Root for the Villain: Rap, Bull$hit, and a Celebration of Failure

Root for the Villain Rap Bull hit and a Celebration of Failure Yawn Another book from another musician Let s guess He rose from the depths of hell with his talent and went big time He changed the face of music and made millions Yeah a few drug addiction arrest

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  • Title: Root for the Villain: Rap, Bull$hit, and a Celebration of Failure
  • Author: J-Zone
  • ISBN: 9780615532271
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Yawn Another book from another musician Let s guess He rose from the depths of hell with his talent and went big time He changed the face of music and made millions Yeah, a few drug addiction, arrest, and STD stories are sporadically sprinkled throughout for excitement and authenticity, but at the end of it all, he finished his ride a musical legend He finally gave uYawn Another book from another musician Let s guess He rose from the depths of hell with his talent and went big time He changed the face of music and made millions Yeah, a few drug addiction, arrest, and STD stories are sporadically sprinkled throughout for excitement and authenticity, but at the end of it all, he finished his ride a musical legend He finally gave up dressing room groupies and nose candy he currently resides with his wife and the children that aren t illegitimate in Calabasas, CA Insert snoring Who the hell can really relate to that besides other prestigious, millionaire musicians My name is J Zone If you actually know who the hell I am, either you listen to way too much rap music, you re a Tim Dog fan, or you stood outside my distributor s warehouse the day my CDs and records were destroyed I was on the hip hop come up, then I came down hard Splat Some critical success, incessant praise from pop stars and hip hop legends alike, and thenabysmal commercial failure I did tours on Greyhound buses filled with wide bodied, Jheri curled women and knife wielding gang members I witnessed my life long passion for music dissolve in 12 hours and my final album sell a whopping 47 copies in its first month for sale I left my little known spot in a small, niche quadrant of the hip hop world and joined my fellow overqualified stiffs with useless college degrees in the world of dead end jobs For some sick reason, I find all of the above hilarious and have made an omelette out of any egg that wound up on my face I pin my cross hairs on everyday bullsh t just as accurately as I do the dysfunctional ways of the music biz I ask the public at large questions like Are men the new women and Is going out on Friday night worth it when you re a socially homeless man in a deceptively segregated New York City Chapters dedicated to cassette tapes, defunct record stores, the SP 1200 sampling drum machine, hip hop recording studios of the 1990s, and overlooked rap artists like The Afros, Mob Style, and No Face all point to my fascination with the obscure The annoyances of a cell phone driven society, dating in America, and Facebook are also explored A collection of memoirs and think pieces written by a curmudgeonly commercial failure who is somehow laughing hysterically at both himself and the stupidity of the world large probably won t become a New York Times best seller, either Be honest though, you need something to place drinks on when you have company at worst, my book is a perfect cocktail coaster.

    One thought on “Root for the Villain: Rap, Bull$hit, and a Celebration of Failure”

    1. Here's what I wrote about this on rockthedub:Out of the few books I have to finish, Root For The Villain by J-Zone was one of them. I got the press copy and due to some good fortune, I was able to knock out this one over the weekend. I'll admit - I'm one of the few who was a big Zone fan years back (still am, but you know what I mean), so I went into this trying to get a glimpse at the man behind the Old Maid Billionaires empire. What I ended up getting was a statement on old trends making the m [...]

    2. Recently I saw a movie called Adult Rappers by Paul Iannacchino, Jr. I expected it to be a sad story about white guys from the midwest that no one's ever heard of, but instead, I was treated to a cavalcade of faces from my high school past -- dudes I bumped loudly in my mom's Camry back in the day. Some were still doing well, others, obviously not. J-Zone, comedy rapper extraordinaire, had always stood out in my mind for his acerbic wit, story-telling ability and biting misogynistic cheapness. H [...]

    3. Beauty and the beast of the music industry.I bought “Music for Tu Madre” on CDR from a shop in Athens, GA. This was around 2001.“I’ve been trying to find this @($$!!** album in physical format for what feels like forever.”“Oh man. You like that album? That’s my man. I just got those copies in a few days ago.”The response was from Brian Burton (aka Danger Mouse). I also bought the first three volumes of Burton’s hip hop mixtapes. Catching up with a friend later on, and she tells [...]

