Memory of Fire

Memory of Fire Lauren Dane discovers a doorway to another reality in Cat Creek North Carolina and she crosses over driven by a strange compulsion she can neither resist nor comprehend Molly McColl is brought there

  • Title: Memory of Fire
  • Author: Holly Lisle
  • ISBN: 9780380818372
  • Page: 378
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lauren Dane discovers a doorway to another reality in Cat Creek, North Carolina and she crosses over, driven by a strange compulsion she can neither resist nor comprehend Molly McColl is brought there against her will kidnapped from her trailer and carried into a realm that traps her, terrifies hert offers her a strange and wondrous escape.In an extraordinary uLauren Dane discovers a doorway to another reality in Cat Creek, North Carolina and she crosses over, driven by a strange compulsion she can neither resist nor comprehend Molly McColl is brought there against her will kidnapped from her trailer and carried into a realm that traps her, terrifies hert offers her a strange and wondrous escape.In an extraordinary universe of magic and monsters, two strangers sharing only pain and loss must now pursue the destiny that has united them Because worlds are suddenly threatened by an evil beyond imagining the world they have enteredd the one the have left behind.

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    1. I'm convinced I was sold on this book because of the galloping horse and rider on the cover. I'd heard of Holly Lisle and wanted to try one of her books. Perhaps I shouldn't have started with this one. One of my problems is that I try to convince myself that I enjoy the fantasy/sci fi genre, but lately I've felt disappointed with everything in that genre--short of LOTR, Dune and Ender's Game--that I've picked up.The story concept had promise. Molly, a young woman in Cat Creek, NC is kidnapped fr [...]

    2. Really I give it 3.5 stars, but that wasn't an option. I'm trying to be more critical with my ratings so I can save 5's for really awesome books. This was a quick read, it pulls you along and is hard to put down. Although the major events are quite predictable, there are enough small details and plot twists to always be surprising and interesting. The overall ideas and world Lisle has created are very thorough and consistent. I remember noticing a few tiny things that weren't resolved or seemed [...]

    3. Very engaging! The plot may not have been the strongest, but storytelling definitely had a pull to it. Kept my interest high. :)

    4. Memory of Fire is a very interesting start to what looks like an interesting series.Beyond that, I'm not sure what else to say.Lauren Dane wants nothing more than to be with her deceased husband. Barring that, not feeling alone would be nice. Yes, she has her son, Jake, but he's two. At that age, you give emotional support instead of receiving it.She's an interesting character. I admired how devoted she was to her son, and I like how her husband's death is her weak spot. She really would do anyt [...]

    5. I have taken part in a lot of Holy Lisle's classes and seminars, and found them so helpful as a writer that I thought it was about time to read one of her novels. You know, to see if the teacher canwell, do. And can she ever! I really enjoyed this book. The characters were fully formed people I'm pretty sure I will run into in the store later today. The setting was awesome. I found the entire premise, that there are layers of worlds up and down and that some can cross over, to be fascinating. I [...]

    6. Lauren Dane, a gateweaver, travels back and forth between Earth and Oria. Her parents erased her mind when she was a child and she is re-learning how to travel back and forthd why she should or shouldn't.Molly McColl, a healer of epic proportions, is a hybrid alien/human who is kidnapped by Orians and foribly returned to Oria as their savior. On Oria, humans have spectacular magical abilities, however, magic used on the alien planet adversely affects Earth. The sentinels are tasked with protecti [...]

    7. This book follows two women, Lauren and Molly, who have recently settled in a small town in NC as they learn about their backgrounds and their roles in saving both our world and the interdimensional worlds linked to it. Both these women are strong heroines that it was fun to get to know. The story clicks along and the book is an incredibly easy read. I would say that the characters and the small town where the story takes place feel a little superficially drawn and I wonder if the fact that Lisl [...]

    8. The start of a rather good fantasy series— there are ‘gates” that lead from universe to universe, and those who keep the gates protect each universe from stray bits of magic, monsters, etc. Some universes are “lower” than our own, wherein we would be gods should we be seen or interact with the individuals on that world. Conversely, there are also universes where the inhabitants there would be gods to us. The Gatekeepers make sure that the gates are kept protected, and closed… but evi [...]

    9. I love Holly Lisle, and I wanted to love this book. However, I honestly just didn't connect with Lauren at all. I know she's went through incredibly hard times, but it's hard to feel sorry for someone who acts as selfishly as she acted throughout the book. Being perfectly content to put her needs first and not even truly caring that she murdered her sister- instead of even attempting to listen to her, because why would she?- after forcing everyone else to not do just that- again, not listening- [...]

    10. A badly written novel with a lot of cliche sentences and easy choices. A enormous lack of creativity deciding to devide universes through mirrors. The main character is hard to identify with or experience as awesome epic protagonist because she has to take care of her son. The death of her newly discoved sister is pointless and only depresses the reader at the end of the story, but that she reincarnates is too much of a joke and does not make me curious to find out why it happened but just annoy [...]

    11. I bought this one evening after book group on a whim. I'd heard of Holly Lisle, and figured I'd check her out. I enjoyed it, but mainly because it was such a quick read, rather than because I was really into it. I liked the small-town conspiracy aspect, and I liked the idea of the mirror-gates. But the actual other world and the magical laws associated with it were not so inspiring to me.

    12. Another book downloaded for my Nook, and a total winner. I like Holly Lisle's work to begin with, but this collection of characters and world just sucked me right into the story. Better yet, the characters had interesting backgrounds without a lot of exposition, and secrets that were kept secrets while the main 'secret' was explored. Definitely will be looking for the sequel.

    13. This is one of the best fantasy trilogies I have read. Why? Because of the characters. So rarely do you see protagonists like Lauren: a 30-something adult, with a child and a history. I loved it; so refreshing and different. The story was great as well, and I loved the way magic in this world is used.

    14. I remember my phase of reading ever Ms. Lisle book. This series I really enjoyed. She's an excellent fantasy weaver. Her worlds are fascinating and the magic rules she creates are different. I don't remember the names of these characters in the book, but I do remember enjoy the story and wanting to know more. Ms. Lisle is an excellent writer.

    15. I loved this science fiction/fantasy novel by Holly Lisle. I was hooked at the opening scene, and the pace of the novel kept me reading to the end. There was a lot of mystery in the back story, and the worlds traveled were easy to visualize. Compelling characters, good plot twists, and fascinating places to explore.

    16. This is a solid 3.5. Fun, quick read. Maybe a bit too heavy on the "true love" thing. I liked the fact that the main character had a 2-year-old son that she had to drag around with her while casting spells, shooting guns, and doing other kick-ass things. It was a unique and realistic twist.

    17. This is not my usual genre.Holly Lisle definately knows how to create page turning scenes with realistic worlds full of characters that are beleivable and complex.I had to read all 3 books to find out what ahppens. enjoy

    18. Quick read, but not the all-consuming - can't put it down - type of book I was looking for. I don't think I'll attempt any others in the series, but you never know.

    19. Good story, characters I like, and a storyline that really moves along. Looking forward to the next in the series.

    20. This was a very good scfi book about realms above and below our own existence, where magic is welded with consequences and the heroines are above average folks. Good chick lit, in my opin.

    21. I remember that I loved this series. I haven't read it in quite a while so I can't say more about it, but the whole idea was excellent.

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