One thought on “శశిరేఖ [Sasirekha]”

  1. శశిరేఖసృష్టిలోని మాధుర్యం ప్రేమ అయితే ఆ ప్రేమకి అసలు సిసలయిన రూపం శశిరేఖ!గుండెల్లోకి దూసుకుని వెళ్ళిపోయే పచ్చి నిజం శశిరేఖ!చలం గారి ముద్దుబిడ్డ శశిరేఖ!చంచలం లాగ కనిపించే సంచలనం శశిరే [...]

  2. I've read Chalam's Maidanam a couple of years ago and loved it. So I was looking for more of his works and found a set of his novels in a bookstore recently. The first of those I read was Sasirekha.Sasirekha is the story of a woman and her love for 3 different men at 3 different stages in life. Chalam explores the concept of love at different stages of life so beautifully. As a teenager, she's attracted to Krishna who praises her and worships her like a deity. Once she matures and grows into an [...]

  3. ఇదంతా అర్థం చేసుకోవటానికి చాలా maturity కావాలి. పుస్తకం మాత్రం అద్భుతం!

  4. New thoughts on women and freedom. Can relate it to present day but surprised by the fact that the author was thought this way in those days. Food for thought. Good one.

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