    4. J-Zone is an asshole and he's utterly hilarious as one. He sums up the book with a quote that's something to the effect of: in life, you eventually learn that you'll have to eat up a bunch of BS to become "successful." He decided not to eat it up. This book celebrates his failure. And yeah, this book is basically that--stories for rap nerds who can't stomach BS pertaining to the music biz. This is written particularly and defiantly for insider rap nerds with tons of references to obscure rap rec [...]

    5. J-Zone is Rap Game Steve Buscemi in Ghost World. He may even have a collection of Coon Chicken Inn memorabilia in his attic. Root for the Villain is all about how he remains obsessed with the same four obscure (even back then) rap albums from 1990, how he can't relate to anyone other than his grandma and a few randomly elderly people from his neighborhood, how he almost had a career in rap, until it got to the point where he'd have to do something other than sit in his basement and come up with [...]

    6. I gave this book 3 stars because, the beginning caught my attention but as the story went on it started to bore me. I started to read this book because it was from Jay z which is why it is called j zone. In the book it talks about how Jay z walked away from hip hop in 2011 because he could not find commercial success J-Zone stayed true to himself and followed the independent route until his album sales and fans stayed. Around the same time, a buddy and fan of J-Zone’s named Danger Mouse begin [...]

    7. Cheap Kindle buy, worth the price. J-Zone's account of his Zeno's paradox-esque run at hip-hop stardom (i.e. no matter how close you are, you're still only halfway there). He is a clever and funny (and profane) writer, just like his hip-hop persona. But, I was left wanting more details about his music business experience - stage shows, stage wear, how his rejected endorsement deals would have worked, etc. I'll never be a professional rapper, so more details would have let me live vicariously thr [...]

    8. This was okay. It's amazing how dated some parts of this were considering it was only published a few years ago.J-Zone has already returned to music with a full album, etc, for one. Second, after the music-related portion, Zone veers into blogger territory with diatribes against whatever rubs him the wrong way, including a too-long passage about people wasting his mobile minutes. Again, dated.Finally, it's clear Zone is a smart man and a decent writer, but this could have been cleaned up a littl [...]

    9. His gender politics make me cringe, but J-Zone is an entertaining curmudgeon otherwise, and this book gives some great insight into the music industry (hip hop, specifically) and makes the case that independent doesn't automatically mean better. The best parts of the book are when he gets into the nuts and bolts about pressing records and distributing them, and all the hustle that goes into that.

    10. Back in the ATF days we actually paid this guy to headline one of the shows he talks about when after one of our artists went on everyone left because nobody cared to see him. Talented cat but not enough people ever really "got" him. I did really enjoy this book and I highly recommend it to all my friends who have put their rap aspirations behind them or have simply taken music back to the hobby level. Fun and funny read but strikingly truthful as well.

    11. If your hip-hop love began in the late 80s, stretched into the 90s, and was focused on sample-based production, you'll love the first half of this book (and the last chapter or so). J-Zone's old man observational stuff plays well on his most recent album, but not so much in the text form it takes in the latter half of the book.

    12. Part memoir, part rant, part musical philosophy text.J-Zone's book is at turns hilarious and tragic. I only wish that it were a bit longer. More on the hows and whys of J-Zone's music, more about the collaborations, etc would have been appreciated.Seriously, Chuck D, this is how you write a book about rap. Don't tax your thesaurus searching for how many different ways you can say "song."

    13. J-Zone is a hilarious storyteller and highly observant commentator on music, its sordid business side and life in general. The only drawback to this memoir is its misogyny, which in his music is cartoonish and easy to write off as him playing a character. In his writing, it's more stark. Despite this flaw, I'm still a fan and will continue to root for the villain.

    14. J-Zone's style of writing and the thoughts that he expresses makes me laugh time after time again. It feels good to read about hiphop from someone who knows a lot more than you about the subject.I would like to read many more books from J-Zone.

    15. DopeJ Zone is that dude. A great memoir of the highs and lows of the music industry and how its changed with the times while the times have changed, much to J-Zone's chagrin.

    16. A decent set of essays from a guy who made it for a while in the underground rap scene, but whose career died with it. Bitterly funny.

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