White Cat

White Cat Cassel is cursed by the memory of the year old girl he murdered Life at school is a constant trial and life at home is even worse No one at home is ever going to forget that Cassel is a killer No o

  • Title: White Cat
  • Author: Holly Black
  • ISBN: 9781780620558
  • Page: 203
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Cassel is cursed by the memory of the 14 year old girl he murdered Life at school is a constant trial and life at home is even worse No one at home is ever going to forget that Cassel is a killer No one at home is ever going to forget that he isn t a magic worker.

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    1. 4.5 starsHolly Black, where have you been my whole life? We are, largely, who we remember ourselves to be. That’s why habits are so hard to break. If we know ourselves to be liars, we expect not to tell the truth. If we think of ourselves as honest, we try harder.But what happens when you are forced to doubt every single memory that makes you who you are?!This book has definitely made it to my ‘top ten young adult books’ list. It came at the right time and it was just what I needed: angst- [...]

    2. Reread 10/30 : Cassel is still the sarcastic little shit I remembered. I have no other option than loving him even more. "I hate that I love this. I hate that the adrenaline pumping through the roots of my body is filling me with giddy glee. I'm not a good person."This book was full of charms ← See what I did there? ▧ Charm ⁂1 : I do love me some liar ⁂Beware of Cassel Sharpe, professional liar and Master of the game of make-believe. You're going to love him."Being a con artist means thi [...]

    3. As seen on The ReadventurerWell, well, well. Color me surprised. Just when I decided never to read another Holly Black work again (due to our seemingly conflicting ideas about what good writing is), Emily's review of White Cat convinced me to give the author one final try. And, who knew, I really, really liked it. Actually, this book is one of the strongest YA UF novels I've ever read. I am not exactly sure what made Black change her writing style so drastically, but I won't be complaining. Some [...]

    4. 4.5 starsI really, really enjoyed pretty much everything about this book. An exciting mystery, memorable characters and a touch of magic I can't express how excited I am about reading Red Glove as soon as possible.Holly Black is an author that never really did anything for me before. I gave up on Tithe after reading just one chapter, and her Spiderwick Chronicles weren't bad children's books but they didn't really stand out from the masses either. White Cat was completely different, I was addict [...]

    5. THIS IS LITERALLY THE BEST AND MOST UNDERRATED BOOK I HAVE EVER EVER READ. I feel like my new life goal is going to be shouting about this book from the rooftops. IT IS THAT GOOD. It's mind-numbingly good. lt has some of the best plot twists and character development andIt's Supernatural meets the mafia. It is. You don't need me to say anymore. THAT ALONE SHOULD SELL YOU. Crimeohhhh my gosh I love crime. (Yes that sounds bad. But I love crime in books. We good? Okay. We're good.) It's like a fam [...]

    6. Why did I just now read thisWHY. Imagine this scenario:Cassel and Kaz Brekker (Six of Crows--if you did not know that, please imagine my eyeballs bulging out of my head) sit at a cafe and ponder schemey things. Cassel looks up, notices there's a girl running toward them. Kaz frowns. Then the girl runs past, grinning really widely, waving frantically, considering whether she should speak and then deciding against it, all while wearing a shirt that says: I LOVE YOU BYE. Kaz peers at his empty coff [...]

    7. Buddy read with Angela and JennyJenSeeing as how everyone and their mother has pretty much already read and reviewed this book you don’t need a long rehash from me as to what happened. Instead, I think I’ll talk about my reading experience. This story for me was like being in a fistfight. First it opens with a scene so intriguing I dub it an insta-hook. It hit me more like a right hook. Just when I began to really feel bad for the main character it sucker punched me. Dirty move, I know. It w [...]

    8. Final rating: 2/5 stars “The thing is that it’s really hard to stop discrimination when something’s illegal,” the girl says. “I mean, everybody thinks of workers as being criminals. Like, people use the word ‘worker’ to meancriminals. And, well, if we work a work, even once, we are criminals. So most of us are, because we had to figure it out somehow and that was usually by making something happen.”“And there are lots of workers who never do anything bad. They go to weddings an [...]

