The Memory of Water

The Memory of Water Slade Harris will do anything for a story including murdering the woman he loves Slade doesn t think twice about jumping out of a plane or conducting disastrous love affairs to gather material for hi

  • Title: The Memory of Water
  • Author: J.T. Lawrence
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 231
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Slade Harris will do anything for a story, including murdering the woman he loves Slade doesn t think twice about jumping out of a plane or conducting disastrous love affairs to gather material for his work, but his self indulgent life is catching up with him Stumbling through his late thirties hopeless and a little drunk, Slade has a dazzling, dangerous idea which willSlade Harris will do anything for a story, including murdering the woman he loves Slade doesn t think twice about jumping out of a plane or conducting disastrous love affairs to gather material for his work, but his self indulgent life is catching up with him Stumbling through his late thirties hopeless and a little drunk, Slade has a dazzling, dangerous idea which will change his life forever It s going to be Slade s ultimate story and all he s hoping for is to survive it.

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    1. "Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered"Unconventional. Extraordinary. Frustrating. Confusing. Erotic. Exotic. Neurotic. Impossible to put down. It's one of those books you need to be crazy to read and crazy not to read, in equal measure. When you get to the end, and there's no other choice but to get to the end, you'll be thinking about the convoluted plot for days. Superb story from a very talented writer.

    2. I am such a sucker for conspiracy theories, murder mysteries, Cluedo boardgames, Dallas, Twin Peaks. You get the picture. And obviously J.T. Lawrence also got the picture. And she did so not disappoint me!Jay Gatsby kills Hemingway in the library with a porcelain knife and they chat about it over a drink while picking up ladies in a dodgy bar. Yes, that is exactly what is happening in this enticing story by one of the most versatile authors I've ever had the pleasure to read. Wait, that makes me [...]

    3. I have yet to read anything the amazing J.T. Lawrence has written that I don't enjoy, but this book blew my mind. About half way through, I thought I had figured it out, I was so impressed with myself, thought I was the shit and then BANG, J.T. Lawrence slaps me across the face and whispers "I'm not done with you yet".I found myself being irritated by Slade, shouting at him to do the opposite thing to what he was doing at that moment, but at the same time thoroughly enjoying the 'car crash' that [...]

    4. Wao I had my doubts with this one at first, but the twists make me this book a new favorite. I have to admit that Slade didn't catch me the first time he sounded like a bad person, maybe he was but maybe just too wild? and the plot and the conspirations were so huges and amazing, really a thriller fan dream. if you're into noir novels this is the one you should pick up.

    5. This wasn't my first date with The Memory of Water as I had previously read the book. I'm a huge fan of audio books, and this is an excellent example of a good book transforming into a great book via Audible. Although Slade isn't the most lovable character, it's clear he's a victim of circumstances and the person he hurts most is himself. I was desperate to take him home, clean him up and give him a good, home cooked meal. The mystery surrounding Eve consumes most of the book and I so wanted Sla [...]

    6. Audiobook review Absolutely brilliant story. So many things happen & link together so well! My imagination was running riot with this book. Murder, mayhem, is this real, imagined?! Sex scenes but not on & on which is great to me. Narrator was great. Very smooth voice and it flowed.

    7. This settles it, Janita can basically write any genre and I would read it. The way she draws you in no matter what her subject is, just blew my mind. At first, I was a little sceptic about the book, as it doesn’t fall within my normal genre’s but then I read it and she has opened a whole genre for me. I listened to the audiobook of The Memory of Water, the narrator has a rich, deep voice that lulls you into a false sense of security, and then Janita’s words rock your world and make you thi [...]

    8. It's no secret that I'm a Lawrence fan. I'll read anything she puts out, and I'm always left satisfied. This one was no exception - I loved it. I swallowed this book whole within days, and every night I found myself saying 'just one more chapter' over and over again. And the ending! Oh the ending! I won't give it away, but she definitely left me stupefied. Great read, interesting main characters, page turner.

    9. Whoa. That ending thoughI don't even know what to say without spoiling it but the story was elegantly played out. I was almost fooled.

    10. Get ready for a psychological thrill ride. Follow this author through an adventure, romance, and emotional healing. Or is it a complete break down? Maybe you get to decide.

    11. Ah! So good! I thought I had it figured out, thought I knew how it was going to end and then the ending came and smacked me upside the head. Such a great book that kept me on my toes and interested!

    12. ( Format : Audiobook )" like a fly in amber"There is perfect synchronicity of written text and narrator as J.Austin Moran becomes Slade, an author who has hit a writer's block and is being hounded by his agent and publishers to produce his already well overdue contracted book. He has spent the advance money and now is also getting into debt with, amongst everything else, his house repayments. And he still has no idea what to write.This book is written in the first person, Slade's meandering remi [...]

