One thought on “The Old Country”

  1. A thoroughly enjoyable selection of stories from the author who inspired "Fiddler on the Roof." The stories read as though told verbally, using a conversational style. It was amazing to see how completely the characters accepted the pervasive anti-semitism surrounding their shtetl existence as though it were simply inevitable, incorporating it even into their humor. The selection left me wanting to read more of Sholem Aleichem's works, and wishing that I had a way to experience the conversationa [...]

  2. From my late parents' bookshelf. I found myself reading with an eye toward figuring out whether this is indeed the life my grandparents lead. Perhaps somewhat, but I believe my maternal set had already drifted away from some of the traditional religious practices before leaving Russia in the early 1900's. At any rate, many of these are stories about "schlemiels," hapless, unlucky men hoping to improve their lives in some small but generally unattainable way. None of the stories has a female prot [...]

  3. If you want to know what it means to be an Ashkenazi or Russian Jew (and how we possibly made it), read this collection. I'm so glad I pulled this volume randomly out of the shelves of my grandparents' library! I read a story every morning for a couple of weeks to lift my spirits and be able face the day.

  4. Sholem Aleichem is at his best describing life in the Pale. It's more a collection of stories than a novel. Each story stands on its own.

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