    9. *4.5 Stars*Lie until even you believe it-that's the real secret of lying. The only way to have absolutely no tells.Too bad I'm not quite there yet.When I try to think of a word that reminds me of this book, the most forthcoming is just this: Weird. This book was all kinds of weird. But, when I take the time to really delve deeper and actually peel back the layers of this intricate story-line, I begin to 'see' so many more words pop into my mind: Haunting, clever, mesmerizing, addictingsweet. The [...]

    10. Okay. This book has the word “cat“ in its title. How could I ever hesitate to read it?Simply put, I was rather less enamoured of Holly Black's Modern Faerie Tales series and actually couldn't see myself picking up another one of her books. I had given her two chances, and she hadn't convinced me. Don't get me wrong, Tithe and Ironside certainly weren't bad, but I'm normally looking for something better than not bad. Positive reviews abound made me look closer into White Cat, though. And I di [...]

    11. It's safe to say that it's not the cover that attracted me to this book. I was actually quite surprised to see its many great reviews. Yes, I'm a book judger. Oh well. I picked this up as an audiobook and actually liked it a lot.Some people are born as workers in Cassel's world. Workers can "work" people with their hands. By touching someone, they can alter their memory, kill, give good luck, bad luck. You name it. Cassel is the only one in his family who is not a worker. He's been getting these [...]

    12. Oh my god. It was so good. So so good.Cassel is a character I'll never forget.The whole book was perfect. And I finally broke my reading slump! I feel so good right now.And the end was absolutely amazing. Love it.I need the 2nd book.

    13. Holly Black is the anti-Cassandra Clare. While Black’s series has been using cover quotes from Ms Clare (a good friend of Ms Black) to promote the series, Black’s writing stands leaps and bounds beyond anything Clare has ever written and “White Cat” is a brilliant read on pretty much every level. It’s not often these days that I’m surprised by a YA book. Maybe it’s the market itself, maybe it’s my own YA oversaturation, but whatever the case may be, when a YA comes along that I f [...]

    14. 2.75* dnf: idk because I skipped ahead, but around 18% I thinkLame and boring. I thought the main character was going to be schemey and smart, but no he's just a stupid kid. Cassel sucks.

    15. I had low expectation about this book because urban fantasy could be hard for me to get into. Besides, it’s not encouraging that the book is in a male voice by a female author. Therefore, I had only intended to take a look at the first page. However, first page turned into second page and so forth. I couldn’t put it down. All the while I was reading, I kept trying to stop and switch to the book I had in mind. Well, I never did. And here I am, eager to finish the whole series.It's surprising [...]

    16. I expected to like this book the same way you like to watch baking shows or cat videos on Youtube. That said, I didn't expect to love it as much as I did. White Cat was absolutely mind-blowing. 5 stars was the only possible way I could rate it because honestly?, I have nothing to complain about (which I know, is so unlike me, but here we are). It took me literally five hours to finish the book, because it was completely impossible for me to put it down. Everything about it was exactly as I wante [...]

    17. White Cat, the first book in the Curse Workers took me a little to get into but once I did, I found it an addictive story. Cassel is part of a Curse Worker family; each with a different ability to affect a person with one touch. His mother can affect emotions, and his brother Philip can manipulate a person’s body, and Barron can influence a person’s luck. All of them have abilities except for him. He’s always felt left out and a little less for not being one of them. The one thing that set [...]

    18. 3 1/2 starsI don’t know why I expected this book to be bad. Maybe I’ve read enough paranormal YA’s to have overload trauma flashbacks whenever the genre comes up. But guess what? This one is actually good! Chalk this one up as another triumph for recommendations.I find the fantasy world that she builds here to be very compelling and intricate, and since the main character starts out the book very much out of the loop, the details are allowed to assemble and grow slowly and organically wit [...]

