Summer's Dream

Summer s Dream Je m appelle Summer Tanberry Mon ge ans Je suis perfectionniste Mon style leggings et robes la mode J aime la danse la danse la danse Je r ve de devenir danseuse professionnelle Mon probl me j ai

  • Title: Summer's Dream
  • Author: Cathy Cassidy
  • ISBN: 9780141341552
  • Page: 101
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Je m appelle Summer Tanberry Mon ge 13 ans Je suis perfectionniste Mon style leggings et robes la mode J aime la danse, la danse, la danse Je r ve de devenir danseuse professionnelle Mon probl me j ai l impression que tout m chappe au moment o je voudrais tout contr ler

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    1. Summer's Dream is the third book in The Chocolate Box Girls series. It was different to the other two books in way, but the same as well. All Cathy Cassidy's books have some form of romance, there isn't one without it! This book was no exceptions in the aspect, but it dealt with a very different subject, Anorexia. That's what I've always loved about Cathy's books, they deal with everyday problems in an controlled and easy way. Summer wants to be a ballerina, she want's it bad and she gets the ch [...]

    2. This was an amazing book. It deals with the difficult subject of anorexia. I would have thought that this would be an average book because it's such a tricky subject, but it was brilliant!Love this book, it's fabulous. You HAVE to read it.

    3. Storyline Summer's Dreamis about a girl called Summer, who loves dancing and takes it very seriously, but the dancing she loves the most in ballet. She has always been 'the one to succeed', and when she is asked to go to a boarding school for ballet, she feels like she has been asked if she wants oxygen. But Summer feels like she is too fat, and starts losing weight, and survives on apples and salad leaves, until eventually she got anorexia. She doesn't even realise that she is risking her own l [...]

    4. I got 'Summer's Dream' from the library, having not read a book like it for ages. You know - one of those girly, lighthearted, fun, young books.This was maybe a bit young for me (the main character, Summer, is 13) but it looked good. Apparently it was the third in a series, but it doesn't matter really, as each book centers around a different "Chocolate Box Girl" - a different Tanberry sister.And I loved it. It was "girly, lighthearted, fun, young" but it was more than that. This was a truly str [...]

    5. I never wrote a proper review for this because I read it before . However I must express my feelings. Spoilers ahead btw. This book made me cry, made me question life and made me feel so grateful. I absolutely adored this and will continue recommending it no matter what. This book stood out from Cassidy's usual books which I LOVED. A real gem this one!Moved me in so many ways and taught me about anorexia and the desires for dreams to come true.

    6. Ce tome parle de l'anorexie et d'une passion qui devient une obsession.Il y a beaucoup de stress jusqu'a la fin vu qu'on ne sait pas si elle va réussir son rêve (devenir danseuse étoile). MYSTERE MYSTERE ! ! ! Alice, 10 ans

    7. This book is the 3rd book in the Chocolate Box Girls series by Cathy Cassidy, I haven't read the first book, Cherry Crush but I'm OK and I get everything. Summer has always dreamed of becoming a prize ballerina all her life, and when she was told that she might get a place in the Royal Ballet School when she's 11, it's her chance to shine. But her audition goes terribly wrong, mainly because of nerves. She is devasted but she still goes on dancing, she wants to acheive her dream. Then her ballet [...]

    8. There is such a big difference between reading a book like this in your early teens and your late teens. Dang, dang, dang.Of course at the beginning, Summer is composed and in control of her life. The only issue was that she found it a bit hard to accept her mother's new marriage because she missed her dad. That was all very understandable, of course.Reading Summer's point of view made me realise how much the author understands teenagers. I found Summer's reflections on becoming a teenager very [...]

    9. I read this book as soon as it came out because I really couldn't wait to read it. As all Cathy Cassidy books, it was very good. Summer is a twin with Skye. Even though they are so different they love each other. Summer life is around Dancing. Of course she is AMAZING at it. An opportunity comes up for her to get into a dancing academy. She practises then she practises a lot, then it becomes an oppression. Of course you need to be thin to dance but summer becomes not aware of that. Soon she is s [...]

    10. What did I think?I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT!! I've never read a book quite like this before. It was really the cover, (which is BEAUTIFUL by the way) which caught my eye, so I picked it up, read the blurb and thought, 'hey, this looks pretty interesting, might as well read it' and borrowed it.And I fell in love with it.I laughed, cried, got angry with the book, but loved it. You are a truly amazing author, author (SEE WHAT I DID THERE! No? Okay then) and I'm looking forward to reading Sweet Honey and [...]

    11. Bon à part le fait que la couverture du livre-objet est différente de celle qu'on peut voir sur internet, j'ai beaucoup aimé ce troisième tome, tant par sa couverture que par ses planches. Et je ne sais pas si c'est le fait que la BD soit plus courte mais je l'ai préférée au roman. L'histoire est bien plus sympathique et les dessins sont vraiment réussis cette fois-ci. Quelle bonheur de se retrouver dans ce monde de filles, plein de couleurs et de douceur(s). Un bon point pour les t-shir [...]

