The Legend of Amrapali

The Legend of Amrapali A fascinating enigma of godly grace and captivating charm A contrasting medley of motherly tenderness and ruthless acumen A danseuse with the elegance and poise of divine Apsaras And yet just a humbl

  • Title: The Legend of Amrapali
  • Author: Anurag Anand
  • ISBN: 9789380349473
  • Page: 270
  • Format: Paperback
  • A fascinating enigma of godly grace and captivating charm,A contrasting medley of motherly tenderness and ruthless acumen,A danseuse with the elegance and poise of divine Apsaras,And yet, just a humble girl brimming with dreams, hopes and desires was Amrapali the Nagarvadhu of Vaishali Aryavrat around 500 B.C was a land of many prosperous kingdoms and among the most pA fascinating enigma of godly grace and captivating charm,A contrasting medley of motherly tenderness and ruthless acumen,A danseuse with the elegance and poise of divine Apsaras,And yet, just a humble girl brimming with dreams, hopes and desires was Amrapali the Nagarvadhu of Vaishali Aryavrat around 500 B.C was a land of many prosperous kingdoms and among the most prominent of them was the Vajji Confederacy one of the first democratic republics known to mankind Vaishali, the capital of the Confederacy and that of the illustrious Lichchavis was not only a center of commerce and political activity but also the blessed motherland of Amrapali.The Legend of Amrapali is the story of mayhem and turmoil brought about by the obstinate desires of one man a man blinded by the intoxication of power It is a story of sinister plots and political wizardry, of chaste love and unbridled passion, of naked ambitions and dogged loyalties that lead to the transformation of an innocent young girl into one of the most revered, even worshipped, and occasionally feared personalities of her times A gripping cocktail of fantasy, fiction, fable and history that retains its charismatic appeal through the centuries gone by

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    1. Vijayanthimala Bali as Amrapali was truly enchanting in the movie ages ago. Her beauty was mesmerizing and the character enchanting. Nothing could beat that visual treat or so I had thought. But I was mistaken.Anurag Anand’s Amrapali rises from the ravishing mound of the written word like a young woman in all her feminine glory and self-respecting valor. When I finally finished reading, The Legend Of Amrapali, I was left wanting for more.From being that little infant found under the mango tree [...]

    2. This book is a fast read crisp and clear, no- nonsense description to fill pages, which I hate. its to the point and is a refreshing read if u like historical fiction. I for one, enjoyed reading it. This book definitely gets your attention and keeps you engrossed to know what happens in the end eventually. It isn't too predictable as i thought it would be it has its own twists and suspense. The author has done a good job by blending facts and fiction. i would say that this book is a 100 times be [...]

    3. Have always wanted to read about Amrapali and how a Nagarvadhu was able to dethrone the wicked king of Vaishali. well written book.

    4. Books are lovely companions.rticularly when travelling ! Especially a character as enigmatic and intriguing as Amrapali , the legend this fictitious tale of amprapali has been narrated in a lucid stylent play havoc with ur grey cells.void of any period research or melodrama!!Thoroughly enjoyable when read without any preconceived ideas or expectations Thumbs up !!! :-)

    5. This book is good but I feel it lacks the feeling of old times, which it is represented. It is presented as to sue the readers of modern india, rather to show the actual picture of that period.Although the novel is good and interesting but I feels there seems to be a gap what it is representing and what is represented.

    6. Amrapali as a subject is a legend, a story that is bound to captivate readers and thus its natural that when we read "The Legend Of Amrapali", we are fascinated! Having said that, Anurag Anand's literary style does little to enhance and create magic, Amrapali definitely deserves far better treatment, though the book has certain stretches where it shines, but I would have wanted that excellence in every line. There are surprisingly a lot of grammatical errors and some misprints(as Anurag mentions [...]

    7. This book was a rapid little read that actually left me hungering for a little more. Though it was in no way meant to be an exhaustive history of a fascinating character from Indian history/mythology, I saw more of the scared young girl being dragged through life by the decisions of the men around her than the brave and wily woman who stepped forward to shape her own fate. Perhaps that would have been veering too far from the accepted story, but since there were already anachronistic Mongol warr [...]

    8. The writer has brilliantly conceived and presented the legend of Amrapali. The narrative is fast paced and the character of Amrapali grows with the novel from an innocent loveable girl to a scheming woman. Nothing is going to stop her from gaining revenge. If there is any shortcoming it is the style. The prose tends to get rather verbose,especially in the beginning. One gets the impression that writer is bent on impressing the reader with scholarly words. It only tends to jar the flow of the nar [...]

    9. Heroic tales of Lord Rama's battle against Ravana or the valiant Arjuna in the Kurukshetra battlefield are some of the first images we recall about the Ramayana and the Mahabharata respectively. But we surely find ourselves a bit unaware stumbling upon names like Shikhandi or Shabari who are a fleeting presence in these gigantic epics.Full review here: articles.timesofindiadiatim

    10. A beautiful girl, lecherous king, burdened father; tale is known but treatment is not. The good bad ugly of the world then, is well integrated in the story line.

