Nothing to Hide

Nothing to Hide The Stakes Have Never Been Higher for this Homicide CopPublishers Weekly calls J Mark Bertrand s writing gritty and chilling He returns once to the streets of Houston for another twisting mystery feat

  • Title: Nothing to Hide
  • Author: J. Mark Bertrand
  • ISBN: 9780764206399
  • Page: 418
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Stakes Have Never Been Higher for this Homicide CopPublishers Weekly calls J Mark Bertrand s writing gritty and chilling He returns once to the streets of Houston for another twisting mystery featuring Detective Roland March This time, a new case is launched by the discovery of a headless corpsey the investigation quickly becomes complicated when a blooThe Stakes Have Never Been Higher for this Homicide CopPublishers Weekly calls J Mark Bertrand s writing gritty and chilling He returns once to the streets of Houston for another twisting mystery featuring Detective Roland March This time, a new case is launched by the discovery of a headless corpsey the investigation quickly becomes complicated when a blood sample analysis brings a phone call from the FBI.The body was an undercover agent working to bring down Mexican cartels The feds want the case closed rather than risk exposing other agents in the field, but March can t abide letting a murder go unsolved And he doesn t have to dig long to figure out something isn t right Someone is covering something up, and it seems that everyone has something to hide Maybe even March, as the case soon intersects, unexpectedly, with the murder that led him to become a homicide cop, all those years ago.

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    1. Without giving away the plot, I'll say that this book is ambitious for a detective novel. That is, it was more expansive than the police procedurals I'm accustomed to reading. Did Bertrand pull it off? I think he did. The author has crime lit skills for sure. Bertrand reminds me of Michael Connelly with the way he lays out one detail after another like you're there. His descriptions of settings and characters are thorough without being overbearing. It helps to know specific Houston geography bec [...]

    2. Received from Bethany House Publishers: the third Roland March mystery. Detective Roland March has to solve yet another murder, but this time it involves the CIA, the Mexican drug cartel, and people from his military past. If you're into paranoia-infused thrillers then this is the book for you. Also, I'm a little bit concerned that I have the same taste in music that a middle-aged man from Houston does. Leave me to wallow over that for the next few days. for a more thorough review

    3. I enjoy J. Mark Bertrand because he can write gritty stories and complex characters without profane language and excessive violence or sexual content. He really is helping to redefine storytelling in the faith fiction market. Other than some confusion about the romantic loyalties of the protagonist, the rest of this story is excellent. The first-person POV is well-crafted, and the flashbacks that I normally am not keen on, work well here.

    4. A grisly homicide.An international threat.The stakes have never been higher for Detective Roland March.The victim's head is missing, but what intrigues Detective Roland March is the hand. The pointing finger must be a clue--but to what? According to the FBI, the dead man was an undercover asset tracking the flow of illegal arms to the Mexican cartels. To protect the operation, they want March to play along with the cover story. With a little digging, though, he discovers the Feds are lying. And [...]

    5. Title: Nothing to HideAuthor: J. Mark BertrandYear: 2012Pages: 336Publisher: BethanyNote: : I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review. Follow my other reviews at seekingwithallyurheartspo and on twitter @lcjohnson1988In Houston’s Homicide Division, a detective by the name of March desires to solve the latest murder. A gruesome dismembered body, laid in a particular manner on a basketball court with a finger pointing in a direction leads one investigator to wonder if the [...]

    6. In this first book in a Roland March series we get off to a slow start. While there are some admirable approaches from J. Mark Bertrand there is also some pace issues that don't seem conducive to the fact this is supposed to be a suspense. Since he also publishing with a Christian company he has to squeeze in some sort of faith based subject matter in his book, and while it seems to be a good approach to get people thinking it isn't wrapped in obscurely enough to be creative.When a victim is fou [...]

    7. Bertrand delivers a great story, excellent writing, and dimensional characters! Why such a lousy rating? Keep reading.The story is fast paced and includes whole new scenes that provide depth. All the gun talk was great; accurate and fun to read about. Beware, this is not a sugary sweet story. It is gritty and gets dirty with the betrayals and killings.The author can write. The attention to detail is spot on. I don’t mean pages and pages of wallpaper descriptions. I mean nuggets of color that n [...]

