Undersea In a world flooded and irradiated by a nearly forgotten cataclysm generations passed all that remains of civilization clings to life in two war torn city sized submarines For fifty years the only p

  • Title: Undersea
  • Author: Geoffrey Morrison
  • ISBN: 9780984777921
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • In a world flooded and irradiated by a nearly forgotten cataclysm generations passed, all that remains of civilization clings to life in two war torn, city sized submarines For fifty years, the only peace between them has come from separation Now, young councilwoman Ralla Gattley has uncovered mysteries that will bring these two factions face to face, setting in motion eIn a world flooded and irradiated by a nearly forgotten cataclysm generations passed, all that remains of civilization clings to life in two war torn, city sized submarines For fifty years, the only peace between them has come from separation Now, young councilwoman Ralla Gattley has uncovered mysteries that will bring these two factions face to face, setting in motion events that will forever change their undersea world Along the way she meets Thom Vargas, a bored fisherman and aspiring drunk who merely wants to climb one rung on the social ladder Little does he know that single step may well put the fate of the world in his hands.

    One thought on “Undersea”

    1. This book really surprised me. Once I started reading, I was sucked into this new world order that existed below the sea. I did not really know what to expect when I purchased this as part of the Story Bundle, but it did not disappoint. The story is a unique take on future Earth and I found the characters appealing and easy to relate to. I was especially impressed with Ralla and the strength that the character possessed, but I have always been a sucker for strong female protagonists.

    2. Part of the Sci Fi story bundle, and as a Sci Fi story, the whole thing just doesn't hold water. The basic premise of the story is that a failed attempt to destroy/deflect an impending asteroid impact scattered radioactive debris over the planet, making the entire surface uninhabitable due to radiation and melting the ice caps, flooding the entire planet. The survivors of the entire human race live in giant submarines cobbled together from the hulls of surface ships.Wait, what? Melting the ice c [...]

    3. Geoffre Morrison's "Undersea" is a terrific read, and not just for sci-fi fans. A compelling premise and well-developed characters combine to create the quintessential page-turner; I inhaled this book in no time. Highly recommended!

    4. Innovative, a refreshing take on the future of humanity after countless 'we now have spaceships, laserbeams and robots! Hooray!' novels.

    5. The book in my opinion was well written. Though the suspension built in the end left me wondering what happened after all that turmoil and grief that Thom and Ralla had to go through.

    6. This book surprised me. I decided to read it without knowing much about it and it sucked me right in. The setting was very imaginative and very detailed. I really enjoyed all the little touches that made it more real. I don't want to give any of that away, because I think it was really fun to read.The author creates a lot of tension during the high points of the conflict. It was really hard to put this book down at times. I found the central characters likable and realistic, though they probably [...]

    7. A really great book, it is an intriguing world that the author has created, and a very action packed story. I look forward to reading more. I would have liked to see more background information about what forced the world's population under the sea in the first place and how the two different factions came to be at odds.

    8. Got this one as part of the Humble Ebook Bundle. Interesting plot about a scenario where humans have had to settle underwater in huge ships. Reasonably fast paced and good central characters. A sequel would have been great.

    9. Once i had started this book, I could not put it down! A different take on the end of the world. Superb action sequences under the waves, and lots of suspense right up to thevlast page! Please Geoffry write a sequel!

    10. Undersea by Geoffrey Morrison is a gripping tale that should appeal to not just sci-fi fans, but to anyone who appreciates a well thought out story. The world Geoffrey created was detailed and believable, with characters that draw you in, and don’t let go. Well-paced, filled with action and humor, this book will not disappoint. The relationship between Ralla and Thom is intricate and very human with all the flaws, and warts that exist in reality. The technology is well integrated to the story, [...]

    11. Very enjoyable - if you liked Philip Reeve's Mortal Engines (Hungry City series) books this will suit you down to the ground. Doesn't Geoffrey Morrison know though that you only put out trilogies these days? What can he have been thinking writing a completely self contained novel?

