Music City Murder

Music City Murder Music City Murder is a novel with an original soundtrack of songs downloadable free at matthewdunn Sebastian Long loves to sing just not in front of anyone A former New York City detective now liv

  • Title: Music City Murder
  • Author: Matthew Dunn
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 368
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Music City Murder is a novel with an original soundtrack of 11 songs downloadable free at matthewdunn.Sebastian Long loves to sing, just not in front of anyone A former New York City detective now living in Nashville and working as a private investigator, Seb decides to face his fear during an amateur night at a local bar His self penned song is a hit, especiallyMusic City Murder is a novel with an original soundtrack of 11 songs downloadable free at matthewdunn.Sebastian Long loves to sing, just not in front of anyone A former New York City detective now living in Nashville and working as a private investigator, Seb decides to face his fear during an amateur night at a local bar His self penned song is a hit, especially with a beautiful young woman with singing talent of her own They talk and flirt all night and just when Seb is ready to make his move he gets summoned to the stage for an encore Standing in front of the adoring crowd, it feels like a dream he hopes will never end But a sudden, terrifying scream turns the bright lights black and Seb is forced to face the music.

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    1. Music City Murder, by Matthew Dunn, is a remarkable story (and original music soundtrack) that pulls the reader in with subtle foreshadowing and rich character development. I appreciated the clarity of the writing, finding it moved the story along at a very quick pace, making it hard to put the book down until I had devoured the last page. Dunn writes with skill, guiding the reader along Seb Long's path as he tracks a killer while he tries to convince everyone that he is really a legitimate sing [...]

    2. There was a new iPad waiting under the Xmas tree this year. I love it and spent the morning playing on it and searching the web for eBooks. I found Music City Murder through GoodReads and bought the enhanced version from the author's website. What a great book! What a great music soundtrack! Both in one! The enhanced version had the songs built into the file so when detective Seb Long (the star of this detective story set in Nashville) took the stage to sing a song, I touched the iPad screen and [...]

    3. Seb Long is a former NYC Detective who relocates to Nashville so he can indulge his love for songwriting and country music. While performing at an amateur night--his first time ever on stage--a murder occurs not a stone's throw away from where's he's singing his original song. To solve the crime he goes undercover, pretending to be another country music star wannabe while covertly questioning the other performers and patrons who were at the club that fateful night.I have to say I enjoyed the twi [...]

    4. I love detective novels and country music. And this one has both! Seb Long is a Nashville detective who, like so many living the Country Music Capital of America, writes songs in his spare time. A shy performer, he takes the plunge at a local amateur night and wouldn't you know someone is murdered while he's on stage. The plot takes him undercover to other clubs where a host of performers/suspects sing originals written by the author of this truly one-of-a-kind novel.I found the enhanced eBook v [...]

    5. I would normally not have picked up Music City Murder off the shelf, as I'm not much of a mystery fan. However, the sexy cover caught my eye. Surprise - Dunn held my interest from first to last, and I hated to see the story end. This is a twisting murder mystery, following the steps of the detective as he solves the crimes. The characters are well drawn, complete with human foibles, and very sympathetic. Thankfully, the author did not stoop to giving the detective more than his share of faults. [...]

    6. I read Erased, the author's fifth novel and thought is was an awesome thriller. So, I snatched up his latest hoping for another fun ride. I was not disappointed. Music City Murder is a detective novel set in Nashville. There's a murder and the main character, NYC detective Seb Long, attempts to solve it pretending to be a singer/songwriter. As I was reading, I came to sections in the story where characters perform onstage at local talent nights. And I could actually listen to the songs. The auth [...]

    7. As the title of this review indicates, Music City Murder is a murder mystery set in Nashville, Tennessee. Once you start reading, you simply can not put this book down (or in my case, turn off my Kindle)---the ending of each chapter leaves you at the edge of your chair and you have no choice but to keep reading to see what happens next. I found the chapters set in the local music clubs to be particularly well-written and realistic, especially with the added element of the songs that go along wit [...]