    8. Detective Roland March has moved from police corruption (Back on Murder) to serial murder (Pattern of Wounds) to international conspiracy, or something like that (Nothing to Hide). And this latest is his darkest book yet. As Bertrand did with Pattern of Wounds (where March argues in the book that serial killers don't happen like the TV shows even while solving a serial killer case), he neatly gets around the really?-international-conspiracy? question by noting that only crazies believe in conspi [...]

    9. This book is not for the faint of heart! It’s gruesome and torturous in places. But within the world Roland Mark finds himself in, these horrors become the norm to the men and women who work to get drugs and illegal arms to the cartels when they want them.Bertrand’s characters are well-developed, but there are definitely some you would not want to get involved with. The camaraderie between Lorenz and Roland as partners is genuine as police officers. The interactions between the police depart [...]

    10. NOTHING TO HIDE, by J. Mark Bertrand, is the third book in the series featuring Det. Roland March. I love the series, love the author, and can't wait for the next book, but this one is probably my least favorite. The great thing about this series is the gritty realism and detail. You know that Bertrand knows what he's talking about from page one. He understands police work and procedures. He gets how the characters work and interact with each other. Reading books by Bertrand make you realize how [...]

    11. Nothing to Hide begins with Roland March investigating a murder where the victim was beheaded and skinned. An FBI Agent gives him the name of the victim but then he sees the supposed victim at the same spot where his partner is gunned down, Marsh knows he's on to something bigger.On Administrative leave while the police investigates his shooting of the man who killed his partner, March continues a quiet investigation into a dark world of ex-CIA men, and drug and gun running, where no one is quit [...]

    12. Nothing to Hide is the latest novel from J. Mark Bertrand where the reader is once more following the detective Roland March who has been called to the scene of a grisly murder. This time its a decapitated body where all visible signs of identification have been removed, no tattoos, no skin left on either hand and no head, with any possible dental record identifications long gone. Only one clue remains on the body, a finger pointing into the woods. Is that where the head is? Is that the directio [...]

    13. In Nothing to Hide, Roland March is a Houston detective who discovered a man who had his head sadistically removed and the skin on his hands was de-skinned as well. The killer committed manslaughter with hope and belief that the police wouldn't be able to identity who the victim was and who killed him. The FBI had to get involved in the case and they claim that the victim was a secret representative working undercover. The agent was assisting and trying to put an end to the Mexican cartels. Rola [...]

    14. Roland March is called to the scene of a gruesome murder. He finds the body of a male, but the head is missing and there is a strange clue , which March cannot quite figure out."Nothing To Hide", by J. Mark Bertrand, a a fast passed crime story in what appears to be a series of mysteries dedicated to Roland March. As I have not read any of the others, I can only assume the above. In any case I found this story intriguing and captivating. March appears to be a old timer in the annuls of police wo [...]

    15. First posted on my blog, Legacy of a Writer.Out of all three books in the Roland March Mystery series, this newest one, Nothing to Hide, is probably my favorite. J. Mark Bertrand does a very good job of keeping his characters realistic and giving you a glimpse into what being a Homicide Detective is really like. Not all that glamorous or easy, that’s for sure!I won’t pretend to like Roland—he was okay in Back on Murder and barely tolerable in Pattern of Wounds—though in Nothing to Hide I [...]

    16. I really enjoyed this book! I thought the first two books in the series, Back on Murder and Pattern of Wounds, were really good. I like the author's voice and his use of words. Each and every sentence seems to be carefully thought out. The writing is brilliant, really.A word of warning, the initial murder is a little gruesome, but the book is so well written, if you can stand a little gore, it's WELL worth it!I did figure out the killer A little over halfway through the book, but was left guessi [...]

    17. When a body is found without a head and the hands de-gloved, Houston Detective March is called into work undercover to help track the arms sales from the Mexican Cartel. What he finds is more twisted than he could imagine with the corruption reaching the FBI and the cover-up going back to the first crime that pulled March into detective work.Switching back and forth time periods, this book requires your full attention to keep up with the characters, crimes, and adventures. However, it is worth t [...]

    18. This book was provided to me for free in exchange for my honest opinions. The following is my own option.Once again, I wish there was a way to give partial stars because I felt this book was a little bit better than three stars, if not quite as high as four star. I don't often read books like this one so I wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy it or not but I was actually surprised that I did enjoy it so much. The story is fast-paced and action packed right from the beginning and full of suspense [...]

