Nelson Nelson is a page collaboration between of the UK s most exciting comic creators It is an unprecedented experiment to create one complete story a collective graphic novel London A daughter

  • Title: Nelson
  • Author: Rob Davis Woodrow Phoenix
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Nelson is a 250 page collaboration between 54 of the UK s most exciting comic creators It is an unprecedented experiment to create one complete story a collective graphic novel.London, 1968 A daughter is born to Jim and Rita Baker Her name is Nel This is her story, told in yearly snapshots Each chapter records the events of a single day, weaving one continuous ribboNelson is a 250 page collaboration between 54 of the UK s most exciting comic creators It is an unprecedented experiment to create one complete story a collective graphic novel.London, 1968 A daughter is born to Jim and Rita Baker Her name is Nel This is her story, told in yearly snapshots Each chapter records the events of a single day, weaving one continuous ribbon of pictures and text that takes us on a 43 year journey from Nel Baker s birth to 2011.Based on an original idea by Rob Davis and co edited by Davis and Woodrow Phoenix, Nelson celebrates the incredible diversity of talent in British comics today Creators known for their editorial and national newspaper strips unite with those from humour comics such as the Beano, The Dandy, and MAD Magazine joining a wealth of talent from children s books, indie publishing and webcomics, with the science fiction and superhero worlds of 2000AD, Marvel, DC, and Dark Horse.Part exquisite corpse and part relay race, Nelson spans decades of British history and a myriad of stylistic approaches in telling the story of one woman s life by 54 creators, in 54 episodes, detailing 54 days The result is a surprising and compellingly readable book that is sad, funny, moving, poignant, ridiculous, heartfelt, and real This is a story like none you have seen before Taken from Blank State Books website

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    1. From 1968 to 2011, we see one day a year in the life of Nel Baker, exactly the sort of never-quite-satisfied person with whom I find it very easy to identify. Each vignette is the work of a different comics creator; in a sense, this is like the revolving door behind the average corporate superhero, but compressed into one volume and with a bit more of an overall guiding hand. Perhaps it's just because of the closeness of the reference points - Stoke Newington, Menswear, clubbing in a ridiculous [...]

    2. I was tempted to add it to the "Art" shelf, and also to the "Historical Fiction" one. Just because it worked so well in raising up memories, bringing back the past, and it is such a gorgeous sight, in its patchwork of looks and styles.This is a collaborative comic, encompassing the work of 54 British artists, to present a day in the life, one every year, of the heroine, Nel, in 1-5 pages. Nel was born in 1968 (43 episodes, for the mathematically challenged) and is a quite normal girl/woman, so f [...]

    3. Interesting collaborative work by 54 comic creators generating a graphic novel that tells the story of Nel. Each comic creator creates a day in her 54 years.It makes for a very readable work, and gives us a window into the style of each artist as they provide an annual snapshot of Nel and the socio-political movements of the times she lived in, the music, the trends, and her relationship with her family and friends.

    4. Stumbled on this at the library and read it clean through in two hours flat. Lovely, lovely, lovely! Definitely need to own a copy of this.

    5. I went to a presentation by Rob Davis and Woodrow Pheonix around the time of the launch of this book, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was looking forward to buying a copy of the book, but sadly I hadn't brought enough money, and so missed out on the chance for a signed copy. It was only a few months later that I finally got hold of the book (not through obscurity but through lazyness), and only a while after buying it that I actually read it. It was brilliant as I had expected. The rich character d [...]

    6. An intriguing concept for a comic book, which reads like an edition of "Illustration Now!" with a narrative thread - and, luckily, an interesting one. In terms of character, the development is consistent - despite a range of bright illustrative styles, from D'israeli to Faz Choudry to John Allison to Roger Landridge, there is never any doubt which character "Nel" is, or how much she's changed over the years - or stayed the same. Like anyone's life, Nel's is at times spontaneous, depressing, insa [...]

