Play Ball

Play Ball Most girls when they get to a new school just want to fit in But Dashiell Brody isn t like most girls A natural at softball Dashiell discovers her new school has a championship level baseball team

  • Title: Play Ball
  • Author: Nunzio DeFilippis Christina Weir Jackie Lewis
  • ISBN: 9781934964798
  • Page: 281
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Most girls, when they get to a new school, just want to fit in But Dashiell Brody isn t like most girls A natural at softball, Dashiell discovers her new school has a championship level baseball team and Dashiell wants to play ball One girl s quest to play the national pastime with the boys will turn her family, her school, and her state upside down

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    1. I found "Play Ball" - a coming-of-age, wonderfully drawn graphic novel aimed towards middle grade readers - an entertaining and well-done read. The story revolves around Dashiell Brody, a young woman who moves with her mother and sister Arica to a new home, new school, and a new life. Tensions run high within the family because of her mother's new job, and the distance Dashiell's father takes from the family as a whole.Yet, Dashiell isn't one to mope around counting her losses. Having attended a [...]

    2. Why I picked it up: It's baseball. Even better, it's a girl who plays baseball. And she gets that softball IS NOT THE SAME GAME.Dashielle and her mom and sister move to Arizona. Moving means a new school, and both sisters are excited because this school is coed. Sister Arica just wants to go to school with boys, but Dashielle knows boys at the school means a baseball team at the school. Most plot points here are expected and even somewhat cliched, but that doesn't' make them any less realistic o [...]

    3. One of the few books I have come across that shows a female wanting to play a "boy's" sport not because there is not "girl" alternative but because she wants to play a certain sportBaseball and softball (even fast pitch)are not the same. I am not saying this to demean females or to make males seem more athletic. I am just trying to point out that they are different. In my opinion fast pitch is a harder sport to play. Bigger ball = shorter hits, smaller field = fewer chances to get on base and un [...]

    4. This is my third experience with the graphic novel-writing team of DeFilippis and Weir. Previously, I read some Amazing Agent Luna and the first volume of The Avalon Chronicles. Although Play Ball was pretty cute, it's definitely my least favorite of the bunch.The story was definitely sweet, and I appreciate the feminist element. Speaking of which, this really did always bother me. Why do girls play softball and boys baseball? The heck is that about? Girls can't hit a smaller ball? I believe thi [...]

    5. I'd actually go with 4.5 stars for this one. Dash is a girl who just wants to play baseball. When she starts a new school she gets her chance, or at least she does after a little help from a teacher. Then she has to win over her teammates and the school all while navigating her sister's total embarassment and the problems between her mother and father. It's a quick read that has some really great messages about teamwork and sportsmanship. It's a bit heavy handed at times but overall a very fun r [...]

    6. I picked this up on a whim, and I'm really glad that I did, because it was a delightful read. I know the upbeat tone of the graphic novel might not suit everyone, but it hit just the right spot for me today. It wasn't universally upbeat, but the characters worked hard to make their lives better, and everyone had the chance to grow, and women got to be awesome. It's not going to make me go and watch baseball, and you can probably guess what's going to happen as you're reading, but don't let that [...]

    7. Originally posted here!Play Ball is a coming-of-age sports story about a girl who wants to play in a sport dominated by males. Dash sure knows the difference between softball and baseball, and she refuses to play the “watered-down version” of baseball, so she decides to try out in her high school baseball team. This decision caused a ruckus within the school administrative system – baseball has always been a men’s sport. It wasn’t specified in the rules because it was inherently known [...]

    8. Dasheill Brody just wants to play baseball. So when she moves to a new school and sees that they have an actual baseball team and not just a softball team, she immediately wants to join. But Dasheill gets told by the coach and Principal that girls can't play baseball. But Dashiell and her History teacher fight for her rights to play on the baseball team. Join Dasheill on this amazing journey and see if she really does get to play ball!!I picked this book up because Mr. Gould recommended it to me [...]

    9. This graphic novel has an easy straightforward plot. Girl goes to new school and wants to do what she likes, which in her case is baseball and not softball. It is interesting to see how she fights for what she wants and to break people’s stereotypical view of girls.Dashiell grows up during this school year. On top of having to fight for her dreams she also has to come to terms with her father not being the person she thought he was.Although I liked it, I found it a little short. I would have l [...]

    10. Dasheill Brody, her sister and mother move to Arizona and the sisters for the first time find themselves at co-ed school – which for Dasheill means the chance to try out for baseball, and not the softball she has been ‘relegated’ to because it is the women’s version of American’s national game. The school is reluctant, many of the team hostile but with the help of a teacher she gets the chance to try out for the team. This is an interesting attempt to engage with gender divisions in sp [...]