    13. At first I wasn't sure about old Slade Harris and his suffocating self-destructive attitude. For at least 30% of the book, I really did wonder where this was all going. But I kept reading because, for all of his faults, he was a rather interesting character (I guess that's why someone as lovely as Eve is friends with him?).Things really got going for me in the middle of the book. (view spoiler)[The mystery. The suspense. Did he? Didn't he? If not him, then who? And then the ending fell a bit apa [...]

    14. Slade Harris is an author who likes to experience life's highs and lows to feed his writing. He still carries around the scars from a family tragedy - as a child his younger sister drowns, and the family are torn apart. He finds himself struck by writers block and with the pressure on to produce his next work he finds something new to motivate him. He plots the murder of his friend and would be lover Eve. When she is then killed in the same manner as he planned suspicion soon falls on him. Did h [...]

    15. Memories, Real and ImaginedThis book is a dark journey into a bewildering maze of memories and experiences, some real, some imagined. It is not a book you would pick if you want some lighthearted beach read that will pass the time while you doze in the sunshine and will be forgotten when the sun sets. If you like a book that presents you with an intriguing exercise of your intellect and your emotions, if you like a book that takes you places that a normal, sane, and even tempered person never ex [...]

    16. Haunted by his past, suffering from writer's block and having spent the advance for his next book, novellist Slade Harris begins to plan a theoretical murder in order to get himself working again. But when the events of his outline start to play themselves out for real he's pitched into a plot that he can't control and where fiction and reality begin to blur.Set in modern day South Africa the action moves from affluent suburbs to seedy townships. There are enough local references to provide atmo [...]

    17. A Very interesting bookThis book is full of good insights into the writing process and to boot it's an exciting thriller full of mystery. The main character Slade is rather obnoxious and full of himself, but events conspire to make him rethink his life. He is funny and has some sad dark events in his past. The descriptions of his writing and writer's block are true to form. Great sex scenes! The plot wraps around itself like a Mobius strip. Indeed, as a cover blurb said "Unique! Compelling !" Tr [...]

    18. I thought this book was FAMAZING!I had to re-read the ending twice just to make sure I understood what had ACTUALLY happened because for a second I was entirely confused that it could NOT be how it ended!It was incredibly gripping and for me it was enjoyable from the start to the end.This isn't the sort of genre I regularly read and I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did.The story follows Slade who is the strangest and craziest guy you can think of and this is what kept me hooked becaus [...]

    19. I have had this book for a few months now and have only had the time to read it the last couple of weeks. I wish I had had the time sooner and I could not put it down once I picked it up. For those who love to be surprised with twists throughout the book, it's the right choice for you, as well as for those who love a great storyline that can be followed with ease. Definitely a really good read that I will pick up again!

    20. Slade Harris what more can I say! Written in 1st person this book draws the reader deep into Slade's thoughts, life & personality. You either will love him or hate him! But I actually felt sorry for him as unforeseeable events unfold around him. A fast paced dark, thriller that keeps you on the edge. There's a twist in the end that I could not stop thinking about for a few days after finishing this book - what was real & what did he imagine?

    21. Excellent.I loved this book. It was very different from my usual choice of book. The author kept me hooked from the very start. It had great twists throughout the book. It was refreshing not knowing what was coming next due to the increasing paranoia of the the lead character. As he grew more paranoid the book got more intense. The twists at the end were unexpected but well written. I'd highly recommend this book and I'm fast becoming a huge JT Lawrence fan.

    22. WOAAAAAAAH. My mind is blown. Absolutely blown. Why this novel hasn't been picked up by a major publishing house truly astonishes me. This novel screwed with my head entirely and I was jubilant the whole way through. LOVE the characterisation, the setting, the dialogue: everything. This was an absolutely genius book to read.

    23. I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review. This is not "my kind" of book, but I really enjoied listened to it.The writer builds the characters so you feel like you really know them. It makes the story more engaging. J. Austin Moran II did a pretty good job narrating this book.

    24. What an exceptional page turner, I was completely engrossed in the story and every time something new popped up to thicken the plot I actually found myself thinking "what the??" Twists and turns galore and in a way I am actually still quite perplexed about how it all played out.Clever writing, excellent plot!A must read

    25. WOW! It's so different from her scifi Boy does this author have range. It's steamy and gritty, twisty and turny and just when I thought I had it all figured out and even had my theory confirmed, she spun around and blew it all up in a fiery explosion of "Gotcha!"Sneaky trickster. Excellent book.

    26. Unsettling!This story is written well and draws you in but I found it very strange and a little weird!, but maybe I am not in the right frame of mind at the moment to review it fairly?

    27. Page Turner with an unexpected twistI read this in one session,clever plot which appears standard murder/mystery but with a frantic witty style that keeps you hooked right to the twist at the end-highly recommend!

    28. Entertaining Loved the writing style of this book. It was entertaining humorous with plenty of twists and turns even to the end. The main character captivates you and holds you brilliantly.

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