One thought on “The Infinite River. Michael R. Jones”

  1. The Other Place. A place where anything you can imagine exists. ANYTHING. From giant flying octopus-like 'Disco Beasts' to giant rotting titans to cloud people who talk in pictures. It's a fantastical world and it suits our hero, Greenery Frankincense Jackson, exceedingly well. His mother was a hippie, before you ask. Greenery and his new friends, Night Light the Punster - a gnome who can shapeshift, but only into things that are puns - and Towelyn, one of the prestigious Djinditsu - a freakin' [...]

  2. It's a good job that there are more Tales From the Other Place to come - there is so much going on in this book that I feel it really needs a sequel or two to properly do justice to the scope of the storytelling.The story is brilliantly bonkers, just the right amounts of adventure, laughs and emotional highs and lows to keep you gripped throughout. If you loved Garth Nix's "The Keys to the Kingdom Collection 7 books Set RRP £48.93 ( Mister Monday, Grim Tuesday, Drowned Wednesday, Sir Thursday, [...]

  3. Brilliant book. Couldn't put it down. So imaginative, funny and gripping. This is an author to watch. Hopefully book two will be out soon.

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