    11. Dash wants to play baseball, but when she moves to a new school, that actually has a baseball team, she finds that there is opposition to her playing a sport, traditionally associated with boys. she does not let this deter her, and this leads to complications at home, and at school.I picked this book up because I was intrigued by the idea of how a young girl would stand up for her right to play. I finished it because it was fun to read, and I found myself quickly rooting for Dash in her striving [...]

    12. dashiell brody moved to a new state with her mother and sister, away from her father which is hard on her. but the good news is there is a baseball team. and dash looooves baseball. with the help of a strong willed teacher, dash is allowed to try out for the team - and makes it! the story follows an expected plot, not giving much to advance the story about girls in sports. the usual ally, the usual meanie on the team. i wish it dug a little deeper. although I can applaud the author/illustrator w [...]

    13. De Filippis and Weir are solid storytellers, and this is one of the only graphic novels I've found centered on sports. Dashiell and her sister Arica are at a new school, and this one has a championship-level baseball team. Good news for Dashiell, a talented softball player until the inevitable drama arises because she's a girl playing on a "boys" team. While Arica's trying to fit in, Dashiell's making waves. Add in some boy-girl drama, and everything gets a little complicated. But it's all okay [...]

    14. Brody is moving to a public school after years of attending a private one. Co-ed education means something to Ari. . ys. And this is great for Brody because boys mean baseball.A super graphic novel with a "girl power" message that will be a homerun for young lady readers looking for something in the graphic novel stacks for them.This would be a great graphic novel for a social studies class, ripe with discussion about civil liberties, access, and right to protest existing policies.What's nice ab [...]

    15. This was super pleasant! Like oh, Teens! With Teen problems! Plus baseball! It's all fairly inconsequential but totally fun, and it's no surprise that the writers write for kids TV alot. It felt TV show-y, and in this case, that worked. I cared about the characters and the plot just enough that I wanted to find out what happened, but not so much that I was disappointed by the predictableness of it all.The illustration is fine. Stiff, not quite there, definitely not up to sports action shots. But [...]

    16. Dashiell just wants to play baseball. Not softball, which she thinks is a “watered-down version” of the game. In Play Ball, Dashiell breaks down boundaries at school and at home to play the game that she loves. This graphic novel does a fantastic job portraying the drama of a close game, the athletic effort of the players on the field, and the tensions both at home and in the school hallways. Good sportsmanship doesn’t always come easily, which only serves to make the Wildcats seem more li [...]

    17. From Oni PressVia NetGalleyPlay Ball is a graphic novel about a girl who loves to play baseball and will fight for her right to play it in an all boys team. It showed how she proved her talent and worth to earn a spot in the team.Apart from the baseball theme, there's nothing really new about the conflicts in the story. I did enjoy how the games are illustrated and the way the writer chose a female protagonist for the story.

    18. I loved this book! I actually wish I'd had the guts Dash had because I really wanted to play baseball, but was always forced to play softball because of my gender. This graphic novel shows that we shouldn't let anything get in the way of our civil rights. I also loved the loyalty throughout the book between friends, teammates and family. This book would be a great addition to any classroom library and would be an asset to a discussion about civil liberties.

    19. I'm a sucker for spunky, determined girl characters. I went into this thinking it would be another blah sports story, but there were some twists, and I was cheering at the end!Copy courtesy netgalley

    20. Great graphic novel for upper elementary/middle school about a girl who loves baseball who moves to a new town and decides to try out for the baseball team. Gender equality, a little of family and friendship drama, and a well-done graphic novel.

    21. Great topic, but solidly mediocre. Will be a forgettable read for middle grade girls who will hopefully at least be left with a vague sense of empowerment. The art could be better, too. I'm rating it high because I wish there were more comics with strong female leads like this.

    22. My opinion about this about is that all student must read the play ball book.Because this is a book about a girl who is standing up to herself saying that anyone can play baseball included girls,and once you read the book you will think that Dashiell did the right think!!!

    23. Heather "Dashiel" Brody loves baseball. She wants to play on her high school team - the boys' team! Follow her exploits in this graphic novel from making the team, all the way to the State Championship game.Reviewer 20

    24. Nice story about a h.s. girl getting on the baseball team & helping them get to the playoffs. The story is not surprising but the characters are so well done I didn't care. Art is not eye-popping, but shows really good instincts for storytelling.

    25. Great story about a girl who won't back down and a team that stands behind her. Try pairing thios one with Karen Bluemnthal's Let Me Play: The Story of Title IX: The Law That Changed the Future of Girls in America.

    26. A great Graphic novela dn summer read. A strong fe,ale character whofights for her civil rights to play on a basball team.

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