    11. Amrapali is one of the most inspirational women in the history of India. Her story, one that illustrates self less sacrifice and great love for the nation has been retold quite a number of times in various art forms. From novelists to the top honchos of Bollywood everyone was smitten by the mix of beauty, intelligence valor and patriotism in her and paid their tributes to her in their own way. One such attempt is made by Anurag Anand, who in his work “The Legend of Amrapali” tries to speak a [...]

    12. Confederacy of kingdoms, a selfish king, a demure learned skillful dancer cum valiant political influencer - all the ingredients for a commercial bollywood historical movie. Anurag Anand has used this formula to create a historical fiction novel centered around the well known city bride Amrapali who was a contemporary of Lord Buddha. The main reason why I decided to pick up this book for reading is because during the book launch Shashi Tharoor claimed that this book is in the likes of Shiva Tril [...]

    13. Well, I don't want to criticize this book downright. The author has tried very hard to bring this ancient character to life. Has he succeeded? The answer is no. The list of things I dislike about this book, far exceed the list of things I like. Lets begin with my likes.What I loved is the ending. The twist was quite a good one. Simple, yet interesting. The end is the only realistic and well described part of this book. The cover art is very well done and yes, the choice of subject is good too. M [...]

    14. There are good books, there are bad books and there are not so good bookssadly “The Legend of Amrapali” falls into the 3rd category.It’s a tale about historical figure of Amrapali born around 500 BC who became the Nagarvadhu of the kingdom of Vaishali. Except the details of the lead character this is mostly a work of fiction covering the details of Amrapali’s childhood, death of her mother, the treacherous ploy employed by the king to marry her during which he had her lover killed, suici [...]

    15. A excellent start which promised a lot of expectaions but failed to carry the momentum from there on.Like all the recent Historic books, here too the story starts well with narration of the beautiful past of over 2400 years ,then slowly it becomes a normal and average everyday story with lot of Authors views on most of the charectors.Geography and culture should be the important factor in such themes to focus along with the story line, which would make a great expercince to the reader.There are [...]

    16. A very good read. The story's complete flow was very natural. I really enjoyed reading it. Though surprises about turn of event were not there, but that does not make it less interesting. Finishing few pages were excellent . The way story ended i really liked it. (view spoiler)[ As Amrapali was able to save her friend in the end . i felt relived to know it. If she was also killed in the process as if it would mean whole world collapsed for Her. That would have unbearable for me too. it was that [...]

    17. I liked this book for its fast paced narration. It is a quick read as I finished it in 2 days flat. Nothing much is said about her links to Bimbisara or Gautama Buddha except in a passing reference. The major focus was sort of fictionalized version of her overthrowing the Vaishali empire. Some inconsistencies are seen but generally to be overlook as this is complete fiction. Nice book as an introduction to Amrapali as most stories are only legends.Also refer enpedia/wiki/Amrapali

    18. The legend of Amrapali, true to its name tells us the tale of this enigmatic woman who lived during the reign of the Vajji Confederacy in North Central India. From humble beginnings as the foster daughter of a farmer, the story chronicles the rise of Amrapali to the Nagarvadhu of the city. The machinations of King Manudeva, his obssession with Amrapali, the consequences of his desire, Amrapali's revenge, these make up for quite a riveting tale involving love, jealousy, revenge and friendship. A [...]

    19. The book is a 3 hour readtally worth it Author's writing style is simple yet effective!! I loved the way amrapali's character was potrayed. So stong and responsible! She is also shrwed and outspoken No vulgarity writtten, still the nagarvadhu's story is very articulately presented.! The actual zing in added in the last pages of the book! I wish the book was more longer!! Happy reading!

    20. I have been looking to read a well written fiction book for a while now and this book fit the bill. The book revolves around a Nagarvadhu (Bride of the city) Amrapali who inspite of having decisions forced on her life manages to take them by its horns and turns things around.All in all, a quick but good read if you are looking for some light reading.

    21. A story of lust, passion, tactics and unquenchable ambition, The Legend of Amrapali is definitely worth a read. Although shallow in parts, the book as a whole has a good pace and plot. Give this one a chance if you want to try something new.

    22. book, explicitly define how women were treated in earlier period of history. it tells us about the journey of how a beatiful girl was forced to beacome a"NAGARVADHU". in return how she destroys the dynasty of the ruler.

    23. An excellent read. I am in a state of inexplicable bliss after finishing it. Felt happy to rewind the memories of the story of Amrapali in a fresh perspective. Thanks a tonne for the book. :)

    24. the story is good quite filmy but writing could have been much better. didn't like the way this book is written. very basic English

    25. A good book done to death by the author's tendency to use bombastic words. It is like "word power made easy" with a story

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