La cucina degli ingredienti magici

La cucina degli ingredienti magici Dopo l improvvisa scomparsa dei genitori Ginny una ventiseienne riservatissima e patologicamente timida abituata a vivere in un suo mondo protetto fra le pareti domestiche cerca consolazione nella

  • Title: La cucina degli ingredienti magici
  • Author: Jael McHenry Elisabetta De Medio
  • ISBN: 9788863800708
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Dopo l improvvisa scomparsa dei genitori, Ginny, una ventiseienne riservatissima e patologicamente timida, abituata a vivere in un suo mondo protetto fra le pareti domestiche, cerca consolazione nella cucina di casa e fra le ricette di famiglia Da sempre cucinare per lei una scappatoia quando non riesce a reggere l angoscia, ma questa volta il profumo corposo e piccanteDopo l improvvisa scomparsa dei genitori, Ginny, una ventiseienne riservatissima e patologicamente timida, abituata a vivere in un suo mondo protetto fra le pareti domestiche, cerca consolazione nella cucina di casa e fra le ricette di famiglia Da sempre cucinare per lei una scappatoia quando non riesce a reggere l angoscia, ma questa volta il profumo corposo e piccante della zuppa della nonna fa apparire in cucina un ospite inatteso il fantasma della nonna stessa, morta vent anni prima, che le sussurra una frase sibillina Non permetterglielo prima di scomparire Un ammonimento che la mette in allarme Che cosa non deve permettere E a chi Forse alla sorella Amanda che, abituata a organizzare tutto, ha deciso di vendere la casa in cui hanno vissuto i genitori e la sorella fino a quel momento Ginny non avrebbe mai pensato di doversi trasferire, ma ormai rassegnata all idea, incomincia a radunare le cose a cui tiene di pi e in questa sua ricerca scopre dei segreti sepolti negli angoli pi remoti una lettera della madre nascosta nel camino della camera da letto, fotografie del padre con una donna di cui lei ignora l identit Via via pi desiderosa di conoscere la verit , pensa di trovarla nelle parole dei suoi cari richiamandone i fantasmi attraverso le ricette da loro ereditates recipes, raise their ghosts, and ask them.

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    1. Reason for Reading: The main character has Asperger's, as do I, and I make it a habit of reading books that portray Aspies.First, I'd like to mention that this is as far from my regular type of reading as it gets. I don't *do* women's fiction; no matter what the topic I stay very, very far away from it. But when I was introduced to this book I saw the protagonist was Asperger's and I didn't really pay attention to anything else. I just wanted to read it.I loved this book with a passion. I read i [...]

    2. A young woman with Aspberger's coming to terms with herself while grieving the death of her parents. Ginny has always been "different". What has been apparent to her parents, has been kept from Ginny. Ginny has coping skills which include food, it's tastes,textures and smells. So when situations threaten Ginny she conjures food or she cooks. Reluctantly brought out of herself by circumstances and those around her, Ginny slowly starts to see life beyond the walls of her family home. A healthy dos [...]

    3. This is actually my favorite kind of book. It's about something relevant but also about something else much more relevant. It reminds me of The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake which is about a girl who feels what people feel when they cook the food. But it's really not. It's about coping skills or it's a little story about growing upThis book is about Ginny who is 26 years old and has a personality. At least that's what she's always been told. Secretly, Ginny has never been officially diagnosed [...]

    4. I would probably rather give this book 3 stars for effort, and only 2 stars for result. I get the sense that Ms. McHenry isn't quite sure what she herself wants this book to be: A "cause" book (informing the public about aspbergers), a book about cooking, a book about relationships, a book about grieving or simply a narrative about life. In any event, I don't think she accomplishes any of these particularly well. I expected to like this a lot better than I did. And I admit that I stuck with it, [...]

    5. The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenry is the story of a young woman, Ginny, who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome and overcomes her perception of herself as a social outcast through an eventual acceptance and love for who she is as an individual. In my belief, this novel is certainly quite an interesting read as it provides a perspective of the world from the eyes of a person who is not quite the same as the rest of us. There is not much physical action used to develop the plot of the story as a [...]

    6. Won a copy of this from MangoJuiced. My review is originally posted here.Ginny has never been good with people – she doesn’t like strangers and she doesn’t like talking to people. She’s not comfortable with physical contact and only allows a handful of people to touch her. She lives with her parents, in the house where she grew up and fills her days with cooking. Food comforts her and that’s what she uses as a coping mechanism. Here’s a sample of the writing and how Ginny uses food t [...]

    7. Ginny Selvaggio is a 26-year-old with Asperger's Syndrome whose parents have died suddenly in an accident. Cooking is her stress outlet, and quite by chance, she realises she can summon ghosts when she cooks from recipes written in the person's own handwriting. But she only has a short time with each of them before the fragrances of their dishes waft away, and visits are limited to once only.My heart warmed to Ginny straight away. She couldn't avoid a complex that she lacks something essential, [...]

