Maximum Security

Maximum Security CHERUB agents are highly trained extremely talented and all under the age of seventeen For official purposes these agents do not exist They are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists hack into c

  • Title: Maximum Security
  • Author: Robert Muchamore
  • ISBN: 9780340884355
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • CHERUB agents are highly trained, extremely talented and all under the age of seventeen For official purposes, these agents do not exist They are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists, hack into crucial documents, and gather intel on global threats all without gadgets or weapons It is a highly dangerous job, but these agents have one crucial advantage Adults neverCHERUB agents are highly trained, extremely talented and all under the age of seventeen For official purposes, these agents do not exist They are sent out on missions to spy on terrorists, hack into crucial documents, and gather intel on global threats all without gadgets or weapons It is a highly dangerous job, but these agents have one crucial advantage Adults never suspect that teens are spying on them In Maximum Security, James s newest mission brings him to the sun baked desert prison Arizona Max, home to 280 child criminals One of them is the son of a weapons dealer who has been selling U.S missiles to terrorists If James can get the kid, CHERUB has a chance to stop the father Getting into the prison is easy Breaking out is the hard part.

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    1. This mission was freaking awesome and intense! It might be my favorite! James handled everything so incredibly well! Most of the things he had to work on he did it all by himself! I'm truly amazed! He pissed me off, sometimes obviously! Specially, when he cheated on Kerry and made it sound like it was nothing UGH! I HATE WHEN HE DOES THOSE THINGS!! However, despite everything, I think he has been a great character with a big potencial! I hope he grows up and I hope he realises that he should cha [...]

    2. Maximum Security is one of my TOP 5 fav books of the Cherub series. I just love prison settings, ever since I've watched Prison Break. Speaking of which, similar to Prison Break, Maximum Security continues with the adventures of one of my favorite spies, James Adams, who is now 13. This time James must go to a maximum security prison for minors, befriend Curtis Oxford, son of Jane Oxford - one of the most wanted people in the world. James must then break them out of jail in order to win Janes' t [...]

    3. This is book three in the outstanding Cherub series by Robert Muchamoore. This mission was different from the usual type. This organization usually tries to get criminals behind bars but in this case, James Adams has to get himself into jail to befriend a criminal. This isn't just any man behind bars though, this is the son of one of the most wanted weapons smugglers in America.James is partnered with his sister Lauren, and another Cherub agent named Dave Moss, who poses as his brother. The poin [...]

    4. It's refreshing to read Muchamore's world and characters. It just feels real, and there's an unpredictability to it, because the main characters are so imperfect. However, the ending was a bit anti-climactic. I can tell that Muchamore is trying to avoid the big action scene ending, probably because his style is different, but there wasn't anything to replace it and it fell a little flat. That said, I really enjoy this series and the characters and will continue for sure.

    5. Because I have read the other two I front of it and I really enjoyed themey are an action sort of book with a lot of tense moments, you really your self in the characters shoes in how they describe how they are feeling and what's happening around them and to them.A fiction book with real life scenarios and real life problems "Once you get to LA tell the cops everything"That James(main character) has learnt to stay calm under pressure and to not give away his or other people's positions, he kept [...]

    6. „Top Secret 03: der Ausbruch“ hat mir bisher am Besten gefallen. Die Geschichte ist um einiges gewalttätiger und ernsthafter. Ich war ein bisschen überrascht wie spannend ich den Knastalltag fand. Außerdem kratzt der Autor auch ganz leicht die psychische Stabilität der Bösen an. Ich finde es wirklich schade dass Robert Muchamore da nicht wirklich in die Tiefe geht und alles (bisher) sehr oberflächlich behandelt.Protagonist James beschäftigt sich zwar mit der Frage, ob man Mitleid habe [...]

    7. Maximum Security by Robert Muchamore is the story of three child spies on a mission to help escape a major drug dealers so in hopes to get clue on the major drug dealer. Of course when putting children in an actual prison nothing can never go to plan.James has been put charge in one of the most high risk missions that cherub has ever had to face. They must send a teenage boy into an actual prison and befriend the child of one of the world's most dangerous drug dealers. When there he is immediate [...]

