Be Careful What You Wish For...

Be Careful What You Wish For Make a wish Samantha Byrd is a klutz An accident waiting to happen She s the laughingstock of the girls basketball team And that mean rotten Judith Bellwood is making her life miserable on and off th

  • Title: Be Careful What You Wish For...
  • Author: R.L. Stine
  • ISBN: 9780590557030
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Make a wish Samantha Byrd is a klutz An accident waiting to happen She s the laughingstock of the girls basketball team And that mean, rotten Judith Bellwood is making her life miserable on and off the court But everything s about to change Sam s met someone who can grant her three wishes For real Too bad Sam wasn t careful what she wished for Because her wishesMake a wish Samantha Byrd is a klutz An accident waiting to happen She s the laughingstock of the girls basketball team And that mean, rotten Judith Bellwood is making her life miserable on and off the court But everything s about to change Sam s met someone who can grant her three wishes For real Too bad Sam wasn t careful what she wished for Because her wishes are coming true And they re turning her life into a living nightmare

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    1. Θα έλεγε κανείς ότι έφαγα κόλλημα, μιας και αυτό είναι το τρίτο βιβλιαράκι της σειράς που διαβάζω μέσα στον μήνα. Ή απλά αυτά τα βιβλιαράκια είναι υπερβολικά ευκολοδιάβαστα και ευχάριστα, οπότε είναι και ο καλύτερος τρόπος για να περάσει γρήγορα η ώρα. Η Σαμάνθα είναι ένα δω [...]

    2. I would give this book two and a half stars.Be Careful What You Wish For stands out as one of the most interesting R.L. Stine books I have read. The plot turns unexpected corners and broaches the title topic in a balanced manner, subtly driving home the point with a harrowing story. The ways that Sam's wishes go awry are not obvious to the average reader (which already places this in rare company, for such a story), nor are they telegraphed before they should be known. Some of R.L. Stine's best [...]

    3. Samantha Byrd is full of anger. She has a nasty temper. She is 12-years-old and very tall. She is clumsy. Other kids make fun of her. Especially Judith. Samantha exacerbates this by yelling at them and getting into fights. I looked down at my brand-new shoes covered in gloppy yellow pudding. And that's when I lost it. I uttered an angry roar and went for Judith's throat. I didn't plan it or anything. I think it was temporary insanity. I just reached out with both hands and grabbed Judith by the [...]

    4. Μία ιστορία που σου προκαλεί έναν εσωτερικό φόβο και μια αγωνία που δεν είναι πάντα εύκολο να την περιγράψεις. Μια ιστορία που σήμερα φαντάζει τραγικά σύγχρονη, αφού ο σχολικός εκφοβισμός και η συναισθηματική βία είναι φαινόμενο των καιρών μας περισσότερο από ποτέ. Και ιστ [...]

    5. Defaulting to 5 stars because this is a book from my childhood. I cut my teeth on R.L. Stine and have always thought back to these books with a smile. This was such a fun step back in time too! Things are so different now. :/I didn't end up finishing this, because I gave it to my son to read and I picked up my adult book, lol, but I still love this series--how could I not?!

    6. Samantha Byrd is a laughing stock. She's a klutz. And, she's sick of it. She wished that all the people that ease her would stop. One day, after a hard day of school, she gets on her bike and starts to pedal home. But, as she approaches the street, an old and strange looking lady asks for her help to a strange pert of town. She takes her there, and as they arrive, the strange lady tells her she can have 3 wishes. At first she doesn't accept them, but then when she does, she makes a mistake, beca [...]

    7. Source: I own this book. Cost: Unknown Title:Be Careful What You Wish For Series:Goosebumps #12 Author:RL Stine Overall Rating:3 starsSamantha Byrd is the tallest girl in her class, she's smart, she's funny, she plays sportsThe only thing holding her back from being popular and liked, her clumsiness. She believes that she's the clumsiest person in the world and when Judith Belwood starts making her life a living hell, she wishes that she could change everything. Little does she know, she might a [...]

    8. I was never good in math, but I counted 6 wishes instead of three. Course a few were retracted, but still with my ADD I can't keep up.Be careful what you wish for is true when what you say has double meaning or can be taken multiple ways. Asking for someone to disappear is pretty clear, but you will read what actually happens. It's like saying 'I wish everyone would just leave me alone!" Thats a wish that can be taken two ways. They could leave you alone by not annoying you or bothering you anym [...]

    9. The main character was soo damn stupid.I get the whole "I want revenge" thing but even though she saw that her 1st wish backfired she made 2 more that were more stupid and selfish.Even when she was given a chance to bring back the things the way they were all she had in her mind was revenge and she ruined her life trying to ruin someone elses

    10. Buku ini aku baca waktu masih SMP. Tentu aja dalam versi terjemahan Bahasa Indonesia. Waktu jaman aku SD, SMP sampe SMA, buku R.L. Stine macem Goosebumps gini emang jadi pilihan paling sering buat kubaca (selain Doraemon, komik-komik serial cantik dan serial Lupus). Aku baca beberapa Goosebumps, tapi lupa apa aja. Dan yang paling kuingat adalah buku yang ini.Buku ini menceritakan tentang Samantha Byrd yang sering jadi bahan tertawaan teman-temannya di tim basket. Dia cewek yang tinggi, punya kel [...]

    11. Contains Spoilers!!!!!!Man, Sam is a complete idiot. Why did she wish Judith met the witch? She should have just left at "I wish I never met you". I think her first wish should have been, "I wish I wasn't a klutz". That would have been a good wish, All her other wishes were retarded! I didn't like this book, especially the ending. It was not appealing at all.I also realized that in almost every Goosebumps books the main character is 12 years old, there is a terrier at some point, someone has red [...]

