The Good Father

The Good Father Four years ago nineteen year old Travis Brown made a choice to raise his newborn daughter on his own While most of his friends were out partying and meeting girls Travis was at home changing diaper

  • Title: The Good Father
  • Author: Diane Chamberlain
  • ISBN: 9780778313465
  • Page: 387
  • Format: Paperback
  • Four years ago, nineteen year old Travis Brown made a choice to raise his newborn daughter on his own While most of his friends were out partying and meeting girls, Travis was at home, changing diapers and worrying about keeping food on the table But he s never regretted his decision Bella is the light of his life The reason behind every move he makes And so far, sheFour years ago, nineteen year old Travis Brown made a choice to raise his newborn daughter on his own While most of his friends were out partying and meeting girls, Travis was at home, changing diapers and worrying about keeping food on the table But he s never regretted his decision Bella is the light of his life The reason behind every move he makes And so far, she is fed Cared for Safe.But when Travis loses his construction job and his home, the security he s worked so hard to create for Bella begins to crumble.Then a miracle A job in Raleigh has the power to turn their fortunes around It has to But when Travis arrives in Raleigh, there is no job, only an offer to participate in a onetime criminal act that promises quick money and no repercussions.With nowhere else to turn, Travis must make another choice for his daughter s sake Even if it means he might lose her.

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    1. I love Diane Chamberlain books! She knows how to write family drama. The Good Father was realistic with characters you care about. Great story about illness, parenthood, loss, and love. I was a bit confused with the alternating POVs at the beginning but loved the way the book came together at the end. Got a bit…. 4.5 stars!

    2. I finished reading this a few days ago but am just now getting to the review. I've already finished a book since then but I'll try my best to explain why I liked it so much.I liked it's originality. I haven't read a book like this in a long time so I enjoyed every moment of it. It was a parenthood/love/semi-crime/minor-political/twist-of-fate novel with a wonderful plot. I don't recall ever reading a book by Diane Chamberlain before but I can tell you that it will not be the last.Okay, not the b [...]

    3. What an awesome read! From the first page until the last you can't help but get caught up in the lives on these people. I couldn't stop turning the pages! I just had to know how it was going to end! I was so worried about Travis and the choices he was making! He truly loves his daughter and only wants the best for her.Another great read from Diane and I have no doubt that this will be a #1 best seller!!Note: I received this book free from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

    4. I had to force myself to finish this book. I picked it up because people were comparing the author to Jodi Picoult, who I love. After finishing the book, I don't understand the comparisons at all. In Jodi Picoult books you tend to actually like the characters- I wouldn't have cared if they all died in this book. Also, in Jodi Picoult books you can generally understand why the characters do what they do. In this book Travis did idiotic thing after idiotic thing (none of which made much sense or w [...]

    5. Initial reaction: A surprisingly engaging narrative from the perspective of three individuals whose journeys intersect quite notably throughout the narrative. It came together so well and I'll admit it kept me hooked from beginning to end.Full review:I think it's official: Diane Chamberlain's a new favorite author for me. The way she crafts the characters in her narratives feel so real, even when the scenario itself is a little out of the ordinary."The Good Father" toggles between three perspect [...]

    6. Not my favorite Diane Chamberlain novel, but certainly very enjoyable. Narrated by the three main characters; Travis, Erin, and Robin, this heartfelt story defines parenthood at its worst and best, but always with lots of love for an innocent little girl, Bella. Look forward to reading more of DC.

    7. At 23 years old, Travis is the father and sole carer of four year old adorable Bella. Following a house fire where he lost his mother and his home and all his savings, followed by the loss of his job, he and Bella are left homeless and penniless. Desperate to find work he accepts a vague job with a guy called Roy that his friend Savannah recommends. Unknowingly he gets roped into doing a drug run and Travis is too tempted by the one-off cash payment for a few hours’ work to turn it down.He tak [...]

    8. Four years ago, nineteen-year-old Travis Brown made a choice: to raise his newborn daughter, Bella, on his own. While most of his friends were out partying and meeting girls, Travis was at home, worrying about keeping food on the table. So far he's kept Bella safe and never regretted his decision for a second. But after a devastating house fire, he's lost his home and his mother, who was helping him raise Bella, and his job. The few dollars he has in his wallet is all he has left. As things spir [...]