    8. I love, love, loved THE KITCHEN DAUGHTER, it was one of those books that you pick up and are unable to put it down willingly for even one minute. Ginny is 26 and still lives at home with her parents, she doesn’t work and never finished university, her parents provide for her. Ginny has all the earmarks of having Asperger’s but has never been diagnosed. Instead her parents encouraged her to depend on them no doubt thinking they were doing the right thing protecting Ginny from distress of know [...]

    9. Ginny Selvaggio has just lost both of her parents and from the beginning of the novel, we readers understand that Ginny is different. She probably has Asperger Syndrome. But what keeps her grounded is her cooking, and she cooks from her recipe box - recipes of dead people .Each time she finishes the recipe, a ghost is sitting in her kitchen. Her Nonna tells her, "Don't let her."Who? and what? Her domineering and protective sister wants to sell the house. But that would disrupt Ginny's routine an [...]

    10. The Kitchen Daughter follows the life of 26 year old Ginny, a young woman with quite the “personality”, as she likes to call it. Ginny is suffering from Asperger’s syndrome and food seems to be her only escape from the social awkwardness of the real world. This book helped me to appreciate what goes on in the head of one with such a syndrome and how everyday social interactions we take for granted are nightmares for those with Asperger’s and autism. Ginny is lost after her parents death, [...]

    11. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Ginny has been sheltered for most of her life by her parents because she has Asperger’s. Then her parents die in an accident and Amanda, Ginny’s sister, wants to sell the family home and have Ginny live with her and her young family. Ginny is resistant to the idea. In her grief she takes comfort in food and makes her Nonna’s recipe. As she cooks it the ghost of Nonna enters the room with a warning for Ginny. Only she doesn’t understand what she it is she i [...]

    12. After the sudden death of her parents, Ginny is left feeling isolated and unsure of what to do. Her sister, Amanda, is trying to cope with the tragedy in her own way, but she doesn't really know how to look after Ginny, who has Asperger's syndrome. Ginny throws herself into cooking, because nothing else seems to be able to address her intense sadness the way cooking and food does. The first time, she makes a bread soup from a recipe written by her grandmother. Even before she could relish the aw [...]

    13. I picked this book up because it looked so interesting and off-beat. The main character and narrator of the book has Asperger's syndrome, is in her "happy place" whenever she is in the kitchen cooking, and discovers she can summon the ghosts of people by cooking the old, hand-written recipes they left behind. Honestly, how quirky is all of that? It turned out to be more than I expected. The book is a view into the mind of someone with Asperger's (or high-functioning autism) without pigeon-holing [...]

    14. Ginny Selvaggio is twenty-six-years-old and attending the funeral of both her parents on a cold December day in Philadelphia. She lives in the family home alone, now that her parents are gone. Her older, domineering sister, Amanda and her husband, Brennan, and their two girls, Shannon, and Parker live in Jersey. Ginny has Asperger’s Syndrome which is a rare and relatively mild autistic disorder characterized by an awkwardness in social interaction and by the development of restricted interests [...]

    15. This whole attempt to read nice, fluffy, happy books for a while is not working.Full review may come eventually.(NOTE: that cover blurb needs to be re-thought. Nice one, labelling the main character when: she herself refuses that very label/it isn't even brought up til halfway through the book/you pretty much gave away all the plot right there)

    16. In my perspective, this book was certainly different from most books I have read in the past. Not many books have this unique feature that most books have, which is its way of describing and using figurative language effectively. McHenry writes in a style where she compares objects with the senses of food, “Her voice was like a regular spearmint, clean, and cool, but the laugh was a gum bubble popping.” I loved the way McHenry is different in her description of writing. Her way of writing al [...]

    17. The Kitchen Daughter is an insightful and engaging debut by Jael McHenry. Ginny Selvaggio is a young woman whose social awkwardness and literal interpretation of the world has caused difficulties in accomplishing tasks usually associated with maturity. At 26 she still lives at home, doesn't work and relies on her parents to provide for her. Her parents, in particular in her mother, has encouraged Ginny's dependence in what has been a misguided attempt to protect Ginny from distress and judgement [...]

    18. A favorite book for me! I loved the characterization; each person seemed so real! And I believe the lack of communicative ability was accurately depicted. Or perhaps more accurately, the discomfort with typical interactions would be a more accurate statement/description. Ah, and those family dynamics! How they can change when elder family members are no longer around in everyday life. Ginny can seem much like a defiant teenager, though she really is not, in my opinion. Thanks to her mother she h [...]

