Every Good Boy Deserves Favour & Professional Foul

Every Good Boy Deserves Favour Professional Foul None

  • Title: Every Good Boy Deserves Favour & Professional Foul
  • Author: Tom Stoppard
  • ISBN: 9780571112258
  • Page: 202
  • Format: Hardcover
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    One thought on “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour & Professional Foul”

    1. Another two amazing plays by the Czech-born British writer Tom Stoppard. The first play is a black comedy about how the Soviet Union used to treat political dissidence as a form of mental illness. "Two men share a cell in a psychiatric hospital. Alexander is a political prisoner, Ivanov a genuine mental patient who hears an orchestra in his head. Around this Stoppard weaves a work, reconciling wit and anger, that reminds us that one of the worst features of tyranny is its ability to reorder real [...]

    2. "Professional Foul" is a TV play from the late 70s. The main characters are professional philosophers, attending a conference on ethics in Prague. The central tension of the play concerns a humorless British moral philosopher who believes in unbreakable moral principles and a former (Czech) student of his who is in trouble with the authorities and asks the prof to smuggle his doctoral dissertation out of the country. The humorless prof thinks that he shouldn't do this because he's a guest of the [...]

    3. Stoppard, Tom. EVERY GOOD BOY DESERVES FAVOR. (1977). ***. This drama by Stoppard is subtitled, “A Play for Actors and Orchestra.” The play as printed, therefore, is incomplete without the musical score written and performed by Andre Previn. The play is about two men who are both named Alexander Ivanov, although, since one is called Alexander and the other is called Ivanov, we don’t know that they share the same name until near the end of the play. Alexander finds himself in a mental hospi [...]

    4. A brilliant meld of theater and music. The production also exists on LP (from the Stone -er- Vinyl Age,) and is vital to getting the full impact of the orchestra as a character.In English, perhaps more than in any other language, words can be used to obscure meaning, to equivocate. Music cannot. Music, if it may be considered a language, bypasses the reasoning centers of the brain and directly engages the emotive. EGBDF is a theater piece about semantics. A seven-character play written for six a [...]

    5. A book of two plays so I will give them seperate reviews but the 4 star at the top is for the book overall :)Every Good Boy Deserves Favor: A great play which starred Ian Mckellen as Alexander and Patrick Stewart as Doctor in it's original production. Great story involving the mentally ill and their captors and an interest debate about what is mental illness and censorship :)Professional Foul: Not as a good as the last but still a good, interesting read :)

    6. I can't remember reading Every Good Boy Deserves a Favour but a can't find Professional Foul on it;s own When I read Professional Foul I remember being really taken with the way the story seems to be about football and then becomes about so much more.

    7. EGBDF- another incredibly clever play. Would have been easier to appreciate all the subtleties if I'd known more about Czech dictators and revolutionary movements when I read it.

    8. Why do so many reviewers draw no distinction between being conversational with other people's ideas and having your own? Professional Foul is yet another Stoppard play that reads like small talk on Aristotle.

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