Frankenstein This laugh out loud funny and devilish send up of Ludwig Bemelmans s Madeline is for little monsters everywhere Frankenstein is the scariest of all the monsters in Miss Devel s castle He can frighten

  • Title: Frankenstein
  • Author: Rick Walton Nathan Hale
  • ISBN: 9780312553661
  • Page: 361
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This laugh out loud funny and devilish send up of Ludwig Bemelmans s Madeline is for little monsters everywhere Frankenstein is the scariest of all the monsters in Miss Devel s castle He can frighten anything animals, parents, even rocks Until one night, Miss Devel wakes up and runs downstairs to find that Frankenstein has lost his head

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    1. A brilliant and funny parody of the classic MADELINE; this picture has all the right pieces---accurate parody, clever writing, spot-on and subtle illustrations. This could be used in a high school English class to teach the art of parody!

    2. I loved Madeleine as a child. It was so French and tragic. Well, along the same lines, little Frankenstein wakes up in the night and is found because something is not right. It is a little boy's dream book and a little girl's nightmare. Unsettling as it may seem to a mother or girlie stomach, my little boy loved it. We read it together, taking turns reading a page at a time. I enjoyed the parody. He has never read Madeleine which is tragic.Although perfect for Halloween, I would add this to any [...]

    3. When my kids brought this home from the library I was struck by the cover, which had a whiff of Ludwig Bemelmans' Madeline. It turned out this was the intent -- this monster book is an intentional parody of Madeline. Why, even the stamp on the cover says it is a CaldeNOT Horror Book.For me, it didn't really work. The concept is promising, but the execution didn't work for me. The story itself is dull: a group of monsters, and Frankenstein loses his head ("Something is not right!"). But that's ab [...]

    4. I felt let down by this book. The book is cute, don't get me wrong, but I didn't love it like I was so sure I would. I love the premise- playing off of Madeline, with a cute Halloween story. The actual result: similarities to Madeline, but it felt forced at times, way off at times, and the rhyme and rhythm also tripped me up at times. I would get it from the library and share it with a special child in your life. Not something I would come back to again and again.

    5. Wondering if this would work with a second grade class coming next week.The humor seemed to work, even though most of them didn't seem familiar with Madeline.

    6. Madeline is one of my all time favorite children's books, and this is a great parody of it. Everything is spot on, I just love it! I can't wait to do this one for storytime.

    7. A clever parody of the beloved classic. I recommend reading the original Madeline with children first, so they can compare the two.

    8. Alex is very into Frankenstein right now, it being (now just past) the Halloween season. We got this one from the library, and he enjoyed it, although not because it's a "Madeleine" parodyat part's for me. Not as good as "Frankenstein Makes A Sandwich" but perfectly acceptable for spooky bedtime reading.

    9. If you and/or your child grew up on Madeline, you will never stop laughing throughout this book. If not, move on to another title - this is definitely nothing but a huge inside joke for Madeline fans.

    10. I can't believe I didn't know this existed, I love Madeline! It was a super cute and fun parody about the mischievous little monsters that live in a castle with Miss Devel. Madeline fan or not, It's a must read Halloween book!

    11. 6 y/o review: this book is HILARIOUS! I liked how Frankenstein lost his head, then all the others lost their heads, but the teacher just left them with no heads because it was quiet!

    12. I enjoyed the Madeline books growing up and this parody puts a Monstrous twist on it! It tell the adventures of young Frankenstein and his Monster friends.

    13. Frankenstein by "Ludworst Bemonster," aka Rick Walton, is a great humorous, seasonal book to read to children when Halloween comes around. Miss Devel is the keeper of many monsters, goons, goblins and most importantly, Frankenstein. Frankenstein is the scariest monster in Miss Devel's castle and will scare anyone and anything from a pizza delivery man to rocks. One night, the castle is just too quiet so Miss Devel immediately thinks something is wrong. She goes down to the monster's room and fin [...]

    14. Frankenstein is a humor filled book that second and third graders would all get a kick from. I feel like this is the perfect book for children to read around Halloween time of course to get them in the Halloween spirit. This book has many pages that rhyme and I am a fan of children's books rhyming. I feel that the rhyming makes the children more interested in the book this way and I feel like it keeps the humor continuing by adding the rhyming. The illustrations are in great detail and are perfe [...]

