Hold Fast

Hold Fast Michael turned fourteen in May By June both his parents are dead victims of a car crash And for Michael who has lived all his life in a small Newfoundland outport community this means being sudden

  • Title: Hold Fast
  • Author: Kevin Major
  • ISBN: 9780888995803
  • Page: 169
  • Format: Paperback
  • Michael turned fourteen in May By June, both his parents are dead, victims of a car crash And for Michael, who has lived all his life in a small Newfoundland outport community, this means being suddenly uprooted and sent to live with relatives in St Albert, a city hundreds of miles away.Hold Fast is the story of Michael s struggle to survive in his new environment In vMichael turned fourteen in May By June, both his parents are dead, victims of a car crash And for Michael, who has lived all his life in a small Newfoundland outport community, this means being suddenly uprooted and sent to live with relatives in St Albert, a city hundreds of miles away.Hold Fast is the story of Michael s struggle to survive in his new environment In vivid, honest prose, it depicts his fight against those who stand as threats to his pride in himself and his way of life the loud mouthed Kentson who makes fun of the way he talks at school, and his uncle who tries to rule life at home with an iron hand It is also the story of the friendship that develops between Michael and Curtis, his cousin, and of his new uncertain feelings for Brenda.

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    1. Well I knows I don't have a category for Newfoundland books, but son, I should. This one takes the cake and then some, I'm a telling ya. Gives this one an extra star for the voice. You reads it in your head, son, not on the page, and it flows on and on like the wind over the rock.Kept flipping back and forth whether this was a typical YA book. The protagonist is not always that likeable, but he is the unreliable narrator we are given, and I suppose through him we can see how how can learn to mak [...]

    2. Hold fast was very different for me from my usual ya fantasy/fiction read but it wasn't too bad nonetheless. The characters and plot weren't too bad. The language was very strange for me to read. I enjoyed how it took place in Canada vs the US or some future dystopian word, but at times I got bored and didn't really want to continue reading. All in all I would probably give it 6.4/10 stars because I didn't much enjoy it but it wasn't too bad, and I don't want to discourage other people that migh [...]

    3. More like 3.5 or 3.75 if that's not too precise. "Hold Fast" was a very, what's the word for it, satisfying read. It kind of reminds me of the books you need to read for school-they seem boring and simple and bleh, but when you read it, you for some reason really like it. The main thing I liked about "Hold Fast" would be the questions that came with the book. What does Hold Fast mean? Who is in the wrong, Michael or his uncle? What do I even make of most of the characters? I really love question [...]

    4. This was a great novel. It talks about a 14 year boy named Mike lives in Marten Nova Scotia. mike has just found out that his parents tragically died in a car crash. Mikes world is obviously turned right upside down. he has a younger brother who is having a roughtime with the loss of his parents not surprisingly and mike is having a hard enough time dealing with it himself that he comes off harsh with his younger brother not intentionally. mike and his brother end up being seperated and moving w [...]

    5. Michael had the perfect life. At 14 years old, he lived in the small fishing town of Marten in Newfoundland. He knew his friends his entire life and everyone enjoyed similar activities such as playing in the forests or fishing in the ocean. His grandfather, also his mentor, lived a few streets away. Michael also had a younger brother, Brent, who he loved dearly, but would never admit that. He did well in school and liked all of his teachers. But all of that changed suddenly when a drunk driver k [...]

    6. Fourteen-year-old Michael, from a small Newfoundland town called Marten, has just lost his parents in a car crash. He is left with his brother named Brent, his aunt Flo, and Grandfather. Aunt Flo takes responsibility of Brent but has no room for Michael since she already has his grandfather in the house. Michael is separated from Brent and sent to live with his cousin, aunt and uncle far away in a busy town named St-Albert. ““Nobody answered, Until Aunt Ellen spoke up, all full of life but n [...]

    7. When Hold Fast was first published in 1978 it was hailed as a landmark of young adult writing and established Kevin Major as one of the best Canadian writers of his generation. Only a month after Michael turns fourteen, his parents are killed in a car crash by a drunk driver. Michael grew up in an outport or a small coastal community, but moves to a city to live with his relatives. As one would expect, he is less than welcomed by his classmates. While it is also not a great surprise when he does [...]

    8. Liked the voice Michael's character had - even the way he just talked differently - & his strong beliefs in fairness & not being wronged, & his opinions on everythingHad to read this for my children's lit class - Michael & Brent's parents die & they're separated to live in different places & Michael's sent to live with Uncle Ted & Aunt Ellen with their son Curtis & Uncle Ted is fucking asshole, that army sergeant abusive POS - And Michael refuses to take his shit [...]

    9. One of the many inappropriately listed Young Adult books being used to tutor elite elementary students in the ways of the world. This one claims to be "a Newfoundland classic" with a protagonist heralded as the Rock's Holden Caulfield (according to the the Kirkus Reviews?). A ringing endorsement not to rush out and buy the Catcher in the Rye, if this statement is true. I suppose it is interesting to hear an authentic Newfoundlander's accent that doesn't slip into the obvious "aboot"s and "ayes-t [...]

    10. I should first say I was inspired to read this book because of some powerful arguments in its favour by Joel Thomas Hynes on bookfridge/ (Newfoundland and Labrador Reads Series). I think if I was thirteen, my rating for this book might have been higher. However, being thirty made it a little more difficult to get into it; it just felt a little juvenile. I have never able to understand the appeal of The Catcher in the Rye, so maybe it's just me. It is nice to see a book written from a teenage mal [...]

    11. Hold Fast is an amazing book talking about a young man going through so much pain and in the end, he still be happy. Michael had lost his parents in the beginning and he lost his grandpa in the end. Michael was soon sent to live his his uncle Ted which is a very rude and cruel person, so prove that he isn't all powerful, Michael and his buddy:Curtis, who is Ted's son, also ran away because he wanted to feel what freedom really is. On the trip to Michael's runaway plan, they have encountered many [...]

    12. Although this book was written over 30 years ago, it is still relevant and engaging. The novel is written in first person, in a colloquial way, that many teens/young adults can relate to. Only recommended for those interested in the inner thoughts and struggles of a teenager. The 14-year-old protagonist has been compared to Huckleberry Finn and Holden Caufield (Catcher in the Rye). It is set in small-town Newfoundland and includes mention of the traditions of the small fishing villages and uniqu [...]

    13. I love Michael's confidence and the way he stands up to his uncle and gives his cousin help to stand up to him too. I also love the Newfie accent which you can hear as you read it. In case you need some help 'hearing' it, enjoy:youtube/watch?v=-vWlI

    14. amazing i was actually asked to read this from my school bookclub and i am actually surprised by how great this book is. personaly i dont think i would have ever picked the book up from the shelf if i saw it just like that but i reccomend this book actually amazing message being said in the book.

    15. Loved it - written in 1978, it still holds up - a powerful and empowering novel - a true Canadian classic

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