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  1. What could life be like in the future? Wendy Laharnar gives a glimpse of what might be in her satirical short story, Happiness Guaranteed. Some babies are made to a formula of perfection. What happens when Bianca, a beautifu supremo, discovers she has a flaw. Will her imperfection destroy her marriage to Derek, her perfect husband? If the shadowy ones in charge discover her flaw, they will destroy her too.

  2. While I might want a floating condo with mosaic ceilings, disposable dresses and a perfect, unblemished body, I wouldn't want Bianca's form of happiness. Can one be truly happy when it's manufactured? Read Wendy Laharnar's Happiness Guaranteed and judge for yourself.Entertaining and thought provoking.

  3. Happiness Guaranteed is Delivered as Promised, When Wendy Laharnar picks up a pen, magic happens. This short science fiction story again proves the point. When Bianca's birthday comes around the anticipation lifts. The reader is transported to a time and world in the future of our imagination. A world where genetic flaws are history and happiness is paramount. Wendy raises subtle questions guaranteed to leave the reader intrigued. Wendy's ability to convey concepts in crisp, tight writing, whil [...]

  4. First, Wendy Laharnar charms the reader with her brilliant future world of disposable dresses, sun-flooded lofts and accident-free highways. Then she slowly sends a chill up our spines. At what cost did Bianca's happiness come? How much more will she have to sacrifice for a perfect life?Beautifully written, evocative and vivid, Happiness Guaranteed is a thought provoking story about human nature and its flaws. A wonderful read despite the goosebumps that might pop up on your skin.

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