Sometimes You Just Know

Sometimes You Just Know Before Dan met Jeff and Evan he thought he d only ever love one man This is the story of Dan and Justin before things went wrong WARNING Things DO go wrong Not in this book but unless you re pretty

  • Title: Sometimes You Just Know
  • Author: Kate Sherwood
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 217
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Before Dan met Jeff and Evan, he thought he d only ever love one man This is the story of Dan and Justin, before things went wrong.WARNING Things DO go wrong Not in this book, but unless you re pretty tough, I d read Dark Horse first, so you re prepared

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    1. 4.5 stars.****Update April 22, 2013I was sitting in my office this morning, a blubbering mess, and I couldn’t get this little story out of my mind. Hence, let me add my two cents worth. As in right now. Please scroll down.Justin pauses for a breath, and to try to collect himself. "So, this thing…I mean…Okay, straight up? I've been thinking about you for a year now. Wanting you. It's got me kind of insane, I think. Because, the thing is, I don't just want you…I like you, too. I feel like [...]

    2. If you've read and liked Dark Horse then this story will break your heart a little. Because it's told from the POV of Justin, and he's a sweet, smart guy and Dan is so skittish and wounded, and they are so nice to watch, making that first connection Excellent equestrian details, hot sex, and long for a freebie. And yet, I would have loved to see more, would have loved to have that whole novel that happens before and see Justin start to heal some of the broken places inside Dan. Ah, well, mustn't [...]

    3. 5 stars! SO BEAUTIFUL! Dark Horse was one of the best books I read this year; I loved all three main characters to pieces and I couldn’t wait to get to know them better. Sometimes You Just Know is one of three short stories building a bridge between this and the next main part of the series. It is focusing on Dan and Justin. As I read Dark Horse I knew what was coming, but it still took me quite a while to feel strong enough to pick this one up. I’m happy that I did it!. The short story is t [...]

    4. Sad that's how I felt after reading this book How Justin won Dan's heart was amazing How Dan surrendered to Justin's love was beautiful Knowing that this love died so young is heartbreaking

    5. Amazing. Beautiful. Heartbreaking.Intimate. Sweet. Sad. I feel incredibly sad. and crying He shakes his head again, and smiles. "It was just… I don't know, man… sometimes you just know." He sees Dan coming out of the bathroom, looking over and finding Justin watching him, and smiling his quiet, shy smile. "Yeah… sometimes you just know." Must be read after Dark Horse

    6. Bittersweet prequel showing Justin's pursuit of Dan from Justin's perspective. Dan obviously had trust issues then. It's so sad after reading Dark Horse knowing how hard it was for Dan to accept Justin's interest in him as a person.

    7. This was really hard to read because I already knew the outcome :(It was great see how Justin won Dan over. Even though it was just a short story, I loved what I was able to read about them. Great addition to the series as I really wanted to get a better insight into Justin after the first book.

    8. 4.5 StarsI am so glad I didn't read this before Dark Horse 1. I'm sure if I did, DH would have been even more devastating. Even though there was a dark cloud hanging over Justin and Dan, I was still happy to read about them. Justin was everything I imagined him to be. His reactions and feelings for Dan were so pure that it had me melting all over the place. I loved seeing them try to relate to one another. Even though Justin's feelings for Dan were lightning fast, I don't care. I loved this litt [...]

    9. This was different than I expected it to be.Told from Justin's point of view, this short story leads us back to Dan's first encounter with Justin and how they fell in love.Justin is a real sweetheart who fell head over heels in love with the brooding Dan who is an excellent horseman but a more than a little troubled human being.I was surprised to see Justin as an adorable guy who goes for what he believes will be something great, instead of being a high-strung career eventer who will eventually [...]

    10. I really, really liked this prequel to Dark Horse. However, had I read this first, before Dark Horse, than it would have destroyed me. So please do yourself a favor and not read this until you've read the first book.This is really bittersweet considering it is told through Justin's point of view. He really is a great guy and you understand why Dan loved him so completely in Dark Horse. It would have been nice to see more of their first years together but , at the same time, this is probably bett [...]

    11. This one kind of broke my heart to write. And it wasn't much better to go back and re-read it to get it ready for publication. My poor Justin

    12. This was wonderful, sweet, sexy, sensual and because I read book oneso darn sad!! This book was from Justin’s POV. Here you witness how Justin and Dan first met. How head over heels Justin was from the beginning and how fearful Dan was. If I had read this book before Dark Horse i would have cried even more. And while nothing tragic happens in this short story, knowing what their future held broke my heart all over again! OMG! Part of me wanted to know more about their life together and part of [...]

