Love and War

Love and War A tale of sizzling passion in a world consumed by the Civil War Beautiful and spirited Southerner Kitty Wright is torn between Rebel Nathan Collins and Yankee Travis Coltrane the dashing Cavalry offi

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  • Title: Love and War
  • Author: Patricia Hagan
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A tale of sizzling passion in a world consumed by the Civil War Beautiful and spirited Southerner Kitty Wright is torn between Rebel Nathan Collins and Yankee Travis Coltrane, the dashing Cavalry officer who can melt her heart with desire while sending fury coursing through her veins As war erupts, Kitty is abducted and ravished by a war crazed Rebel Rescued by YankeeA tale of sizzling passion in a world consumed by the Civil War Beautiful and spirited Southerner Kitty Wright is torn between Rebel Nathan Collins and Yankee Travis Coltrane, the dashing Cavalry officer who can melt her heart with desire while sending fury coursing through her veins As war erupts, Kitty is abducted and ravished by a war crazed Rebel Rescued by Yankees, she is held captive and thrust into the battlefields to help tend the wounded But from the first moment Travis Coltrane ignites and satiates the wild, raw desire in her that she never knew existed, she realizes her heart is imprisoned as well as her body Hating Travis for his Yankee loyalty, while loving him despite their different worlds, Kitty struggles with her guilt over Nathan, the Rebel to whom she is promised all while struggling to survive as the world explodes around them all Warning This sweeping Civil War saga features accurate and graphic descriptions of battlefield wounds, nursing, and the brutality of war.

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    1. Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestEdit/09/01/17: Does anyone know why these books were removed from the Kindle store? All the Coltrane titles used to be up there for sale, as well as some of her older bodice rippers, and I just checked back recently and it appears that even more of her titles were removed. What gives? Is there a publishing rights issue? A delicate sensibilities issue? I must know. I wanted to buy all her books in ebook formatOne of the greatest things about the c [...]

    2. Ever since reading Sweet Savage Love this past April, I've often wondered if I'll ever encounter a non-Rosemary Rogers bodice ripper that has the same formula of crazy action, constantly clashing hero and heroine, vivid backdrops, and the seasonings and spices of traitorous bodies, endless abductions, rapes, murders, bloodshed, and - most important of all - compulsive readability.My friends, I think I found it.Kitty Wright is a heroine straight out of Rosemary Rogers' playbook. She's a girl who [...]

    3. h is a spitfire/hellion who screeches, stomps her foot and windmills her arms through life. Granted, she has a heart of gold and her outrage at slavery is certainly justified. But then she turns around and is all lovey-dovey with the guy who espouses the exact opposite view and is excited to fight for the South against dem damn Yankahs. Hypocrite much? Her convictions blow as erratically as the wind, it seems. While captured, savagely beaten and raped by a band of Southern marauders during the C [...]

    4. I absolutely loved this book. I cannot say enough about it. Ii agree with Karla that this rates right up there with Sweet Savage Love, which is my all time favorite book. SSL had it all and so did Love and War. It was a tough read as you were reading about the Civil War where so many young man bravely went into battle and lost their lives or were maimed and disfigured. Kitty was living her hell on earth with the carnage of war, being kidnapped numerous times and the rape. This was a grand book, [...]

    5. This was the first historical romance I ever read. Oddly enough, I found it in a pile of paperbacks in the back of my English classroom in 7th or 8th grade. I think the teacher's name was Mr Norton. As an adult looking back, the selection of books he had was oddly uneven and sometimes (like this one) kinda inappropriate for 12 year olds! But at the time, I just loved it. Kitty's father is a doctor, so when war breaks out, Kitty also works as a field surgeon for the south. She's hot as all hell, [...]

    6. Im not usually one to write reviews but i was so disappointed. Usually i love a book with rich history- it creates a scene that sucks you in, makes you feel apart of the book, but as i was reading what was supposed to be a "romance" i was expecting at least some type of well romance (call me crazy right?) instead i got a lot of history. and i mean a LOT of history. i cant really consider this to be a romance, the story went on forever, mostly describing the civil war and in wayyy to much detail. [...]

    7. I am a history buff and can be very critical of those who right historical romances. What I liked about Love and War was the authors careful consideration to history and facts. I have done research on some of the battles that she listed in the book and this being a free book from was a great way to introduce me to the author. You are swept up in the constant troubles of Kitty Wright who was the southern belle who wasn't like all the other girls and the fact that she has love triangles, drama, a [...]

    8. This was a very well written book taking you through the ups and downs of the civil war. While I really enjoyed the love story aspect, the end was a little abrupt and slightly disappointing for me (which is why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5). Overall a great read if you enjoy civil war romance novels!

    9. Another classic romance I read years ago when I was a teenager! I love Civil War era novels and I still remember this story. It certainly fits into the stereotypical bodice-ripper category but as I recall it was a good story and the characters go through a hellish time before the triumphant ending.

    10. If you adored Sweet Savage Love by Rosemary Rogers or her way of telling a story, you will like this book. Personally speaking, this book and Rosemary Rogers are just too un-PC even for my taste in bodice rippers.

    11. J'ai adoré! On est très loin de la romance habituelle qui fait rêver, soupirer d'envie Ici nous sommes plus dans une histoire, celle de Kitty au moment où la guerre de Sécession commence,où se mêlent scènes de guerre, de mutilations, de viols. Cette histoire ravira les lectrices qui aiment les vrais contextes historiques, avec des personnages forts mais où l'amour n'est pas forcément synonyme de rêve. Celles qui aiment les histoires romantiques à souhaits, passez votre chemin

    12. This book was okay. Based on the realities of the Civil War and all it's ugliness I was absolutely exhausted by the time I had finished reading. The thought of having to go through it all again with a 2nd book in the series well I just couldn't bring myself to download it. I guess I was more in the mood for a HEA.

    13. Read again, after reading many years ago. Very slow in the beginning, and gets a little repetitious at times. Good storyline

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