    19. This book came up in a book group, and I assumed it was "just chick lit" which usually seems to me superficial and silly and which I don't normally read. But since it was a book group selection, I ordered a used copy. Took a lo g time to arrive and was a pretty fast read when it did. And surprisingly insightful.Ginny and Amanda have recently lost their parents to a freak accident where they were staying on an extended vacation. The story opens at the funeral where Ginny is trying very hard to ho [...]

    20. Loved it. One more good book down! Read this for my Tuesday Night Girl's Club discussion which is tonight. Looking forward to talking about it with the gals. I made the shortbread recipe in the book for the discussion - one batch with real butter, the other dairy free - yummo! Recipe worked perfectly.

    21. A quick and easy read. Interesting story which lends itself well to gaining a better understanding of what a person with Asperger's may experience. I really enjoyed the author's culinary descriptions but otherwise, the characters and plot really aren't that memorable.

    22. The Kitchen Daughter, a compelling novel by Jael McHenry, follows the life and events of Ginny, a girl with Asperger's Syndrome. The novel as a whole was quite enlightening in several ways. For one, McHenry’s insight into the characteristics and personality of an Asperger’s victim was very interesting to understand. I can assuredly say that it provided me with a perspective I had never seen before. I was intrigued by the simple canvas that McHenry decides to use in her novel, as it underscor [...]

    23. Overall, I enjoyed Jael McHenry’s novel. McHenry adds a dash of the supernatural, a pinch of love, and creates a delicious and enticing novel. This is my favorite kind of novel because the author takes a relatable event, like one’s parents passing, and makes it unique. Most of all, I appreciate her response to a modern issue -- finding the definition of normal. The main character struggles to define the true meaning of normal and, in turn, defines herself as normal. However, McHenry fails to [...]

    24. This was one of those books that you start reading without really knowing what to expect. The publisher's blurb promised ghostly magic, cooking, an unconventional heroine with Asperger's Syndrome, and a lot of family drama. I wasn't really anticipating learning everything that I did and enjoying the story quite so much. It was a real treat to lose myself in this sweet and uplifting debut novel. The author has done an amazing job of creating memorable and endearing characters. She has the reader [...]

    25. Ginny Selvaggio has Asperger’s syndrome. It is a disorder that causes people to not be able to communicate sociably and effectively with other people. Unfortunately, there is no cure currently. For this reason, Ginny is very protected by her older sister, Amanda. When Ginny and Amanda’s parents die, Ginny seeks solace within the confines of the kitchen. There Ginny finds old recipes. She takes to trying them out. The first one is a recipe for the “Best Ribollita”. The recipe was Ginny’ [...]

    26. Ginny, a twenty-something chef-extraordinaire finds solace in her family kitchen as a means of avoiding people (she doesn't like them) and the world around her (she doesn't understand it). Often referring to her Normal Book and multiple blogs and websites for advice and cooking information, Ginny lives a quiet life in the safe shelter of her mother and father. When they both pass away in an accident, Ginny must grapple with her world turning upside down, and to cope, turns to the kitchen's famil [...]

    27. I loved this book and couldn't put it down until I finished it. Ginny's voice is so fresh and different from the average female protagonist. I have read several nonfiction books about Asperger's and felt McHenry did an excellent job portraying a young woman with that syndrome. Ginny had Asperger's but the book became more about her acceptance of herself and reaching out to others in her life so that they would accept her as well. I am not a particularly good chef, I'm more of a baker, but I love [...]

    28. What a wonderful read given April is National Autism Awareness Month and the central character in this well written novel suffers from Asperger's Syndrome. The story, told from Ginny's point of view, is like a Sixth Sense/Ghost Whisperer type of tale. Ginny has a gift of contacting the dead via her cooking. Author Jael does a superb job mixing food and mystique to create a deliciously written novel. Ginny's sister, Amanda, is very controlling and limits Ginny to her autism. However, cooking "nor [...]

    29. Book #34 Read in 2014The Kitchen Daughter by Jael McHenryI read this book in one sitting. It tells the story of Ginny, who seemingly suffers from Asperger's Syndrome, but it has never been diagnosed. Ginny's parents are killed in an accident and Ginny's sister Amanda wants to sell their house because she thinks that Ginny cannot live on her own. The sisters begin a power struggle. As if that is not stressful enough, the gap between the siblings widen when Ginny sees signs of her syndrome in Aman [...]

    30. L’innocenza non è un mazzo di chiavi. Non è che un giorno all’improvviso non ce l’hai più. È un percorso.Carino, anche se si perde in capitoli un pò "inutili" a volte. Ho dovuto rivalutare Amanda alla fine, perché prima non mi era piaciuta neanche un pò. Ginny a volte è un pò esagerata, ma se ha davvero la sindrome di Asperger ( e ce l'ha poi? non sono riuscita a capirlo alla fine ) direi che è comprensibile. Gert è fantastica, credo sia il personaggio migliore del libro e David [...]

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