    15. I picked up a copy of this at my local book store and couldn't resist reading it on the spot. If you're a fan of monsters and/or Halloween (whether you have kids or not) this is a purchase you won't regret. This is a monster spin on the classic Madeline books, featuring a little Frankenstein as the mischievous troublemaker in the story. I am both a fan of monsters and I grew up on the Madeline books so I was in heaven. I giggled through the entire book, which got me more than a few sidelong star [...]

    16. Frankenstein is the scariest monster of all out of all of the 12 monsters that live in the castle. Frankenstein can scare people out of their socks, he can scare rocks, and he even scares the animals at the zoo! But one night Miss Devel thinks something is wrong. So she gets dressed and goes downstairs and what does she find Frankenstein is missing something! What could it be? Read Frankenstein a Monstrous Parody to find out. The AR reading level on this book is 2.9 and the interest level is k-3 [...]

    17. Madeline’s lovers of any age will enjoy this monstrous parody. “In a creepy old castle all covered with spines, lived twelve ugly monsters in two crooked lines.” Mrs. Devel (the keeper) doesn’t have an easy time keeping an eye on her monsters. They yell, whine, wet their beds and even try to eat a reader’s dad. One day Miss Devel senses “something is not right” and discovers Little Frankenstein is missing his head. Dr. Bone is called in and the poor thing is taken to the hospital t [...]

    18. In a spot-on parody of the children's classic Madeline, the authors take readers on a hilarious romp through the creepy Miss Devel's castle where twelve little monsters dwell. They cause all sorts of havoc whenever they leave the castle, but when Frankenstein loses his head one night, the others are jealous of the new head and new screws he gets in the laboratory. Although Miss Devel insists that the story is finished, the rest of the characters are disturbed at being left hanging without new he [...]

    19. This Frankenstein tale is nothing like the classic book by Mary Shelley. The cover may mislead you to think it’s the original story just kid friendly, but soon you’ll realize it is its own individual story. This book is about young Frankenstein and his monstrous friends and family who includes a mummy, a vampire, even a werewolf. Then one day something terrible happens to Frankenstein and his family tries to fix him, but after will he still be the same Frankenstein?Rick Walton did a lovely j [...]

    20. Frankenstein is a tragic story of a unloved creature. The story is based around both Victor Frankenstein and his creation. Victor is a quite interesting character because he had a normal childhood up until his mother passed away caring for Elizabeth. The effect of his mother's death is important because its the reason the creature came to be. When his creation was born he became scared of it. The monster searched for acceptance but never found it from anyone. He Then promises to kill of his crea [...]

    21. A very good Madeline parody but a little dark and better suited for an older age group than the book it parodies.

    22. The expectation that I had for this book being one of my new favorites for a childrens Haloween book were high, yet I was intensly disappointed with how it ended. Frankenstein is about a group of 12 "school children" who live in a boarding school. Frankenstein himself loses his head, and then gets it reattached with two shiny bolts which the other children come to admire so much, that they want bolts to attach their own heads to their bodies. The majority of this story didn't make any sense to m [...]

    23. This is such a clever parody book. Rick Walton under the pen name of Ludworst Bemonster transform the classic story of Madeline in to a hilarious monster parody. "In an old house in Paris that was covered with vines, lived twelve little girls in two straight lines" is the opening line to the classic Madeline story and Rick Walton manages to seamlessly transform this line into "In a creepy old castle all covered with spines, lived twelve ugly monsters in two crooked lines." Children of all ages w [...]

    24. This book was nothing at all like I expected it to be. This book was about twelve monsters that leave the castle every night. When the monsters are out they yell, whine, and scare people. The author does do a great job at using rhyming in his story. I did not like the story at first until I made the connection that is was a Halloween parody on Madeleine. I liked that the illustrator used orange as the main color because it is a color a lot of kids think of when they think about colors that remin [...]

    25. This is a fun and gholish Parody of a classical favorite, Madaline. This story ishares what it is like to live in a creepy old castle for our twelve ugly monsters. They get to leave the castle each night where they yelled, whined, and scared peoples socks off. The auther has done a great job of paralleling the rhythm and pattering of Madaline. The illustrations are very well done in Halloween orange and do a great job of capturing the mood. Children will enjoy looking for those parallels as they [...]

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