    12. i thinked i love that story because of its lesson it tells to u cant always get everything and u have to put up with it i thinked it was so funny too.

    13. One of the few (if not the only) Goosebumps book that doesn't really have a monster or some otherworldly "thing" going on. Yes, you get wishes, but the villains are peer pressure and human cruelty.

    14. This was an ok book, I am a bit pissed that the vicim of the book pretty much got the shaft at the end.Sam is a normal girl except she is a bit too tall, very uncoordinated, and get picked on relentlessly. Of course her last name is Byrd which just adds to the ridicule. She is tired of getting teased so when she is offered 3 wishes she jumps on the chance to make herself better than the girls on the basketball team that always make fun of her. She wishes to be the strongest one on the team. So s [...]

    15. Sam Byrd is a super tall, uncoordinated, unatheletic, unpopular 6th grader. We get introduced to her by having her trip in her math class and plant on the floor. Of course, she's tripped by the evil Judith who is her biggest bully/rival in the school. As we come to learn Judith is just an unrelenting bitch of a kid. Sam is forced to solve a math problem in class but of course is such a loser that she can't do basic math and everyone laughs at her (teacher included).In Home Ec. class with her fat [...]

    16. Started of well but flatlined as the story progressed. The ending was terrible and frankly unfair to the main character. We know in real life horrible people don't always get their comeuppance but we like to see them get it in stories. Judith is one of the most repugnant bullies so far in Goosebumps and it's infuriating that her wish is granted so perfectly when our main character whose so lacklustre I can't remember her name as I write this, wishes don't work at all. Sam I remembered her name! [...]

    17. Be Careful What you Wish For!! Reading this book really redefines and illustrates what the phrase means and what potential dangers lie ahead if people who mess with nature and sometimes how nature (Clarisse) messes with them. The story is great and not very horrifying or scary. It's just very unreal but is written in a very well way which makes you believe as if you are reading a true teenager girls story. Samantha is truly a klutz. There is no doubt. The first wish was really dull. Sam (Short f [...]

    18. Be Careful What You Wish For Plot: Samantha Byrd is the klutziest girl in her class. She's always getting ridiculed by the likes of mean, popular, girls like Judith and Ana, who use the lame insult "Byrd I wish you would just fly away". After a bad day at school, Samantha comes across "The Crystal Lady", an odd lady that seems to have lost her way in the woods. Samantha helps her find her destination and the lady grants her three wishes. But as we all know if we watch Once Upon A Time, "All magi [...]

    19. This is a story about a twelve year old girl named Samantha Byrd. Sam is a very tall girl for her age and is the tallest girl in her seventh grade class. Being that she is so tall, this makes her very clumsy. Sam is always tripping over things and isn't a very good basketball player. The kids constantly tease her calling her "stork" and "fly away bird". Judith and Anna are the meanest ones to Sam.One day when Sam meets a strange woman and helps her get home, the woman grants Sam three wishes. Si [...]

    20. So, I'm finally reading through all of the Goosebumps books if you couldn't already tell by how I'm spamming the updates feed on your GoodReads accounts. While my second grade classroom had some of them available, as well as friends and libraries, I never was able to read them all and now that I'm old and sick with a cold it seems like the appropriate time to dig in. Be Careful What You Wish For suffers from terrible title syndrome. Aside from that, though it's a generally pretty cool book. It d [...]

    21. #12! Only 19 more!“Be Careful What You Wish For” was a very interesting read.It’s about a girl named Samantha who is bullied at school. She’s very clumsy regardless of being on the basketball team. One day she’s helping an old woman cross the street when the old woman reveals she’s can grant wishes. She grants Samantha three wishes as thanks for helping her.Samantha’s wishes all go horribly wrong until the very end when she undoes them with her final wish.Spoilers:At the end, Saman [...]

    22. Ahhh, the Goosebump days. I would borrow so many of these from the library they seriously considered extending my limit of books checked out at one time. R.L. Stine you were a reprieve from a harsh and dreary childhood in which my mind wandered far away from the troubles of the day. I stole books into my bed and read far into the night by the faintest of lights. I might have better eyesight were it not for you; however, I regret not one page or line.

    23. Goosebumps Be careful what you wish for is a good book. It about a girl that gets three wishes from this strange books. She takes the first wish and regrets it. same with her anther wishes. then she needed to find a way to get ride of all this bad things that happens. Over ll i think that its a book for people that like horror.

    24. Judith is too mean, that's the reason why she is suffering. However, why don't Byrd wish for a million dollars?

    25. Great, i like it because it is scary and i did not think you could really make wishes. But you can so thank you R.L. Stine. i love R.L. Stine books.

    26. Gotta love a horror device that, cliché though it may be, can almost always be made to work. In this book's case, it's the archetypal saying of being careful what you wish for, because you never know what the consequences may be. And it works quite well here, in some ways even more than it did in the TV adaptation (which was also pretty freaky). The story's protagonist is an awkward young girl named Samantha. A constant teasing victim - making her someone readers who've experienced similar misf [...]

    27. Quel momento in cui, per passare un'oretta, rispolveri uno dei libri della tua infanzia. La premessa doverosa è che Stine, nell'ambito della narrativa per ragazzi, è uno che sa scrivere. Motivo per cui i libri della serie "Piccoli Brividi" sono quasi sempre molto godibili. Questo qui a dire il vero non è mai stato uno dei miei preferiti, già da piccola trovavo lo svolgimento piuttosto piatto e prevedibile. La morale, per i bambini e adolescenti, è chiara: i piccoli guai della giornata, comp [...]

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