A Pack of Wolves

A Pack of Wolves The Family kills folks for a living They take the jobs that no one else can survive They re the best at bringing death as well as defeating it Now one of them has gone rogue and it s up to The Famil

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  • Title: A Pack of Wolves
  • Author: Eric S. Brown
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Family kills folks for a living They take the jobs that no one else can survive They re the best at bringing death, as well as defeating it Now, one of them has gone rogue and it s up to The Family to hunt down one of their own before he brings about the end of the world and exposes the secret existence of werewolves It s horror and adventure Old West Style withThe Family kills folks for a living They take the jobs that no one else can survive They re the best at bringing death, as well as defeating it Now, one of them has gone rogue and it s up to The Family to hunt down one of their own before he brings about the end of the world and exposes the secret existence of werewolves It s horror and adventure Old West Style with blazing guns, stampeding horses, flying fists, and werewolves galore A Pack of Wolves is a must get for any horror fan s collection Horror Fiction Review

    One thought on “A Pack of Wolves”

    1. It makes me think of Twilight.e if the werewolves in Eric S. Browns A Pack of Wolves had performed a dimensional shift into the Twilight universe, they would have consumed everything and everyone in sight, leaving nothing behind but an emotionless, sparkling, steaming pile of werewolf scat that covered half the land.Cowboys, werewolves, more non-stop action than most readers are deserving of, and a body count that makes Stallone stop and raise an approving eyebrow. That is exactly what you get w [...]

    2. Were-wolves and the wild west, six shooters and sex, well not much sex but Sarah is kinda cute in a bitchy sort of way.When Eric S brown rides into town on his big white stead you know you are in for a delight, with pack of Wolves he slings his pen like the best gunslinger in the old west. I have been a fan of Browns work for a while now and after reading his Bigfoot saga didn’t think he could in all reality get any better.Today I hold my hands up and declare I was wrong, oh so wrong. To date [...]

    3. Am sort of getting to like this author but he always seems to so random in his monsters for me! its a bit like being hit by a truck and then reversed over with Eric coming back for a show and tell!This slams you straight into the story and does not let go, I was stuck reading this for 3hrs as I could not put it down.Set in the wild west it certainly has its share of bullets and guns, then the age old enemy werewolvesWHAT! never mind cowboys & Indians. this is cowboys and heart munching, mili [...]

    4. This story had potential to be very interesting. I am not particularly violence shy, but I think this story would have been much more effective without the wanton slaughter. It had a few problems, including one where one character called another by the name of someone who was already dead And who the first character had no reason to know. Also, I don't feel that the 'old west' spirit was captured very well. Throw in some Hummers for transportation, instead of horses and it would have almost read [...]

    5. I liked it quite a lot. It was extremely gory, which I appreciate. Some reviewers have suggested that the gore wasn't necessary, and it wasn't really. But it was still fun if you're a horror reader. I'd definitely classifiy this as horror far more than western. The strongest aspect of the story was the almost constant action. I also really liked the "Man in White" character, who was very much a "Walking Dude" type character, as in "The Stand."

    6. I enjoyed this mix of horror and the western's start. But by the end of the story, it fell short. I love werewolves and try to get books with them in it if I can. Not all achieve to make me happy I got the book.

    7. Quite a while ago, I was given the opportunity to read a book titled Bigfoot War and I LOVED it, seriously, I talked about it all the time while reading and still talk about it now. It was just so different and unique. But this review is not about that book this is about what I feel is an EVEN BETTER book! A Pack of Wolves by Eric S Brown has me howling (yes, pun is intended) for more! Set in the Old West, A Pack of Wolves , introduces us to some fantastic characters. The antagonist, a rogue wer [...]

    8. A family is reunited and on a mission. Graham, Zed, Yule, Sarah and Shannon are looking for their brother Samuel who is trying to raise an army. This is no ordinary family. They are a pack of werewolves—pure blooded. Samuel has a very deep hatred of humans since witnessing his parents’ murder when just a boy. That hatred has led him to seek out dark magic and a very powerful spirit that will allow Samuel to enact his revenge. Samuel is making his way across America’s Western frontier, slau [...]

    9. 'The Family' are harbingers of death; they bring it fast and in your face. If they get your scent then your demise is soon to follow. They take the jobs no one else can and enjoy it. When one of their own breaks from the pack, they must regroup and take him, and the demons that follow him, out in order to protect The United States.Eric S. Brown is considered 'The King of Zombies'. That very well may be true but if 'A Pack Of Wolves' is any indication he is also king of horror westerns.My first f [...]

    10. Hackneyed claptrap. I picked this novel up for free on my Kindle after seeing all the 5-star reviews at and hearing--in contrast--a good number of writers mention how dreadful Brown is. Unfortunately, I have to come down on the side of the writers. The prose is amateurish, the characters and situations cliched, and the plot clumsy; I can only guess that Brown wrote up his Werewolf: The Wild West campaign in narrative form to put this together. I can't understand how anyone who has read good, pr [...]

    11. Lots of werewolve action. Set in the old west. Not really sure there any "good" guys in this story. A family of werewolves are on mission to stop a wayward brother from forming a werewolve army to attack Washington and the rest of the USA. This family of werewolves were pretty blood thirsty and most of them had no problems attacking and killing "mere" humans. I think Anti-Heroes is the term that comes to mind. Not much in character development in this short story, but plenty of killing, with gun [...]

    12. What a terrific read! I really, really enjoyed this. The family in question are badass like no one but Brown can write. The action is fast and furious, guns, claws, fists's unrelenting and the pace is perfect for a short book. It's well worth the money. A simple enough tale, but excellently done. I've read Bigfoot War I, one of Brown's earlier books, and I have to say that this outstrips that bookhe's getting better the more he writes. Great read, thank you.

    13. I enjoyed the hell out of this book. Werewolf action galore. They were gross, scary, ruthless, and very brutal. I didn't think I would like it because it was a western, because I didn't really know what to expect, but I did enjoy it. I look forward to the next book. I want to know if Sarah found what she was lookin for and how Zed made out, and what's to come of Shannon, with his mission?

    14. I really enjoyed this take on werewolves, but the writing iswell, it lacksmething. The writing style seems to be hurried, unfinished. However, whatever my problem with the writing style of Eric Brown, it obviously didn't bother me while I was reading and I'll read more of his books because this one was so entertaining.

    15. Interesting take on werewolvesI really enjoyed the easy read. It was compelling and I really didn't want to put it down. I also liked the fact that it is set in the old west, for me at least it was a new setting for this kind of story.

    16. I really good story me and my daughter read it we both loved it loved how it ended with a twist and ready to read the next book to the series

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