad at Lio for keeping little secrets but he is keeping huge secrets… asshole Then when Lio was trying to explain stuff to him he just runs away leaving Lio all alone and unprotected… WTF is up wi [...]

    5. 3.5 StarsThis review is for both books An Uncommon Whore and When I Fall. You really need to read them together, they do not stand well on their own.Can you believe I have had both books on my Kindle for nearly 2 years? That seems to happen to me a lot, but I'm working on reading my fairly massive TBR. One thing that always made me pass up these books, even though the blurbs obviously appealed to me (or I wouldn't have bought the books) is I don't really find the covers appealing. Just personal [...]

    6. 4 strong stars.Part 2 of this series (can’t be read as a standalone) : even better than book 1.Helios and Griffin are back to their new “home” planet where everything has to be built to make “Neo Domus” a safe and prosperous place. This part is full of intrigues and plots, as Helios assumes his role as King and Griffin as his consort, both having to deal with the established homeland council but also the consortium of the surrounding planets. Add in the mix the weight of secrets. All t [...]

    7. 'When I Fall' takes place about one year after the end of book one, An Uncommon Whore. If you have not read that first book you won’t want to read this review because it contains spoilers.We see things from Griffin’s POV this time which is great because he remained a bit of an enigma in the first book. He has rescued Helios from his life as a slave/prostitute and brought him back to a new homeland where Helios will claim his rightful place as king.Helios DayspringHere's what I loved about th [...]

    8. 4.5 stars!OMG! If I thought that An Uncommon Whore, Book 1 was hot, sensual, alluring and all that alongside a pretty much well-developed worldbuilding What can I say about Book 2 When I Fall???Belinda McBride outdoes herself in bringing a whole plethora of new species and peoples into Lio and Grif's lives!!! Again, we see two different worlds: Neo Domus - king Helios' new home - still struggling to be safe and self-sufficient, with its beautiful landscapes and colourful nature:And Prima Vera - [...]

    9. Who were the characters is this book?!?! They certainly were not the same Lio and Grif from An Uncommon Whore. What happened to them because they were so great and these two guys were so boring?! First off, the story is told from Griffin's POV and it turns out that he is a really boring and depressing character with ridiculous jealousy and insecurity issues. Helios is keeping secrets from him, but Griffin is also keeping some pretty major secrets himself. Neither of them have trust and faith in [...]

    10. Second installment of 'An Uncommon Whore' and another really good read. 4 stars and a big This tale is told from Griffin's POV as opposed to 'An Uncommon Whore' which was from Helios' POV. In this one, we learn that Helios is unsurprisingly struggling with the burdens of leadership/kingship, which is further complicated by the fact that the council on Neo Domus will not sanction his marriage to Griffin. The couple spend less and less time together, political intrigue, plotting and general pighea [...]

    11. 4.2 StarsJust as good as the first one of the series, if for slightly different reasons. I truly adored getting more of Griffin's POV and as such learning more about his trust & self-esteem issues, about how he feels being the right hand of a King and how heart-breaking it is to know the secrets he shared with Helios but they're memories of a happier time that Helios can't remember.I think I'd totally read a novella about the two of them and Suzand I know Griff says she didn't survive but so [...]

    12. Ah, SF. My greatest and first love. Too much M/M Science Fiction is mislabeled. It's M/M romance that someone stuck on another planet. It may as well be down at the corner bar or the local club.Without the imaginative settings, tech, speculative futures, well-developed alien cultures, don't bother to label it SF. Just stick to your contemporary writing and leave the SF fans alone.Rant over. Belinda has written Science Fiction. My biggest complaint(s) about the first book were that the universe b [...]

    13. Griffin and Helios are back!!!![image error]Sooooo I'm VERY happy, after the second of the uncommon whore serie, but probably I should not This story is told only by Griffin, and certainly he is not the happiest person on the universe.All the book is about Helios, trying to be a king, and protect his planet from another alien invasion. And Griffin, trying to accept Helios love, and be the king future consort.I love both characters, their secrets, and their own inner demons. Helios want to rememb [...]

    14. 3 stars? I need to try and explain this rating. There are a couple of things to consider. I'm not a sci-fi fan. I wish I liked sci-fi more but it's rare and I have to strike when the brief mood is hot. I did like the first book very much and was looking forward to this one. Also this book was almost not finished at about 40%, but Jenre's review compelled me to continue. It didn't end up abandoned and I did like it.Sci-fi aside, this book is told from Griffin's point of view and we were not conne [...]

    15. I had trouble getting into the first half, but stuck with it and loved the second half almost as much as the first book.Besides Grif's sulking and self-pity, part of what made the beginning so difficult for me was that I’d just re-read An Uncommon Whore, so it was glaringly obvious to me that Maia and Lauren had swapped characters. In the first book, Maia is blonde while Lauren is the image of Grif and also scarred. In the second, suddenly Lauren is the scar-free blonde and Maia is the mini-Gr [...]

    16. I’m not sure what’s going on with sequels lately but they haven’t been living up to the greatness of the first books. Sadly, When I Fall is no different. An Uncommon Whore was such a vivid and wonderful book that I’m so disappointed and saddened in When I Fall. It has the same world and excellent writing but after that I’m left to wonder exactly what I read. The characters feel very different from the first book and unfortunately I couldn’t connect to either one. There are too many s [...]

