Miracle Pets: True Tales of Courage and Survival

Miracle Pets True Tales of Courage and Survival Like humans every animal possesses a survival instinct that takes over when facing a life or death situation Whether that instinct is triggered by a predator or by thirst hunger cold heat pain or

  • Title: Miracle Pets: True Tales of Courage and Survival
  • Author: Allan Zullo
  • ISBN: 9780545255073
  • Page: 215
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Like humans, every animal possesses a survival instinct that takes over when facing a life or death situation Whether that instinct is triggered by a predator or by thirst, hunger, cold, heat, pain or terror, the animal will try something, anything, to live another day This book is a celebration of true cases of pets and wild animals that survived what appeared to be hopLike humans, every animal possesses a survival instinct that takes over when facing a life or death situation Whether that instinct is triggered by a predator or by thirst, hunger, cold, heat, pain or terror, the animal will try something, anything, to live another day This book is a celebration of true cases of pets and wild animals that survived what appeared to be hopeless predicaments You ll read, for example, about the survival of the dog that was hit by a train, lay between the rails for three days as dozens of trains roared over him, suffered the loss of two legs, and twice faced attempts to shoot him the cat that was trapped for two months under a concrete floor of a building under construction the small water buffalo that was being pulled in a tug of war between a crocodile and a pride of lions If there is one common thread among the accounts in this book, it s the animals refusal to give in to death They simply weren t ready to die From Allan Zullo s website

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    1. Miracle Pets: True Tales of Courage and SurvivalBy Allan Zullo122 pagesNonfiction Miracle Pets is a book full of many true stories about animals being in a situation where all odds are against them and surviving. The stories are about your normal house pet such as a dog or cat falling off cliffs or down sewage pipes, to a baby hippo being fought over by two alligators. All the stories that are told are true and have happy endings where the animal gets healed from any injuries and finds it’s ol [...]

    2. My daughter highly recommended this book to me after checking it out at her school library, and in fact, she heavily INSISTED I read it, because she was so blown away by the true-life stories of rescue and survival that boggle the mind. The collection lists story after story of loosely organized dog, cat, pig, horse, buffalo, etc triumphs in the face of certain demise. I read the book to humor my daughter, but as I read, I was shocked at how it was able to draw emotion out of me like few books o [...]

    3. A book full of interesting true stories. I felt the book would have been better if there had been fewer stories, and perhaps they were fleshed out more, as the stories seemed to get repetitive quickly. But to a child the book is aimed at, a child could read 1 or 2 stories at a time and likely enjoy the book quite a bit. Zullo is of course a very popular writer, and obviously this book is not aimed at adults, but I have a feeling it wouldn't hold up well for children older than 8-10 or so.

    4. Miracle Pets: True Tales of Courage and SurvivalAuthor: Allan ZulloGenre: Non-FictionPages: 122This book is about many animals going to through a rough time in their life. They get treated bad or by one mistake, the animals go to the brink of death. One of my favorite survival was that two hogs that survived from being meat at a slaughterhouse. They somehow escape the area by finding a part of the fence that is broke. They squeeze right out and about to reach freedom. Police, workers, and search [...]

    5. Miracle Pets Allan ZulloNon fictioninformational122 pages Miracle Pets is a book that has different tales of different animal and how they survive in severe conditions. The stories are very encouraging and all true. In all of the different stories all of the animals survive. Some of the stories are sad at first and sounds like its impossible for the animal to survive but it always ends up happy at the end. The stories sound like they could never happen but they're all true. In one story a small [...]

    6. Miracle PetsAllan ZulloinformationMiracle pets is the story of amazing animals who overcome life threating situations. Stories of dogs, cats, pigs, even turtles surviving near death expirances. 122 pages consisting of smaller stories of different pets.I am a cat owner myself and i found this book very touching, all the stories of beloved pets making it through rough times. Some stories i found hard to believe, but others were very interesting and suspensful. I would recommend this book to all pe [...]

    7. I read Allan Zullo's book "Bad Pets" and I recommended it to my sister and one of my brothers to read. My brother loved it so I decided to look it up on here and see if Allan Zullo had anymore books-turned out he did! This was the second book of his I have read and to be honest, I thought it was pretty good. I really love to read all the animal stories and everything, second to reading anything adventurous/survival. My brother is going to love this book and I think he just started reading it.We' [...]

    8. This children's book is written like a series of short newspaper articles about astonishing accounts of pets' and other animals' survival tales. While aimed at animal lovers, real animal lovers may find it hard to read about a dog getting run over by two cars and then falling off a cliff and then treading water for two weeks (a made-up example), even if it does survive. The accounts are loosely arranged by theme.

    9. Miracle Pets is a great but small book. It is about true stories of pets who have survived the impossible, from being hit by a car, to being bitten by a rattlesnake. It talks about how you should never say "Die." There isn't much to explain about this book, except that it is a series of Miracle Pets. Go to your local library and discover the amazing miracles that can (and have) happened to our furry companions.

    10. This text has a 3.5 reading level, Guided Reading at level S and a lexile of 1050. This book is made up of short stories about dogs. I could see using this text for a short story in a small guided reading group. Xavier said it would be good for people who like to see pets overcome adversity.Themes: Courage, Survival, Animals: Dogs

    11. This is an awesome book. It has true tales of animals who have survived tragic accidents. This book has many stories about what has happened to these unfortunate animals. It also gives a lot of detail for somebody who is up for a good book and likes all the detail of things. I personally liked this book a lot.

    12. Miracle Pets: True Tales of Courage and Survival by Allan Zullo is a book about pets in near death situations. While reading some of the stories, you think this animal is going to die. There is no way it's going to survive but all the animals in the book survive and live a happy, healthy life after their incidence.

    13. I thought this book was really good. The amazing stories of all these crazy stories of pets that survived horrible accidents was really fascinating. Some of these stories are so awesome that I can't even imagine how they even happened. I recommend this book to people that want an easy read. Also for people who love their pets a lot.:)

    14. it was a good book. That day my fish was close to near death expirence, but i finished the book that day and the next day my fish came to life. That book ismy favorite book, It is very shoking too when you read the miracles that happened to the aniamals in the book and how they survived!

    15. In the book Miracle Pets it tells you about events of animals in deathly situations. You're thinking that there isn't a way that these animals could ever survive, but they all are brave and strong and they end up living and being happy. Like the title says, they're miracle pets.

    16. This book contains stories of different animals and how it was a miracle for them to survive what tough lives they have had. The animals in this book can go from dogs falling down pipes to wild hogs almost being slaughtered. This book will interest you if you love animals and are into real stories.

    17. I thought that this was an emotional but good book about how pets were saved from severe injuries and then were cured. I also liked that all of these stories were not fake but they were true. i recomend this book and i gave it 5 out of 5 stars because it was such a good book.

    18. I loved it! I will never forget the amazing stories in this book! They are amazing and I loved reading them! THIS IS A MUST READ FOR ANY ANIMAL LOVER!

    19. "Miracle Pets" is not an ordinary book, instead of 1 story, there are a bunch of stories about animals who fought to survive. It is a short book and an easy read.

    20. You would like this book if like to read non-fiction stories that are mostly sad and touching real-life stories. You would like this book if you liked the movie MAX.

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