A Social History of England

A Social History of England In this study Asa Briggs explores the changing English way of life from the Roman conquest to the present day He traces the cultural political and economic factors that have influenced England s soc

  • Title: A Social History of England
  • Author: Asa Briggs
  • ISBN: 9780140269543
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Paperback
  • In this study, Asa Briggs explores the changing English way of life from the Roman conquest to the present day He traces the cultural, political and economic factors that have influenced England s social history throughout the centuries.

    One thought on “A Social History of England”

    1. Really enjoyed this book, which I read for a college history class. Sadly, I kept getting failing grades on my papers even though I loved all the lectures and read the books with great enthusiasm. The prof couldn't explain at all why he was giving my papers failing grades. I later took them to an English prof who said she didn't see why either. It will always be a mystery and it was the only class in which I ever got poor marks. It didn't dissuade me from my love of history though, especially fr [...]

    2. Relectura d'un excel·lent treball que dóna a conèixer les vicissituds de la població anglesa, les repercusions sobre la societat dels esdeveniments històrics i dels avenços socials, científics i tècnics. Digne d'elogi les cronologies al final de cada període i els llistats finals de primers ministres i monarques, per a aquells que, simplement, vulguin una consulta més ràpida. Bona mostra que la història és molt més que batalles, llistes de reis i vicissituds de polítics.

    3. I recently read G M Trevelyan's 800 page History of England written in the 1920s which in comparison is far better then Brigg's 300 page 1980s effort. The latter is too superficial and very parochial. Trevelyan attemps to explore the impact of England on Europe, Ireland and the British Colonies and vice versa and so gives a much more complete and interesting story.

    4. Its good for an overview, its a bit dated now. There were no revelatory moments (but to be fair I didn't expect any - I was just looking for a different perspective and some interesting illustration!) A worthwhile read if you stumble over it in a charity shop

    5. Dated, but still a worthwhile read. The best of it, though, is the quality of print & all the beautifully printed illustrations. The quality of the paper stuck alone is something we just don't see too often anymore.

    6. This book was written in 1983, and covers England from its pre-history (before it was England) through to the beginning of the 1980's. The focus seemed to me to be more on economics and the developments of industry and communications and their effect on England than on how people lived their daily lives, though this is not unreasonable given the scope of the book and its size. And, like it or not, economics does govern all aspects of our lives. It did not leave me feeling very hopeful about Engl [...]

    7. I'm so sorry that I've finished this. I just hope that Asa has in his desk drawers the definitive 1,000+ page social history of England that will emerge to grace his final years and cement his place in . history.

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