    17. Doesn't everyone want to be royalty at one point or another? Power, money, the good life is what most people dream of when they think of royalty.Helios Dayspring only knows the downside of royalty – responsibility, assassination and political strife. After his rescue from slavery, one would think he has it made. Instead, after a year, he is still trying to determine the traitors as well as recover the memories erased during his sexual slavery. Through all of this, Griffin Hawke is there to sup [...]

    18. I loved this series and what an interesting way to write it. It was like reading one book with two parts and because of that this review is for both books. The first book, An Uncommon Whore is written with Helios POV and the second book When I Fall is written with Griffins POV, so completely different from each other but then that’s to be expected Helios and Griffins are completely different men! Helios so very sweet with a great sense of humor made his story light, loving, sexy and often funn [...]

    19. A great sequel to the first book, An Uncommon Whore. Stories like this are not my usual fare but I love Helios and Griffin so much I had this book on insta-buy--and I was not disappointed. This time around it's told from Griffin's POV. He's got some issueswhich he admits. Working through them is a big part of the story. Fine with me, I like character driven plots. The story also has lots of hot, hot, hot descriptions of Helios (I swear he is one of the sexiest men in the entire universe) and an [...]

    20. I loved this one every bit as much as the first. I was so happy to spend more time with Helios and Grif and all the others. This one had a bit "on the homestead" feel -- all about what happens when you are trying to rebuild essentially a civilization. There are issues between the King and his Consortof the type that could break the relationship or make it stronger or some combo thereof. This author consistently delivers excellent novels. You simply must read Prince of Faith RIGHT AFTER you read [...]

    21. I picked this book up and put it down more times than I can count. After reading book 1 and loving it, it was difficult to jump into book 2 because of the huge glaring difference. We were now in Griffin's head, not Lio's.Soter finally returning to the book months later I can now report that once starting overI loved it. I forgot about Helios and just let myself hear the story through Griffin's view. This book ended up being more action packed. Wrought with secrets, new characters, backstabbing a [...]

    22. A bit less steamy than the first installment but still really, really good. Great world building as I've come to expect from Belinda McBride.Can't seem to get enough Helios and Griffin. The story is told in Grif's POV this time.While settling into their new home planet, Helios seeks membership in the Interstellar Counsil. His people need protection if they are to flourish again. Lots of political intrigue and secrets that test the very foundation of Grif and Lio's relationship. We also get to me [...]

    23. This book takes place some time after the first. Helios and Grif are still together and rebuilding the planet.Helios wants to try to get them into the Intergalatic Alliance so they can become stronger.This is to,d from Grif's point of view. I could see why he was sometimes frustrated with Helios and te fact he wouldn't tell him everything.

    24. The fascinating political and personal developments that began in book one of this series (and I think it is essential you read that first since you will not understand what is going on in this sequel without it) continue in this second book. It is set about a year after King Helios and Captain Griffin return to their people’s new homeworld, Neo Domus. The royal council is being obstinate, the search for the traitor who told the alien invaders of their original planet where to find the royal f [...]

    25. 4.5 starsThis review was originally written for The Romance Reviews and can also be found there. Long expected sequel to a memorable book caused the same stir many of the sequels do. Some readers expected the theme from the first book to continue, maybe for the romance to out shadow everything else, or just maybe, they disliked certain aspects of it and just couldn't get past them. Others went in unprepared and were pleasantly surprised, loved the world building and simply wanted more.I'm probab [...]

    26. I love reading a good space opera. It makes me want to put my hair up in Princess Leia buns and break out my light saber. So needless to say, this was a very enjoyable read for me. This book takes place about a year after Helios was rescued from slavery and returned to his people. And I have to tell you that whether he's King Helios or slave Pasha, Lio is one hell of a sexy man! This time around the story is told from Griffin's point of view, and the poor guy is still really suffering over the p [...]

    27. This is Griff's pov and I liked the different pov's between this story and . Interesting to see the same situation intrepreted a different way.Griff and Helios continue to struggle with their relationship and the pressures that come from Helios being King and remaking their new homeland.So that they're not overpowered by another alien civilization they work towards becoming members of an interstellar council that will assist with protection while they get back on their feet. They're still suffer [...]

    28. A fantastic second installment in the series. While the first book provided just enough world building to keep the story meaningful without detracting from the main plot, this installment brings to life a world rich in detail and texture, completely surrounding the reader in every emotion from sensual pleasure to crushing pain. The cast of thousands is surprisingly interesting and creatively woven into the story. The plight of Helios, Griffin and their people continues to evolve, solving one rid [...]

    29. 12/8/14It's always weird when narration shifts in bk 2s. The MC you got to know in the previous one generally becomes this sort of Ice Queen, which is a weird trend, but I've observed it in other things, too. But still, why is that a thing?A continuation of the first one, it definitely leaves you hanging. I'd recommend waiting until you have all three parts, or at least the first two. For me, once (view spoiler)[it was confirmed that Markus ain't a traitor, he basically became niggle at the back [...]

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