    8. Nashville is a competitive town when it comes to music. To make their odds better, someone kills one of the rising stars. But who done it? Detective Seb Long dives into the music scene to find out, pretending to be another talented--but yet undiscovered--singer/songwriter. I loved this novel. The characters are interesting and real and the music--did I mention this novel has a soundtrack?--is excellent. And the author keep me quessing along with hoping the next chapter had another song in it. It [...]

    9. I love detectives novels and Music City Murder was one of the best I've read in a few years. Detective Seb Long has moved from NYC to Nashville (his adult children live near by) and one night while performing during an amatuer showcase, another performer is mysteriously murdered. He goes undercover as a singer/songwriter to find the killer. The writing is sharp and entertaining and if that were not enough, the author wrote a soundtrack of original songs that are performed throughout the story. I [...]

    10. This was my first eBook for my new Kindle Fire and I enjoyed every electronic page. Seb Long is a detective transplanted to Nashville from NYC. He likes country music--writes a bit--and when a gorgeous singers is murdered, he goes undercover as a singer/songwriter to track down the killer. The author did a nice job of putting me in the honky tonks with his descriptive writing and if that wasn't enough, he wrote a dozen songs just for the book. The Kindle can play music files as well and after do [...]

    11. Just got my new iPad. I love it! I wanted my first eBook to be something cool and I found it. Music City Murder comes with a soundtrack of awesome country music written by the author and produced in Nashville. I got the enhanced version so the music was embedded into the ebook for easy listening. It's a detective novel set in Nashville where the lead character, Detective Seb Long, goes undercover as a singer/songwriter to find a killer. It was good mystery and the music added another dimension t [...]

    12. This novel falls within the "Cozy Mystery" genre. The protagonist, Seb Long, is a Private Investigator and a closet singer/songwriter who, during his first step onto an amateur stage, finds himself entwined with the murder of a beautiful and talented singer. What set this novel apart is the original country music songtrack written by the author for characters in the book. The plot kept me guessing and when a character picked up a guitar I could listen to them sing the song. (The songs are free t [...]

    13. Music City Murder is the seventh novel by Mr. Dunn and he does it again. I swallowed this book whole and had read about half way through before I set it down for a moment to grab a snack. I like Seb Long, the detective and lead character. He is smart, funny, a guy you'd like to sit down and chat with over a cold beer. The music was a surprisea nice surprise. I thought it added depth to the story and the characters. There was a good, steady pace throughout this book with a few twists along the wa [...]

    14. Nashville Detective Seb Long tracks a killer through the local music clubs. Along the way he sings a couple songs (the author wrote a bunch of songs to go along with the novel) while secretly interogating the witnesses and suspects. I liked this one, it was a good murder mystery and the music was a nice touch to help develop the characters. I hadn't heard of the author before reading this eBook but I like his writing style, fast paced with a bit of humor. Really different but in a good way. I'm [...]

    15. My first Dunn novel. If you are a detective/mystery fan this is good choice. If you are a country music fan who loves to read, this is a GREAT choice! Music City Murder has both a great plot and some great music. I lived in Nashville for a number of years and this book brought me right back. Made me wish I still lived there so I could spend my evenings in the local honky tonks listening to live music like Detective Long does in the novel. I don't want to give anything away, but the murder gets s [...]

    16. A NYC detective spends his nights at Nashville music clubs searching for a killer of a locally popular singer. The writing is very atmospheric, the author capturing the feeling of amateur night at a honky tonk. And to add to the flavor, there is a soundtrack of songs that come with the book (enhanced eBook) that I really liked. The plot is twisting and suspenseful with an unexpected ending that totally caught me by surprise. Great book! And I'm still listening to the soundtrack every morning on [...]

    17. I dont' give out 4 or 5 so my 3 rating for this novel should be taken for what it isa good review. Read it on my new Kindle Fire and enjoyed it immensely. A well written detective story. And the author added a bunch of original songs to the storyline that I listened to on my Kindle. Very enjoyable country music, well produced and Nashville quality. In fact, if I'm being honest, I liked the music more. Not that the novel wasn't good. It was.