    9. It takes more than sperm to make a man a father, Travis certainly proves that as the lead character in Chamberlain's "The Good Father." Yet, this story's strength is that it is not just Travis's story we hear or even that of his precious daughter with her pink purse but of everyone whose life is changed by one child on one night by one choice, a choice Travis made because he wanted to be a Good Father. In this book you hear from Travis as he struggles to overcome life in a recession when everyth [...]

    10. 3.5 Diane Chamberlain has mastered the art of creating fascinating characters and infusing them into stories of moral and ethical dilemmas. Travis, a single father of only 23, is depending on his mother for her help and childcare in taking care of his four year old daughter. Due to circumstances of fate, he loses this help and his job, finds himself living in a broken down trailer unable to adequately provide for her. Erin is a woman dealing with her own set of problems, but her fate becomes ent [...]

    11. Diane Chamberlain has quickly become one of my favourite authors. Her writing style reminds of Jodi Picoult with the way she uses multiple narrators. In fact, I’d even say that I prefer Diane Chamberlain of Jodi Picoult. That’s saying something about how much I love Ms. Chamberlain’s books because Jodi Picoult has always been one of my favourite authors.I read The Good Father at lightning speed even though it was 347 pages long. It’s one of those books that you cannot put down and I even [...]

    12. It might be I'm not the best person to be doing a review of Diane Chamberlain's newest book - I've never read a book of hers that I haven't enjoyed, and all my critical faculties are suspended. But standing back a little, this one really was quite excellent, a powerful tale of families, grief and love. If Jodi Picoult has a recognisable formula (and why do the publishers feel the need to keep using the "If you like Jodi" sticker?), so does Diane Chamberlain with her different narrators. This one [...]

    13. I really enjoyed this book. I’m not sure whether it merits four or five stars, but only because it isn’t a great work of literature. The writing is fairly simple. But after abandoning Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend after 222 pages (of 658!), “great literature” wasn’t what I was looking for. The Good Father proves that not every tale must be told with brilliant prose in order to be great.And make no mistake, The Good Father is one heck of a story! Actually, it deftly interweaves thre [...]

    14. The Good Father is as much the story of what one man would do for his daughter as what two mothers would do for theirs. It is also the story of how one little girl can heal three broken people.Travis Brown is twenty-two, an age when most people are fresh out of college, bursting with the promise of what they will do next and believing that the world is their oyster. But for Travis, the world seems more like a dark, gaping wound. His high school love, Robin, had a life-threatening heart ailment, [...]

    15. The Good FatherAuthor: Diane ChamberlainGenre: Contemporary FictionPages: 368ISBN-10: 0778313468ISBN-13: 978-0778313465Format: Kindle ebookPublisher: HarlequinPublication Date: April 24, 2012First Line: “It was nine-forty when I woke up in the back of the van."Synopsis: When Travis was 19 years old he made a decision that would change his life -- to raise his newborn daughter on his own. Instead of heading to university and partying with his friends Travis spent his days changing diapers and c [...]

    16. Aš tikriausiai nebūčiau aš jei bevaikštinėdama tarp bibliotekos lentynų į glėbį išsirinktų knygų neįmesčiau to vieno (o kartais kelių) moteriško romano. Na, to tikro, dramos pritvinkusio ir intrigų kupino moters skaitinio. Nors ir kaskart sau mintyse kartoju – na pasiimk geriau dar vieną detektyvą ar biografiją, mergaitiška mano pusė laimi Ar aš viena turiu tokią silpnybę?? Tai šįkart į mano akiratį pakliuvo dar vienas Chamberlain kūrinys. Akį patraukė nuostabi [...]

    17. The Good Father was a compelling story of a young father who makes difficult and poor choices while trying to take care of the precious daughter who means everything to him. Travis Brown was a likeable character who had more than he could deal with at his young age. His daughter, Bella, was a wonderful addition to the story. Erin and Michael were great characters who were trying to find their way back from deep despair after losing their daughter. Robin is the mother who had powerful reasons for [...]

    18. Thought provoking.This was a highly thought provoking read, centred around the question of what really constitutes a 'good father'. Yes, he'd have to be loving, caring, thoughtful etc, but how far should he go for his child - should he commit crime to keep her fed and watered?I was gripped from the first page of this book, which was expertly narrated by the three main characters: Travis, Bella's father, Robin, her mother, and Erin, recently bereaved of her own young daughter, but who is drawn to [...]

