Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Vol. 1

Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories Vol The sequel to the bestselling Kingdom Hearts manga series The door to Kingdom Hearts was sealed dealing a blow to the heartless and restoring the worlds to normal but Riku and King Mickey were trapp

  • Title: Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Vol. 1
  • Author: Shiro Amano
  • ISBN: 9781598166378
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Paperback
  • The sequel to the bestselling Kingdom Hearts manga series The door to Kingdom Hearts was sealed, dealing a blow to the heartless and restoring the worlds to normal, but Riku and King Mickey were trapped inside Now Sora, Donald and Goofy s search for their friends leads them to the mysterious Castle Oblivion where a hooded figure tells them, Ahead lies something you need,The sequel to the bestselling Kingdom Hearts manga series The door to Kingdom Hearts was sealed, dealing a blow to the heartless and restoring the worlds to normal, but Riku and King Mickey were trapped inside Now Sora, Donald and Goofy s search for their friends leads them to the mysterious Castle Oblivion where a hooded figure tells them, Ahead lies something you need, but to claim it, you must lose something dear But what could be dear than one s own memories

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    1. While I can definitely recommend reading this over playing the video game Kingdom Hearts: Re: Chain of Memories, I still can't highly recommend it because it doesn't quite capture the feel of the video game series. I'm a huge Kingdom Hearts fan and I've played almost all of the games, and Chain of Memories was my least favorite (at least so far). The biggest criticism I have with the manga is the added sense of humor, that was not in the original KH or Chain of Memories. Kingdom Hearts isn't all [...]

    2. Given that the first set of Kingdom Hearts manga didn't cover everything in the first game, I don't hold much hope that these two volumes had all the content of the game Chain of Memories. I couldn't get through the game because I was hopelessly confused by and bad at the card system the game uses. I think these two volumes provide a good overview of the game, but they probably aren't the same. The manga show Riku and Sora's journey's through Castle Oblivion side by side with each of them battli [...]

    3. Axel <3 I love Kingdom Hearts, game, book, whatever. It's amazing! :) (view spoiler)[*After finally reading the first/second Kingdom Hearts :P* Okay so yeah, I had grabbed this one by mistake but I finally got around to actually reading the first and second volume I had to bump this down a star, just check out why, I don't feel like really repeating myself ;) /review/show/ (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

    4. Well, CoM is my favorite of the Kingdom Hearts games (or re.CoM, rather), so I do have a soft spot for this particular arc of the manga. It follows the story of the game well, and I like all the extra characterization.And I still respect you, Vexen! *huggles* You are the bestest Evil Genius ever.

    5. Chain Of Memories Volume 1PLOT: Sora finds himself in an unknown area and found by a black hooded figure that guides him, Donald, Goofy, and Jimmy to Castle Oblivion where the hood gives a cryptic message and a card from Sora's memories. (Pro) The good thing is inside there's the possibility of them finding Mickey or Riku. Possibly both. (Con) But the more time they spend in the castle the more their memories will fade into oblivion. Should they chance it and go forward?MY THOUGHTS:(Gray area) I [...]

    6. Hm, is it exactly "cheating" when I'm behind in my goal to pick up a manga? Nah, because unlike last year, when I was rereading the entire Death Note series to catch up on my goal, I genuinely did reread this one more out of nostalgia than anything else. I have fallen down this serious Kingdom Hearts rabbit hole for the past couple of weeks for some reason, probably just pure nostalgia, so it was probably inevitable I'd give this another reread. And it's fun and cute! Better than I thought I re [...]

    7. it was a 4 stars because of the repeated storyline that happens in agrapah in kh1but then again a lot of important and emotional stuffs are mentioned in this one,i had some SERIOUS FEELS.The ending is mysterious and epic were coming to an important realization in the story.i am gonna share my favorite quotes:"the farther you go the more you'll understand the meaning of "to find is to lose and to lose is to find""my brain's forgotten but my heart remembers" ahhhhhhhh the feels and whats happened [...]

    8. The Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories manga confirms in literary form that it was useless addition to the series. Repeated bosses, repeated story lines, repeated everything-if convenient to the plot. Plus, I'm still sore about that card system. That card system may have been the precursor to what the wonderful Kingdom Hearth UX is now, but back when Chain of Memories came out, it was a baaaaaad idea. Plus, Jafar literally gets defeated THE SAME WAY as he did in KH1. How could one plot be the sam [...]

    9. This Manga is amazing, but there is a cliffhanger in the end. I was confused on the part whether Sora and the other characters lost their memory or not. The Heartless try to take away everyone's soul and trap them in a room full of darkness. Sora has a quest to save his friends from this dark room that accompanies this memory loss. The only way to accomplish that is by going through his own memories that create scenes which depict where his friends are. A card enters him in these scenes. He save [...]

    10. the book is descent but in the middle of the book it got sort of boring. then toads the end it sated picking up the to being a good book. the end of the book was descent. i thought it shad of bin differente beginning of the book was the best part i rekmind it but no promise its going to be goodke i said it desist.

    11. Shiro Amano's humour really shines the further I get into this series."I forgot all my abilities? Does that mean if I Dodge Roll it'll just be a regular somersault?!" D:

    12. Sequels as many may say, are 't as good as they predecessor, however some are quite successful, however Kingdom Hearts franchise has a bizarre tendency to released spin off or prequel or in between games that brought a lot of confusion along the way.If you all remember, in 2002 Kingdom Hearts came out for the first time, then later out came in not to far 2005, 2006 Kingdom Hearts 2. While playing the first game we are thrown with a different beginning, our all favorite cheerful protagonist Sora, [...]

