Polly and the Pirates, Volume 2: Mystery of the Dragonfish

Polly and the Pirates Volume Mystery of the Dragonfish Polly Pringle reunites with her pirate crew at long last Honor bound to rescue Emperor Norton from his unfair imprisonment Polly escapes her cozy boarding school and returns to the high seas But Poll

  • Title: Polly and the Pirates, Volume 2: Mystery of the Dragonfish
  • Author: Ted Naifeh Robbi Rodriguez
  • ISBN: 9781934964736
  • Page: 152
  • Format: Paperback
  • Polly Pringle reunites with her pirate crew at long last Honor bound to rescue Emperor Norton from his unfair imprisonment, Polly escapes her cozy boarding school and returns to the high seas But Polly and the Emperor have stumbled onto the fiendish plot of a foreign power, which endangers not only their own lives, but everyone in the Americas

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    1. After a loooong absence, I didn't actually expect so see Polly again. I was pleased by the results, although not as pleased as I wanted to be. Though I enjoy Rodriguez's art in general, I found his work a touch hard to read in more than a few places, and his characters unfortunately a bit hard to distinguish. I picked up a lot of it from context, but would have enjoyed it more if the colorful cast of characters Naifeh assembled was more readily discernible.Loved the use of Emperor Norton, contin [...]

    2. Too confusedI liked the first one and I wanted to see how the story ended. That wasn't a good idea! The first disappointment was noticing a second name on the cover: Robbi Rodriguez. The guy, unfortunately, drew the story, while Ted Naifeh just wrote it. The change didn't do any good to the series. I don't like Rodriguez' art: it resembles too much that of manga. Which I usually like, but I was drawn to Polly by Naifeh's drawings. The panels were extremely confused and I couldn't tell the charac [...]

    3. When I read the first Polly & the Pirates I didn't really know what to expect, but being a fan of both pirates and Ted Naifeh I gave it a go and ended up generally liking it. It had some issues but, overall, it was fun and entertaining. Since then, I've been looking again and again to see if the series was continued, and was ever so delighted when I finally saw volume 2 available. I was even more excited when I saw that Emperor Norton would be part of the proceedings. I mean, who doesn't lov [...]

    4. It was only as I was preparing to review this boo that I realized that it was a different illustrator from the first volume. I just thought Naifeh was using a different style. It's important because the change in visual style was one of the most remarkable parts of it. In the first volume, illustrated by Naifeh, the characters were all rather small and fairy-tale-ish in design. In this book, set about a year after the first, all of the characters suddenly looked much older. Sure, Polly had aged, [...]

    5. Another thrilling installment centered around the new pirate queen of the seas (and also the sky here). I do miss Naifeh's style a bit and had to take time to recognize the past characters. But the new style does give more individual characteristics/nuances to the pirate crew now. But I found it great fun to go back, and see how Polly brings the crew together again to help thwart an enemy takeover. I had some irks with when they stopped the new baddie. They then had to go through a lot of politi [...]

    6. I picked it up today without even opening it. I was so happy to see it on the shelf. I literally squealed. I have been snooping about looking for info on it for a while, There's not been much. I love Naifeh's art so much and I've introduced countless people to Crumrin and Polly. I could not wait, so I went right to the coffee house next door and got a coffee and sat down and opened it. I was sooo so disappointed to see Polly looking like a cross-eyes floozy and lighting that my eyes strain to in [...]

    7. Well, this was disappointing. I don't want to be too hard on anyone. Artist Robbi Rodriguez talks in his notes at the end about some of the adversities he faced while doing the book, and it's not like his art is bad, but it isn't the same, and worse, it's pretty hard to follow in places, which isn't helped by the fact that the story is more frenetic and has less heart than the previous installment.I loved the first volume of Polly and the Pirates so much, and this one wasn't necessarily bad, but [...]

    8. Like many other reviewers I bought this excitedly having waited so long to find it Only to be disappointed because it's not illustrated by Naifeh, Polly looks bizarre, and I had no idea what was going on half of the time. Honestly, I'm still not sure what all happened because there were characters I never could distinguish. Difficult to look at and unappealing. I almost stopped after chapter 4 and was sad I wasted money on this book. Definitely not worth it. At least I can hand it on to my siste [...]

