One thought on “Tom Rob Smith Trilogy”

  1. I love the characters and they were the reason I read all 3 books but as far as the actual story, the 2 successors to Child 44 were not up to par. It gets 4-stars because Child 44 was one of the best books I'd read in a while.

  2. I didn't think I would love these books, but I really did. They were actually pretty easy reads, and I was kept engaged the entire time.

  3. I've read this trilogy in 2013 and I found this reaction about the books on my journal:Smith was one of the best reads I've had; maybe the best trilogy.It shows that there isn't a perfect system yett yet. And people's lives; their emotional responses and the way they deal with their personal lives are affected by this outer system. I've realized that history has a part in shaping a person's character. It is inevitable no matter how much you want to get away from it.We are sometimes blinded by ou [...]

  4. A scaring insight of Russia during the cold war era. Terrifying and traumatic at some points, but very realistic. It explains why the current state of affairs is what it is and why the 'western world' finds it so hard to comprehend. We have so much learning and developing to do, and it starts with understanding the past. This trilogy is a great start for doing so.

  5. One of the most gripping series I've read. I know, I might say that a bit often but really, I cant imagine not remembering this series years down the road. It's very memorable and I enjoyed it very much. Maybe I was a tad disappointed with book 3, but the series as a whole was fantastic. Not one bit sorry I read these.

  6. I read all three of Tom Rob Smith's trilogy and thoroughly enjoyed each of them. Reading them took you back in time to the Soviet Union and made you feel you were actually living and experiencing those periods of history. They were an interesting, informative and exciting read.

  7. This is an enthralling series. The location, Russia, and characters are extremely well described. All three have tight well developed plots which make them real page turners. Bring on the next.

  8. Absolutely fantastic collection. You need to read them in order otherwise they won't make sense but they're totally gripping from start to end. All 3 books are a great read and don't disappoint.

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