    8. wow. okay, let me just start by statingis is not my usual read. I started the series as a favour to my younger sister and ended up liking it inspite of the rather gritty feel. So after mediumly enjoying the first I was prepared to have a similar experience with maximum security. what I couldn't have predicted was how much I enjoyed this! having said that the gritty setting almost made me put the book down nearer the beginning. I confess I know little about prisons but even spending just hrs insi [...]

    9. Why I decided to read this book:Because its the 3rd book in the Cherub series and I had already read the first two, so this book was nextWhich category on the bingo board this book completes:This book completes the non-fiction book category as Cherub is not a real agency and there is no such thing as kid spiesWhat I liked about this book and why:I really like all the books in the Cherub series including this one as Robert Muchamore is very good at showing characters emotions and feelings and is [...]

    10. I started off the series with this book since there were no copies available of the previous ones.Firstly,I totally liked Alex Rider better.I rated all the Alex Rider books four to five stars.But I don't know whether it's the plot or a thirteen year old tryin' to be all cool and stuff,I didn't get this feeling I usually get when I'm reading a really good book.You know, the suspense and everything ,or in other words, it didn't feel like Alex Rider.It didn't feel different, the way it should feel [...]

    11. The cherub series is one of my favourite series, it is a thrill seeking , action packed adventure series.Cherub is an academy where children are trained to be elite undercover agents, because who suspects children as agents. Learning various different languages to cope with their certain mission and also learning martial arts when in danger.I read the 3rd book in the series which is Maximum Security, the story is pretty good , James and Dave who are some cherubs agents are placed in a Maximum Se [...]

    12. Two boys called Dave and James are sent on a mission, from the child division of the MI5 called Cherub. They are sent off to jail (part of the mission plan) and are put together with a lot of other inmates. Including the son of a illegal drugs supplier, Jane Oxford. Wanting to become close friends with Jane’s son Curtis, they both hang out and chill with his Gang. But during the process a jail fight breaks out and Dave breaks his ribs, making him unfit for the mission. So James then carries on [...]

    13. 0/4 FEverything in this novel is either phoney, offensive, stupid or agonizing. The polar bear twist-up, a too-simple prison escape that isn't really a real escape with Cherub backup, the helper Paula is given advice to go straight to the cops (ugh!) and the end may be the biggest F.U. in literary history!You can read my full review at weldonwitness.weebly/books

    14. Its an amazing saga to the cherub series with a new twist the main character James(the main character) travels with his sister and another agent to go undercover.This time they are not with the law but are going against it. Their mission is to break a kid out of jail in the middle of the arizona desert since in america kids who convict crime are sentenced as adults.Will he be able to accomplish their mission?

    15. James Rose a secret agent for Cherub who wanted to get out of a recruitment mission, but thankfully a man called John Jones came to give him another, and more intense mission. So he had to choose the recruitment mission or the intense one. Then the next day he went with the intense mission in the most high security jail to get someone out. Maximum Security is about strength, courage, and trust.

    16. This Book was recommended to me by my teacher because of the grown up values in book like the vocabulary and the different scenes that occurred in the book, It's a great book about making friends with a the son to arrest the mum.

    17. Did you like Prison Break? Then this book is just for you! It is something similar but with few differences. But the tension is there and also the adventure. Who wouldn't like to know how to escape from a prison? :)

    18. i don't really think this is a very good book, the reason I think this is because its very boring a lot of times and then it doesn't really give me the temptation to read on, there are some parts that are very exciting but i think there should be more of the eciting parts

    19. I like this book because there was action in it and i like books with action.I also liked this book because the main character was a boy around my age, which was good because i get everything he is talking about.This book was good because it was mysterious.

    20. Ich kann eigentlich garnicht viel zu diesem Buch sagen. Den der 3. Teil war wie die anderen Teile zuvor wieder spannend und einfach toll. Sogar das Lauren mit auf der Mission war fand ich dann ganz gut, obwohl mir das anfangs nicht so gut gefallen hat.Ich freue mich schon auf die weiteren Teile.

    21. I thought this book was a great addition to the Cherub series of books. The story really hooks you in and has this great set of characters.

    22. Good book the setting is in the usa and there is a lot of action and Lauren goes on her first mission it never gets old, so much better than the dealer.

    23. started this on the 16th, and so far ive read almost all of it, it is extremely good, i love the cherub books, they are a must read xx

    24. This book was totally amazing. It is hard to believe what James and Lauren went through together. It looks as if the training paid off a lot. You get to see more action from john too.

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