    13. I actually have this game, too. The only one that I was able to complete was the PS2 version of the second game. The first one was way too hard (and it was a borrowed game so I didn't have time to finish it) and then I have this one but I haven't been able to complete it. The card system was a bit difficult for me to handle. I think that I should pick it back up again. Start all over from the beginning even though I'll have to get through Aladdin and Jack's worlds again. Oh, well. HAHAHA. I'm no [...]

    14. After the door to Kingdom Hearts was sealed with two hearts and two keyblades, Riku and King Mickey were trapped on the other side with the heartless. However, sealing the door did return the worlds to normal and deal a devastating blow to the heartless that were running amok. Before Kairi was forced to return to their island, Sora swore to her that he would come back someday with Riku! Now, by a mysterious man hidden behind a dark cloak, Sora is given the choice to either do nothing, or to lose [...]

    15. The original KH manga has always been hopelessly inferior to the game. There was just no way a manga could capture the emotion and nostalgia that the game had in abundance, especially since it was so short and not very well done in the first place. But with Chain of Memories, the manga series has had a huge push in the right direction. It may help that the game in question (Chain of Memories) was always about the story and never about the gameplay anyway, because it's able to just present the st [...]

    16. 2Q 2P M/J/SThis was the first manga book I have ever read so I have very little understanding of the genre. I would recommend this series to any young adult looking to decide if they would enjoy manga or not mainly because of the recognizable characters of Mickey Mouse (a king), Donald Duck (a magician), and Goofy (just his usual self). This is also the reason it was recommended to me by a student of mine who is a huge manga fan. Once I got used to the pages going backwards and figured out how t [...]

    17. I couldn't wait to read Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories since I had it on my shelf. I just got so caught up in the storyline that I wanted to know what was next for Sora, Donald, Goofy, Riku and Mickey. This sequel to Kingdom Hearts consisted of only two volumes, but one volume was about the length of two of the Kingdom Hearts. The journey continued as Sora, Donald and Goofy enter Oblivion Castle to search for Riku and Mickey. On this journey, they start losing their memories and get confused [...]

    18. I do enjoy the rendition of the video game especially in this form because this author knows hoe to draw the characters in a unique and cute way and also knows how to arrange the story so that it's funny and serious at the same time, in reality I've never actually finished playing the video game version but just reading this manga rendition lets me know the story so I don't have to go through all that trouble, and still keep up with the plot of the whole series. Overall I'd recommend this book t [...]

    19. I engoy reading this book. This is a pretty desent book. I would give it tree stars. Only becase you halt to read it backwards and im not used to it. the main charectars are goofy, dolnald the duck, sora and jimmy. There are on an adventure to find there freinds that got traped in diffrent worlds. There freinds have lost there meories and jimmy goofy donald and sora are slowly losing theres. The castle that they discoverd has a spell on it to whare if anyone enters they cant leve and they slowly [...]

    20. I recall getting bored with the card-based GBA game and reading it wasn't much better. as all it was was revisiting old places and losing memories it might have been more interesting had the relations between Sora's party and the inhabitants of the worlds been depicted in a more detailed manner (rather than simply land in a new world, fight Heartless, find a baddie and the hero of the story, and try to save the princess). It was just too repetitive, although the idea of visiting worlds made of y [...]

    21. Continued from the original Kingdom Hearts series, Sora, Donald, and Goofy find Castle Oblivion and begin to lose their memories. Organization XIII is introduced, and a plot starts to develop in the previously rather directionless story. The series starts to get better with this book, but it goes from the overly simple Kingdom Hearts to a hard to follow with lots of similar looking character story.

    22. Very cute but I don't know the chronology as I'm also currently reading the first series and I swear I have volume 1 of Kingdom Hearts II which comes before this. Also it jumps worlds a little too quickly and there's really not much of a plot just fighting heartless everywhere and meeting new Disney characters. I really would like to see a longer American adaptation of this from BOOM or Kaboom as they're now called write them y'all. I did.

    23. After sampling the games, I got really into Kingdom Hearts. So yesterday, I curled up under my KH blanket and began to read. I had already started playing Chain Of Memories on my GBA, so I thought it would be interesting to read the manga version. I had already read Vol. 1 & 2 of the first Kingdom Hearts, so this manga seemed promising. It did not disappoint. I was smiling and laughing and left wondering what's going to happen next. Never a dull moment when Heartless are involved. =)

    24. Fantastic, very fun and humourous, although without playing the games or reading previous books you can be lost immediately.

    25. I absolutely love Kingdom Hearts. The manga is more of a comedy version of it. If you're a fan of the video game, the Kingdom Hearts manga is something I would definitely recommend. This is based off Chain of Memories of course. Sora, Donald and Goofy have come to Castle Oblivion and forgotten everything. They have to travel through the castle to try to get their memories back and find King Mickey and Riku.

    26. I have always appreciated this link (pardon the pun) between KH1 and 2. One would wonder why on earth Sora was in such a position had they not read this or played the DS game. This installment is a step up from the KH1 manga, as the chapters are longer and transitions are more seamless. The artwork is improving somewhat, too, while remaining faithful to the original character designs. A very well thought-out manga!

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