    9. Better than the first installment in Ted Naifeh's series. Possibly because we've gotten much of the exposition out of the way about Polly, and her mother the pirate queen Peg. We do a hint of added mystery about her father (c'mon we all know his secret identity by the time we get to the story's end). Polly is more sure of herself, and is maturing as a captain. This is an AU San Francisco and its world, one that appears to be tottering on the brink of its own first world war. Polly gets drawn int [...]

    10. There's potentially so much goodness here, as Polly and her alternate universe 19th Century San Francisco must face both pirates (good and bad) and mad inventions from sinister overseas forces, all while trying to save the unjustly imprisoned Emperor Norton. Rodriguez' artwork, though, while charming, made following the action (or even who's who) difficult at times, and the story had a muddled, episodic feel to it. Didn't quite work for me, but it's good all-ages action-adventure, and your milea [...]

    11. A long time waiting for the second installment of Ted Naifeh’s Polly and the Pirates, and doesn’t disappoint. A rollicking adventure for young Polly is a bit older and has to take up her mother’s legacy once more to rescue the lovable Emperor Norton and foil a foreign plot. I did find it helpful to reread the first book, though not necessary, mostly to remember some of the characters. Robbi Rodriguez’s drawings are fluid and expressive and the world is a bit more Steampunk, which complim [...]

    12. I love the Courtney Crumrin series, so I ordered this one. I have to admit, without reading the first one, I felt at a little bit of a disadvantage. It was kind of a lot of work to figure out what was going on. There was little effort made to recap events of the first book--the reader had to make a lot of inferences. I would have appreciated a bit more recap written into the story. It can be done seamlessly--many authors do it. But, regardless, this is a fun adventure and now that I feel like I' [...]

    13. have to admit i didnt remember anything about the first volume. this second volume was awful confusing for me and the ending i just didnt understand i get it but you know? it felt like pages were missing the action jumped in odd ways, also all the girls look the same so it was very difficult to know when one was talking or not but i am confused by most comics i have problems knowing where to go next

    14. Naifeh not drawn by Naifeh is jarring, but not insurmountable. If anything, this gets us past the "all girls look like they're eight years old and noseless" thing that Naifeh does all the time; Polly looks like a young woman in this, which she is, thinks I, supposed to be. Just as enjoyable as the 1st volume.

    15. Certainly better than the first volume, but there are still too many jumps in logic and storytelling for this title to be an absolute must-read. I enjoyed the book, but I can't shake the feeling that there's always a page or a panel missing. Definitely a strong choice for a light read before bed, but I wouldn't expect more from it than that.

    16. This one was a bit disappointing. Though it's still Ted Naifeh's story it's not his artwork. Though Robbi Rodriguez is an awesome artist I was missing the slightly creepy quality that Naifeh adds to his art. Everyone looked just bit different and at times the girls looked much older than they should have been.

    17. Fun sequel to Naifeh's first Polly and the Pirates adventure. Robbi Rodriguez' drawing style is different from Naifeh's, but appropriate and beautiful. Wish there'd been more volumes, because it's a fun world and these are great characters.

    18. Another fun adventure for Miss Polly Pringle and her alter-ego Captain Peg, Pirate Queen.Polly has to get the old crew together to rescue the Emperor of the Americas, stop a dastardly plot and come up with a really good excuse why she keeps going missing from her boarding school.

    19. I really missed Naifeh`s art, I wonder why he switched? The other artist is technically better, but lacks the charm of the first volume. I enjoyed the story less then the first volume too, but I might just be hung up on the art.

    20. Art was beautiful, but it's been a year or so since I read the first one and forgot everything about it. But I generally tend to prefer less exposition anyway, so that's not really a complaint. Mostly I just wonder when she found time to keep reapplying all that eyeliner and mascara.

    21. Not as good as the first both in story and in graphics. Kind of disappointing when the first one was SO GOOD!

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