    13. Now that I have read all the main books in the Dark Horse series, I'm going back to read the extras. This story is so bittersweet, because if you've read Dark Horse, you know that Dan's forever with Justin was shorter than he imagined. Read Dark Horse, first, just as the blurb suggests.

    14. This might have been my favorite story of the series. It's sad, in the sense you know it doesn't end well. But it was so sweet and good while it lasted. Despite being a ménage lover, I wish this could have been the main couple and ( maybe added Chris into it. ) I never warmed to the other men as much as I did to Dan and Justin.

    15. Little novella which follows the first book 'Dark Horse' although it is a sort of prequel, and tells the tale of Justin's pursuit of Dan, and how he fell head-over-heels in an extremely short time. The pursuit of course was not without it's problems, mainly because Dan was so frightened to commit himself, obviously having been hurt dreadfully in the past. The author is perfectly correct.metimes you do just know, and I offer myself as an example here.29 years later, and we're still going strong!! [...]

    16. I really liked Dark Horse and getting to know Justin thru Dan's memories. I hadn't planned on reading any of the .1, .2 books in this series because I wasn't sure actually meeting Justin wouldn't be painful. I found it hard to read this bookeven tho what happens doesn't happen in this book, I still know it's coming and my heart was breaking for them.

    17. 3.5 - Justin and Dan meeting for the first time. Kate has a way of bringing to life those awkward first meetings with men who have absolutely no idea how to communicate - especially when these two men realize there is a lot riding on the word 'Hi'.

    18. Kate Sherwood isn't the first author I've seen to write novellas that tie in to a series. Personally, I love that! She is, however, the first one for me to have some of these novellas be long enough they could have been released versus having them as free shorts. 'Sometimes You Just Know' is a part of the 'Dark Horses' series and gave me a lovely look back at Dan and Justin's relationship. Something, in my opinion, which was very important in understanding Dan and his struggles with moving forwa [...]

    19. This was a beautiful, sweet story of how Justin and Dan came to be. It's told in Justin's voice which makes it bittersweet, but I loved seeing how Justin fought for Dan, and how much he loved him. This short story is so worth your time.

    20. THAT MOMENT WHEN THE PREQUEL/SEQUEL IS BETTER THAN THE ORIGINALI have no idea why. But this is BETTER than Dark Horse.This was technically a prequel to Dark Horse, the story revolved on how Dan & Justin first met to their meeting with Chris that Chris mentioned on Dark Horse through Justin's POV. I gotta be honest, I was spooked out at first! (view spoiler)[Reading a story from a person who I knew will die eventually. (hide spoiler)] But going through it, I enjoyed it. I got to see Dan throu [...]

    21. 4,5 stars. I've been very pleased that this history has been from Justin POV. This takes place before the first book and tells how Justin and Dan met, and how Justin struggles to have a relationship with Dan,not only a sexual one.I liked it a lot

    22. ** 5 Beautiful Stars ** ~'Yeah, Sometimes You Just Know.~Really loved this short novella about Dan and Justin meeting for the first time and falling in love. Some very moving and intimate scenes between the two men.

    23. A sweet beginning for Dan & Justin. I could read a whole novel of them. This little backstory of their beginning makes Dark Horse even more tragic. It's not fair that their time was cut short.

    24. DNF @ 44%. Under the assumption that this story is representative of the series as a whole, I won't be reading any further. I'm finding the tone off-putting: it's a combination of boring + dreary + sappy. Not for me.

    25. If you follow the series sequence as it is indicated here on GR -which is what I'm doing-, when one begins this story already knows that heartbreaking facts will happen, no during the development of this story but in the future. I strongly suggest to respect this order, to read this shortie as a prequel will cause surely an irreversible state of sorrow.Knowing that almost unconsciously I embarked on this story with a certain detachment so it didn't wreck me. So far so good, but that didn't spare [...]

    26. I think it's more like a prequel rather than a sequel. We were back in time when Justin was alive and he tried so hard to make his relationship with Dan work. I loved this more than the first book, because it didn't have boring details. Instead, it described everything from horses to sex in a very optimum way. After reading this novella, I began to care more about the horses in the series. I hope that the author will continue this style in the next books.Reading about Justin was a strange experi [...]

    27. **4.5 Stars*Sigh* Now this is the story about Justin and Dan's first meeting and the beginning of their relationship I wanted. Unfortunately I cried buckets through most of it because I knew what happens to that beautiful romance. I love these guys so much and wish there could be more about their love for each other but that's not possible. The only reason this story didn't get 5 Stars from me is because I wanted more, it ended too quickly.

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