Of Empire

Of Empire THIS PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK Essays or Counsels Civil and Moral by Francis Bacon To purchase the entire book please order ISBN

  • Title: Of Empire
  • Author: Francis Bacon
  • ISBN: 9780141023892
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • THIS 10 PAGE ARTICLE WAS EXTRACTED FROM THE BOOK Essays or Counsels, Civil and Moral, by Francis Bacon To purchase the entire book, please order ISBN 1564592286.

    One thought on “Of Empire”

    1. For the most of us who's grown up having our grandfather sit down and give us timeless advice, Francis Bacon's Of Empire would be but a reminiscent of such experiences. F. Bacon goes into the every general aspect of life and dispenses his wisdom on subjects such as ambition, negotiation, families and such.Like the contemporaries of his time, F. Bacon's writings are reflective to an adage wisdom of his time, contextualized by his own experiences. That's not to say it wasn't a good read. I enjoyed [...]

    2. There are some nice pithy saying in this little book. Some interesting ideas about how to lead your life in the 17th centurych like Franklin's autobiography in the 18th centuryd even some insights into Renaissance society. But as a whole, it's not a very compelling book(let). If I were a Renaissance literature scholar, I'm sure this would be far more interesting, but I didn't find much in Bacon's writing that really had much meat to it. And I'm a little confused as to why it's "of empire."

    3. De poquito en poquito en poquito lo acabé. No es para picarte, es para leer unos capítulos, luego otros, luego otros.La mentalidad antigua de Baco lo hace más lento y convencional hoy en día. Sin embarga indaga en cada tema de manera intensa e interesante. Si siento que vale la pena para entender el pensamiento de aquellas épocas (1600). Si, eso es lo más interesante del libro: ponerlo en contexto de tiempo.

    4. The first two sentences of the book:"IT IS a miserable state of mind, to have few things to desire, and many things to fear; and yet that commonly is the case of kings; who, being at the highest, want matter of desire, which makes their minds more languishing; and have many representations of perils and shadows, which makes their minds the less clear. And this is one reason also, of that effect which the Scripture speaketh of, That the king’s heart is inscrutable."

    5. interesting short book with some very insightful quotes about a variety of subjects like revenge, marriage, love, envy, cunning, ambition, beauty, studying, anger its francis bacons few pages on each of those types of subjects. some intersting thoughts raised. around hundred pages only.

    6. Excellent little essays (to my mind an obvious model for those of A.C. Grayling) on philosophical and practical matters.

    7. he is telling already known things through everyday experiences in an unusually complex use of words that could be told in a easy way

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