Steal a Pencil for Me: Love Letters from Camp Bergen-Belsen and Westerbork

Steal a Pencil for Me Love Letters from Camp Bergen Belsen and Westerbork None

  • Title: Steal a Pencil for Me: Love Letters from Camp Bergen-Belsen and Westerbork
  • Author: Jaap Polak
  • ISBN: 9780874603958
  • Page: 252
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Steal a Pencil for Me: Love Letters from Camp Bergen-Belsen and Westerbork”

    1. I loved this book because it was an amazing love story in a time of survival. But I really loved that I got to meet the author a few years ago when he stayed with my soon-to-be-husband while visiting and speaking at the opening night of the Holocaust memorial that was brought to our town. He was an incredibly positive person who still loved life.

    2. This is truly a love story. Funny that he had both his wife AND girlfriend at the same camp. (He & his wife were not really "in love".) All managed to survive the camps & he & girlfriend married after his divorce & they have just celebrated their 60 years together. Very touching. I just saw a documentary about them. So very sweet. So much love.

    3. I feel guilty rating this book below its average. I WANTED to LOVE it! But I didn't . . . I LIKED it . . .I found it compelling, but I actually would have liked to have had more of the background information, and perhaps less of the actual letters (particularly since the letters were one-sided as virtually all of Ina's letters were lost). Sadly, I also had a hard time getting over the fact that Jaap was still married at the time he and Ina were falling in love. Who am I to judge, having not walk [...]

    4. Watched the documentary inspired by this bookother unbelievable story of courage, survival and love. The couple, he 93, she 83 at the time the documentary was released, are two beautiful people in mind and spirit. She is amazingly beautiful for such an elderly lady. I am anxious to read this book of letters.

    5. This is a very different Holocaust story. Love letters exchange between them in the war camps over a 5 year period. This book shows you the day to day life and what was endured. Does love conquer all?

    6. Bought this book after seeing the very moving documentary on NetFlix. It's a must read for all interested in world history in general and in particular, the stories of those who survived the infamous WW2 concentration camp horror. Compare with the recently published Two Rings

    7. Actual love letters sent between two people at concentration camps. It is amazing how they were able to get the letters to each other and how it is what kept them alive! Love is very powerful. I have often wondered what kind of things I would write in my own love letter!

    8. unsure how to review books with content that wasn't initially meant to be a book. this is a collection of real letters between two people who fell in love during the Holocaust. the twist (what is this, an elementary school book report?) is that the man is already married when they meet and his wife is in the same camp. most of the letters are written by Jaap, because Ina dropped the bundle of her letters, but both provide explanations to help explain the lettersere is also a film version of this [...]

    9. A very different story of the Holocaust, for this is one in which two prisoners fall in love in the midst of the horror and persecution. Jack (Jaap) and Ina knew of each other outside the camps, but fell in love while prisoners of Westerbork and Auschwitz. They would write on scraps of paper and sneak it to each other. Ina worked in a secretarial area and she would steal bits of paper and tiny pencils. For it was those letters that gave each a sense of hope. Sadly, Ina's letters were lost, but J [...]

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