    19. If any of you are like me you are/were put off by the cover. It looks creepy, right? A guy with leather gloves holding a cat? How unappealing is that? Well after reading the book I know this cover fits the book completely, and the creepiness is probably part of the point. And the cover gives it a mafia feel, which is central to the whole order of the curse workers.Anyways onto what's beyond the cover. Cassel at the moment is attending a private school, trying to forget some horrendous memories t [...]

    20. I don’t have a quote because by the time he said something I liked I got myself into a faff trying to get my notebook and then find my pen and then it wouldn't work and… it was just too much hassle. Oh and also, I don’t really know how Ms Black is spelling all her character names so apologies if they’re wrong. High Points.Curses + Mob Families + Secret Underground World = Um, YES. The whole idea behind this series is absolutely genius and the world that Black creates is just spectacular. [...]

    21. It's always so much more difficult to review a book I like. With a bad book I can pick out these things that are universally bang my head off a desk bad. Bad writing just leaps off the page and starts poking you in the eyes until you go running off to to warn your friends off. I'm really enjoying the Curse Workers series and I'm going to do my best to let you all know why because it deserves the good buzz. It is, however, one of those books that I can love while acknowledging it might not be un [...]

    22. So you know when you hit that stride where no matter what book you pick, it ends up just sucking? Such is the place I found myself in, again, when a friend peeked through my TBR list and pointed out a few Sure Things for me to check out. Thank the Lord for recommendations! I was intrigued by this book after seeing a few reviews pop up I put it on my list, and promptly forgot about it. I always have that head-desk moment after reading a book that I had been putting off and realize how much time [...]

    23. Husband: That book's called WHITE CAT but the author's name is BLACK? Whaaaaaaaaaaat?This is why I can't take Husband to the library.

    24. Read This Review & More Like It On My Blog!I LOVE THIS BOOK! I normally try to refrain from all-caps declarations of love (exception: Christian Bale), but it is unavoidable and White Cat is worthy of them. This was a quick read but I had so much fun with Cassel that I immediately bought book two, Red Glove, literally right after I finished the final page of this. It's addictive - an all-male POV ya novel that's entirely credible and authentic in its voice, set amid a unique and compelling pl [...]

    25. Ahoy there me mateys! This young adult novel caught me eye because it is written by Holly Black and has a cat on the cover (and in the title!).I have only previously read two books by Holly Black: 1) the coldest girl in coldtown and 2) zombies vs. unicorns. The coldest girl in coldtown is a young adult vampire book. The zombie book is an anthology of short stories that argues about whether zombies or unicorns are better. I loved both of them and had been meaning to pick up another of her books f [...]

    26. Meh. Time has been kind to my opinion of White Cat, but I’m still not over the moon for it as so many other readers/reviewers seem to be. I can’t really put my finger on what’s missing, there’s just this general hum of something lacking. Given that, I suppose I can only provide my pros and cons list and let you readers decide for yourself.Strong points:1. The concept. It’s unique, interesting, and really, never before seen in YA UF, which makes it fun and fresh.2. Cassel. He makes for [...]

    27. "I don't want to be a monster, but maybe it's too late to be anything else."When I started reading this, I was perfectly aware Holly Black wouldn't disappoint me. Yes, I had read some of her works that weren't properly exceptional, but in spite of this in all of them I had seen something like a sparkle, a hint that left no doubt about the gift she has for the art of story telling. Holly Black has the ability to create entire worlds with half a thought, and to infuse magic in everything she tells [...]

    28. This was really good! It fell prey to a few cliche YA lines but I found the overall concept pretty fresh and I really enjoyed it! I'll probably write a full review for the series once I finish it.

    29. This was so good! Creative and clever and funny with a tightly plotted mystery and some great twists and reveals. Cassel is such a compelling narrator ~ Black does a great job of making this con artist with a conscience likeable and so easy to root for. The Curse Workers world feels fresh and original and I'm so happy to have a new YA series to get into. I've already got my 16 year old son started on this. Why did I take so long to get on board with this?This whole series is narrated by Jesse Ei [...]

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