    19. Diane Chamberlain books are more than just a read, they are an emotional experience. She has a unique ability to write material that affects you deeply, giving you characters that are easy to love. She uses subject matter that pushes the limits of your own comfort and causes you to ask yourself just how far you’d go, if the situation were your own. This book did just that.The characters that the author has created are complex, raw and real. They all have their own personal demons to face, past [...]

    20. I absolutely loved this book (NOOK) and did not want it to end (difficult, since I could not put it down)! Inspiring, this book was centered in seaside NC (native) with three main strong and loveable characters, each with struggles of their own with personal growth, healing, and lessons to be learned. The plot planning and writing style were excellent—with tensions building throughout the book. You felt connected to each of the main characters – how desperation drives actions, choices, and o [...]

    21. My thanks to NetGalley, and St Martin’s Press / Minotaur Books for a pre publication galley.The Good Father draws together the story of three people, who are all brought together by desperation and loss, and focuses on fractured lives and shattered souls.Travis is a young father, desperately struggling to look after his four year old daughter, Bella; he knows he must provide for her, and yet, in doing so, he becomes involved in a dangerous situation. Robin, although trying to focus on her new [...]

    22. Almost, but not quite, 4 Stars. Remember the good 'ole Woody Woodpecker from the 80's? There was this line repeated in a deep voice in nearly almost episode:"If Woody Had Gone Right to the Police this would never have happened"Well, that voice couldn't help but run through my head over and over and over, bad decision after bad decision. So yeah, I kinda wanted to smack Travis upside the head and knock some sense into him. But alas, I had no choice but to follow him down the rabbit hole. Regardle [...]

    23. I have read several of this author's books, and always loved them. This one? Not so much.There was not a whole lot of mystery in this. I thought it was a sappy, too romancey, and very predictable book.In this day and age, I couldn't believe the characters were so naively stupid. I had a hard time wrapping my brain around their gullibility. The story could have been believable if hadn't been so "perfect". I just couldn't buy it.It almost felt like Ms Chamberlain wanted to get a new book on the sh [...]

    24. I enjoyed this book. Love, lies, grief, and desperation. The author put a lot of detail into developing the various parental relationships. I liked Travis and his role as father to Bella. It was strong and heartbreaking. Erin's grief was drawn out a little too much, but I liked how her story ended. The ending was on the sappy side, but I thought the resolution was equal to the conflict. So for me, it worked.

    25. Wow! This book was an emotional roller coaster for me from the first to last word. I had tears in my eyes the whole time. It was a strong story that had me reviewing my lifecisions made by choice and by chance. It showcases the strength and resiliency so many people have to have in life, just to survive. Diane Chamberlain is a masterful writer.

    26. An emotional, lively, heart-warming book just like every other Diane Chamberlain book. I loved how the 3 pov's connected and thoroughly enjoyed each voice especially as they were all so different. The crescendo was probably a bit over dramatic and everything was solved too easily but I was just happy for it all to end the way it did.

    27. Soooo my thoughts:Many times I was thinking is this a Nicholas Sparks book? Very predictableEverything was all wrapped up in the end and sometimes I like a little wonder.

    28. THE GOOD FATHER by Diane ChamberlainPublished by Mira BooksPublication Date: April 24, 2012ISBN-10: 0778313468ISBN-13: 978-0778313465At the generosity of the, publisher Mira Books, an ARC Digital Version was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest opinion. Synopsis (borrowed from ): A beloved daughter. A devastating choice. And now there's no going back. Four years ago, nineteen-year-old Travis Brown made a choice: to raise his newborn daughter on his own. While most of his friends were out partyi [...]

    29. The Good Father is an emotional novel about what a young father will do in order to provide for his daughter.First off, the cover and title of this book tugged at my heartstrings and I wanted to read this one straight away.Travis Brown is a single father in his early twenties on the verge of being homeless with no one in the world to help him care for his four year old daughter Bella. He just moved to Raleigh in hopes of finding a great job as a contractor, but once he arrives, things turn out v [...]

    30. So often the father in the teen pregnancy stories is a deadbeat or runner - loves the mother but is afraid to become a father and can't handle the pressure. Later realizes just how much he misses the mother and loves his child and returns. Joy joy everyone is happy as a family. The cute toddler (never that old) is happy to have both parents and all is well.This is not one of those stories. I love Diane's style of writing to begin with. And this story is just a continuation with that. Travis Brow [...]

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