    18. The version of this book is just so cool. I read it on my Ipad and songs that are embedded in the story just play - it was fantastic! The music was clearly professionally done and very, very good. I'm trying to figure out how to add them to my Ipod. Story was a good mystery and kept me guessing along the way. If you really want to see what an enhanced book is you have to try this one. Very well done!!

    19. The only thing I did not like was that the pleasure of reading the story, too soon, came to an end (But I have the music soundtrack to listen to again and again.) If I do not like a story, commonly, I do not ever finish reading it. I liked and cared about the characters in Music City Murder and after each chapter I wanted to find out what would happen next. I look forward to more Seb Long stories and music and I am sure you will too!

    20. This book was quite intriguing for me. I was curious just how the author weaved songs into the story line with such ease. It was almost like an episode of GLEE only it was a murder mystery with country music instead of a high school drama with Broadway style songs. I found the story quite suspenseful and highly recommend the book to anyone interested in a story set in Nashville, more specifically, the music scene. Please give it a try. I loved it.

    21. An undercover Nashville detective takes center stage in the local music scene to ferret out a killer. Good suspense, quirky characters and a country music soundtrack of original songs that I really liked. I read it on my iPad (the enhanced version, which I got from the author's website) and it was fun to click on the audio player when the detective or one of the other characters got up to perform. A clever mix of media. Cudos to Mr. Dunn!

    22. I have not read a Dunn novel before, but I took a leap of faith and it was well worth it. If you are a fan of detective novels, you cannot afford to miss this one.A Nashville PI happens to be at a music club when a singer is murdered and the story just keeps on building from there. To give anything more up, would be a disservice to your enjoyment.Have fun with this good readI certainly did.

    23. This is the second Dunn novel I've read and I was amazed. The writing is crisp and the suspense comes in rapid fire succession. Set in Nashville, Dunn has written an original music soundtrack to go along with the book. Great songs! Well produced and as good as anything on the radio. I highly recommend it.

    24. Read this wicked cool Nashville-based detective novel on my iPad. I got the enhanced version from the author's website which has the original songs inside the ebook. All I had to do was click on them. A great read and some really good country music. I've never seen anyone mix the two but it was really good. I recommend it to everyone.

    25. This book, from a relatively little known author, completely took me by surprise. And delightfully so. One never knows what to expect from an indie writer but Dunn grabbed me from the opening chapter and I was hooked. The book bills itself as a multimedia eBook thriller - a suspense set in Nashville and it's local music scene. I loved it. It's authentic.

    26. Loved it!!! Nashville based detective novel with a country music soundtrack of original songs that are actually very, very good. Go to the author's website and check out the music for free. I did and after I heard them I immediately bought the ebook. It's a great read and the songs come up in the story so you can listen when the character goes on stage. Cool idea!

    27. I really enjoyed this eBook (read it on Kindle and listened to the soundtrack on my iPod.) and it held my attention until the very end. I couldn't figue out who "did it", and had to wait for the book to reveil the killer. The plot was unusual and well done. And the music was cool. I like modern country and Mr. Dunn's originals reminded me of Brooks and Dunn (no relation).

    28. I thought this book had a little touch of everything in it. Suspense, action, and some sexual tension. Seb Long is the best wise cracking detective yet. And I liked the depth of the other characters, they seems real and multi-dimensional. And the music the author wrote for the novel was first rate, well produced and catchy as hell. I highly recommend it.

    29. Detective Seb Long chases down a killer and sings a few songs along the way. Sound odd? I thought so too, but it was actually a really good read. And I love the songs, but then I'm a sucker for country music. Loaded the entire soundtrack onto my iPod and listen to them all the time. Faith Hill and Tim McGraw wish they had songs this good.

    30. I read the enhanced ebook version on my iPad. Had it finished in 2 days - zoom it was done. Lots of tension and unexpected twists and just a great 5 star mystery for me. And the music was cool too. What a great combination. Read it!

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