    7. Nelson is Rob Davis' and Woodrow Phoenix' ground-breaking collaborative project, inspired by attending a recent English Comic Book Convention and the range of talent they saw on display. Taking more than 50 English and British-based Cartoonists, Artists, Webcartoonists, Illustrators & Graphic Designers that result in the wide sampling of talent on display in this excellent graphic novel. The book tells the story of Nel, a British girl (woman) through the styles of the 54 creatives involved. [...]

    8. Nelson is a collaborative graphic novel, with 54 British cartoonists each writing a short chapter which covers a day in the life of lead character Nel, beginning with her birth in 1968 and following her through to late in 2011. I expected the book to be disjointed, but for the most part it flows as naturally as many single-author works, and in instances where the artists' styles jar, the subject matter usually makes this appropriate. Many of the contributors add something new to the book, taking [...]

    9. This is a comic book created by collaboration of 54 artists/storytellers. Yet it is one story impacted by their own experiences and contributions. It works because later contributors add to the twists, events written by their predecessors.So it is one story but drawn in different styles, colours and font - yet all bound by same story. Characters are built very well built - Nelson and Tabby, Jim and Rita, the school teacher, Leslie, Chris etc etc.Looking across 54 different comic styles, I felt i [...]

    10. In this lovely, beautiful comic book we get a taste of the life of Nel born in June 1968. Her twin brother, Sonny, dies at birth and so we have the title. Because of the death of her twin Nel always feels that she is not complete, there is a gap in the life she lives.43 illustrator authors depict one day in every year of Nel's life and the result is compelling, absorbing and stunning. We always recognise Nel and easily empathise with her experiences and relationships.As with all the best comic b [...]

    11. For people of a certain age this is a graphic novel that will resonate. Growing up in the seventies and eighties, struggling with what passes for adulthood in the nineties and beyond, Nel has been there too. The story of her life in yearly snapshots is an engrossing one and one which will make you ask questions about your own time and how wisely you used it.The use of a large number of collaborating artists resulting in such a widely varying style for the book as a whole feels exactly right for [...]

    12. I have always loved seeing how different comic artists handle the same characters and situations. This appeared to me at first as a worthy compilation effort for charity, but on reading i learned once again "don't judge a book by its cover"This is a darn good modern story that crosses the sixties through to today and the various artists shows off their talents brilliantly and allow the story to breath from artists to artist.

    13. I was initially sceptical of the multi authored tale spanning a day a year in the life of Nelson, but thankfully all the creators were of a high standard to maintain the quality throughout the book. I think the story somewhat stuttered to an end. (Perhaps it was meant to?). I enjoyed the teenage years the best. (Maybe that was the point?) A nice idea and it worked. Who'da thunk?

    14. This is such a unique and weird book. Some of the premiere British graphic novelists got together to tell the story of one character over the course of her entire life. Each author/artist gets only a few pages to portray one day in the character's life. Not everything is cohesive, and some entries are stronger than others, but it's really a fantastic project that offers some great reading.

    15. Interesting concept having 54 artists cover a year each to create the story of Nel - reminds me of the game of consequence at school. It`s great to see such a vibrant diversity of styles and talent, and an interesting way to discover artists you may not know, along with some other better-known names.

    16. This book is simply phenomenal. Through a single day each year (sometimes two as they had extra artists to spare) Nel Baker's life story is laid out. The journey feels very real, and using key events in UK and World history only serves to really cement the thing in reality. Case in point being 2010's entry, which had me going "oh yeah! That was 2010!".Highly recommended.

    17. Interesting artist jam on the life story of a woman named after Admiral Nelson - with each year illustrated by a different artist, but not all of them equal in result. Glyn Dillon sadly only did one page, but Warren Pleece struck the strongest chord.

    18. What should've been an interesting experiment turns into a truly moving story and provides a wonderful document of our time.

    19. One of the best british comics I have read - and definately my "if you've never read a comic before" choice

    20. The best graphic novel to read if you have never read one before,Each chapter done by a different Graphic artist so a real great cross section of workAnd it is a great story too

    21. just yes. an anthology but a coherent story, an exercise in style but a strong narrative visual journey. lovely

    22. Such a brilliant concept! Read this after a great lecture from Woodrow Phoenix. Has inspired a "pass it along" comic club at uni!

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