    12. a wonderful story set in a post-apocalyptic underwater worlde characters really make this one. without the strong personality progression of the protagonists, this would be just another generic sci-fi entry (though i did appreciate the fact that this was not set in space, as so many other sci-fi novels are).well worth your time.

    13. TL:DR Version. Good book with a love story, submarine warfare, and a well written story line.Overall a great book. I got this book in the first Story bundle (Highly recommend a look at that if you haven't already) and I wasn't disappointed. It was a short read for me, finishing it in a day, but it was a good day of reading. The story line was well written, if the very ending could have been done a little bit better, but the authors view on a post-fallout world is not one I have seen before and o [...]

    14. Can I write a review based on 14% that I managed to read? I mean, I should have known there was something wrong with this book from the start, but I was too smitten with the underwater post-apocalyptic setting and the promise of an adventure with two bickering protagonists to worry about events happening too fast, clumsy descriptions and and overall attitude of a story written for kids.Suffice to say, I got the setting (whether I could believe in it is another matter) and I got two bickering cha [...]

    15. I thought this might be a bit like a Peter F Hamilton space opera under the sea (sea opera?) but it felt more like it was written for 12 year old boys. The plot idea was OK, but you really had to stretch credibility to plot pass and I found it rather difficult to grasp just how exactly they managed to create what seemed to be a normal functioning society complete with coffee and wine etc after being underwater in a giant submarine for 3 generations. And the love story was completely naff.Sorry, [...]

    16. This book was super awesome! Also, well written with likable characters and a great story that's told really well. I wouldn't have minded even more fleshing out of the characters, but otherwise this is an amazingly well thought out and crafted world. There's lots of action going on and one of the things I like most in a story - growth by the main characters, Thom and Ralla. Another thing I really like in a book is a strong female character and Ralla comes through in spades. I got this first book [...]

    17. Very interesting, well written book. It presents a scenario and follows things to logical conclusions, sets rules and keeps them. Interesting character development, too.The not so great? Well, it suffers a bit from the "this person is involved in *everything* that happens" syndrome, but that's par for the course in scifi, and I have learned to live with it.And this is totally petty of me, but whenever Mrakas Gatley was mentioned, I kept reading he's called "Maracas" and giggling, which kinda spo [...]

    18. Author Geoffrey Morrison has managed to create a world of believably advanced technology cobbled together from decades-old decaying parts, set in the depths of ocean water where natural sunlight, and radiation, never reach. Ingenuity and innovation are the keys to life in this world. The cast of fully fleshed-out characters feel like family members, even the really bad dude who needed to be on medshe is that crazy uncle nobody likes but has to deal with at family reunions.

    19. Great book!! I am a sci-fi lover and this book was a great read. There is plenty of action from beginning to end and the story line was great. I would recommend this book to any action or sci-fi lover.

    20. Un tanto difícil de leer, por tener muchos términos marítimos que desconocía, pero la historia es muy buena. Empezó un poco lento, sin embargo de la mitad hasta el final va acelerando el paso y se va poniendo cada vez más frenético. Me gustó mucho.

    21. Good premise and fast paced. Not badly written but a lot of typos and misspellings. Good story line and character development was steady. A very unique take on an "end of the world" scenario.

    22. GreatWas a really good book, if you're looking for an an exciting sub warfare and romance book, this is for you

    23. A nice, entertaining read. I'm a sucker for underwater action and this book delivered that in spades with some solid character work thrown in to boot.

    24. Good readI have to say that this was more of a unexpected surprise than I thought it would be. I liked the characters and the story line was ok

    25. I’ve read some bad books while searching through new authors, and while Undersea wasn’t the worst, it was up there. Geoffrey Morrison, the author, tells a story centered on two huge submarines where the majority of the world’s population lives after a nuclear war. The two subs are, of course, at war. There are some vague ideas that hint that the two subs were on different sides of the war and have continued it long after the nations that build them sunk under the waves. The world has been [...]

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