    12. 'Summer's Dream' by Cathy Cassdy is a fantastic read for all tweens and teens, the third book in the Chocolate Box Girls series. The story follows Summer and her dreams of becoming a ballerina. Her dream is challenged by several factors, including a major eating disorder, the root of her problems. Romance also makes an appearance in the book, making the read interesting and engaging. Overall, the novel was addictive and moreish- I read it over the period of two days. I recommend this book to all [...]

    13. Une fois de plus, j'adhère complètement à l'univers de Cathy Cassidy! Dans ce tome 3, on suit les aventures de Summer qui va faire tout son possible pour réussir une audition qui lui permettra d'atteindre son objectif: entrer dans une grande école de danse. Évidemment, le parcours va se retrouver semer d’embûches et son ambition va finir par lui jouer des tours.

    14. There were some moments that just made me angry because I knew what she was thinking wasn't true but I still liked it.

    15. Summer has one dream, and only one dream. To become a ballet dancer, and when a once in a lifetime opportunity to go to a ballet boarding school presents itself, she takes it with both hands. She spends all her time dancing in the school holidays while her friends go to the beach and have fun. But is her passion for dance turning into an obsession? I found Summer’s Dream to be a pretty enjoyable read. I thought it was a little different to the two previous books where it was mostly about roman [...]

    16. Les filles au chocolat est depuis quelques mois une valeur sûre. Je sais pertinemment que je vais adorer cette saga jusqu’à la fin, car les thèmes abordés par l’auteur me touchent énormément. Je suis sensible à sa plume et à son adresse quand il s’agit de parler des préoccupations de l’adolescence.Quand on voit cette nouvelle couverture gourmande aux couleurs de l’été, on est tenté de croire que le contenu du livre sera rayonnant et plein de joie. Il n’en est rien, bien a [...]

    17. I like reading this series when I want to have a quick and cute read and once again I'm not disappointed.In this third book, we follow Summer the second twin who is fighting to realize her dream to become a famous ballerina. But, unfortunately, her dream become her worst nightmare and because of that she became anorexic and she lost all her confidence. I liked this book because it deals with eating disorder and how it's destroying people from the inside; how our family or friends can feel powerl [...]

    18. *2.5 stars*I was surprised that I didn't like this book as much as the previous books. Cherry Crush and Marshmallow Skye were cute and light and solid 4 stars, but this one annoyed the hell out of me. My main problem was Summer, and I will just say it: she was really dumb. To be honest, I didn't like her in Marshmallow Skye, but I was hoping Cathy Cassidy makes me like her in this book. That didn't happen.Anyway, I'm looking forward to read Coco's and Honey's story (though I'm not a fan of Honey [...]

    19. Pour l’instant,cœur mandarine est mon livre préféré de la collection « les filles au chocolat » vu qu’il aborde un sujet auquel beaucoup de personnes ont affaire et dont on parle peu : le trouble alimentaire de l’anorexie. Cette lecture peut apporter beaucoup aux lecteurs et c’est pourquoi je le recommande vivement !

    20. This book was so thoughtfully and realistically written. Although best suited to preteens, I enjoyed it too! (I've enjoyed all of the books so far in the series and am getting stuck into another as we speak!)

    21. Not sure why I didn't love this book but I didn't. Yes it deals with the major issue of Anorexia and eating disorders as well as broken families and the way in which we view people. I understand that it may be good for young girls and boys at tween age but as an adult I'd skip past this one.

    22. Cathy casidy is my favorite author and I can't wait to Read summers dream! As I heard a lot about it from my cousin!

    23. Brilliant book! I loved the way the author dealt with the issue of anorexia. When I read it the first time when I was younger it made me understand what anorexia was and what the warning signs were.

    24. This is a story about a teenager with anorexia. It is very well written. I've re-read the book countless times.

    25. I really loved Summer's addition to the series, but for me, this book fell slightly short of the previous two. I shall explain why, after I say why I loved it!Okay, I LOVED Alfie in this book. He is just the SWEETEST. I thought the change in Summer's attitude towards him was subtle but realistic, and he was a well-formed character, the perfect antidote to Summer's worries.Also, after ADORING the last book, it was so sweet to see the continuation of Skye's relationship with Finch. AAHHH! They are [...]

    26. Summer's Dream is written by Cathy Cassidy and is the third book of the series, The Chocolate Box Girls.Summer Tanberry is all about perfection. Her dream is to get placed in a ballet school and will always strive to become the next best. When summer vacation is here, Summer pushes herself to train and work hard to complete her dream. But when things start spiralling out of control, Summer is lost. This is sad and has a valuable lesson to it. This book should be rated five out of five because th [...]

    27. Après Chery et Skye c’est au tour de Summer d’être mise à l’honneur dans ce troisième tome des filles au chocolat. Et je dois dire que j’ai été très surprise par ce tome, je pensais Summer assez forte de caractère, il s’agit de la jumelle qui a le plus fort tempérament, celle qui sait ce qu’elle veut, celle qui contrôle la situation quelle qu’en soit les enjeux. Mais si tout cela n’était qu’en fait qu’une étiquette."Le problème, c’est que lorsque vos amis et vo [...]

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