    19. Nothing to Hide continues the story of Detective Roland March, as begun first in "Back on Murder" and then "Pattern of Wounds", and it does so in a tremendously satisfying manner. Now, as I've warned with other similar suspense books, not all readers will be comfortable with the occasional grisly scene. However, readers who enjoy a good suspense novel are going to find this book to be completely entertaining, well-written, and sure to leave you thinking as you ponder the ethical dilemmas March f [...]

    20. Nothing to Hide by J. Mark Bertrand is another fantastic book. It’s the third in the Roland March Mystery series, but can be read as a stand alone also. I’ve read all of the series about Roland March the detective. I really like this book about all of the murder and torture used in the book. I’ve come to love Roland and his wife and friends. It gets pretty technical in parts, but I was able to follow alone and keep enjoying the story. I like the way March doesn’t want to give up and keep [...]

    21. Nothing to Hide by J. Mark Bertrand is a Christian mystery from the Roland March Mystery series. This book is not the first in the series but can still be read on it's own. There are a few little things that you would have understood about the character if you read the other ones first but it did not detract from the enjoyment of the story.Detective Roland March sets out to solve a strange murder in which the victim is dragged to a park headless and with his hands skinned and one hand pointing o [...]

    22. Nothing to Hide by J. Mark Bertrand is the third book in the outstanding Roland March murder mystery series. When Roland is called to investigate the murder of a man who was decapitated and de-gloved as a way of keeping his identity secret, at first he considers the involvement of the Mexican cartels. With Houston's proximity to the border, his guess wouldn't be too big of a stretch, but what he uncovers instead is a shocking mix of political machinations, secret agents and double agents, and a [...]

    23. The third in the Roland March crime series, this one lives up to my expectations, and more. A compelling story with great characters, many of them friends from Back on Murder or Pattern of Wounds. More than ever, this story has March living up to his namesake, the hero Roland who fails to sound the horn until the enemy has overtaken him and the Peers. Throw in a Dante-inspired plot-- March descends, with the help of Beatrix (!), into the hell of betrayal and double-cross, to "climb over the Devi [...]

    24. Short Review: I continue to be impressed with Bertrand's writing and how good (and how different) this is in comparison to standard Christian fiction books. I don't read a lot of Christian fiction because much of what I have read in the past is not that great. But this is far better than average. (And unfortunately, Bertrand has left his Christian fiction publisher because they don't know how to market a police procedural book that has a non-Christian protagonist. I have not heard that he has fo [...]

    25. This book is apparently the third of a Roland March series. I haven't read the first two and I don't think I'd read any subsequent books. This one involved gun running, Mexican cartels, FBI conspiracy, etc. It just wasn't my cup of tea. The story started out very promising. A body is found with a missing head. Both hands have been skinned (de-gloved) and a pointing finger could be a clue. Enter Detective Roland March.I was intrigued all through the first half of the book. Once the storyline took [...]

    26. This is the third book of the Roland March series. I have already read book two and have started book one. I don't think it matters if you read them out of order, all the books can stand on their own. I enjoyed this one about as much as I did the second one even though I felt like the ending on this one dragged on a little infusing a lot of details of the main character, Roland March's, thoughts but I guess it should be expected if the main character is a homicide detective. I didn't like how th [...]

    27. I LOVED this book! Not only is it set in my hometown of Houston, Texas, it is a book that just keeps you guessing. Just when you think you have it all figured out, BAM! Here comes a twist that proves you wrong. Murder mysteries are my genre of choice and this book does not disappoint. The language used is clean, but due to the violent nature of murder and a few references to prostitutes, I would recommend this to late teens to adults. There are two other books in the Roland March mystery series [...]

    28. The moment a Mark Bertrand novel arrives, it jumps near the top of my TBR pile. I love the sarcastic edge to his detective novels. Detective Roland March has an edge mixed with a craving for the best in humanity. Yet he's a homicide detective in Houston who is constantly confronted with the worst in people. This isn't the first book with Roland. For people like me who've read the prior books, the prior characters are woven in -- just enough to tie the books together. Yet if this was your first e [...]

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