The Art Of Men (I Prefer Mine Al Dente)

The Art Of Men I Prefer Mine Al Dente Emmy Award winning actress Kirstie Alley s candid and audacious memoir about her life and the men she has shared it with for better and for worse John Travolta Parker Stevenson Ted Danson Maksim Chmer

  • Title: The Art Of Men (I Prefer Mine Al Dente)
  • Author: Kirstie Alley
  • ISBN: 9781451673586
  • Page: 406
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Emmy Award winning actress Kirstie Alley s candid and audacious memoir about her life and the men she has shared it with for better and for worse.John Travolta Parker Stevenson Ted Danson Maksim Chmerkovskiy Kelsey Grammer Patrick Swayze Woody Allen Woody Harrelson And many others In three decades in Hollywood, Kirstie Alley has lived with, worked with, loveEmmy Award winning actress Kirstie Alley s candid and audacious memoir about her life and the men she has shared it with for better and for worse.John Travolta Parker Stevenson Ted Danson Maksim Chmerkovskiy Kelsey Grammer Patrick Swayze Woody Allen Woody Harrelson And many others In three decades in Hollywood, Kirstie Alley has lived with, worked with, loved, or lost all of these men, and in this revealing memoir, she peels back the layers and sometimes the sheets on her relationships with all of them From the early days of her childhood in Wichita, Kansas, surrounded by her loving father, her inquisitive and doting grandfather, and a younger brother she fiercely protected when she wasn t selling tickets to see him naked, Kirstie Alley s life has been shaped and molded by men Men, men, glorious men gave her her first big break in Hollywood and her awardwinning role on Cheers, and through two marriages, a debilitating cocaine addiction, the death of her mother, roles in some of the biggest comedies of the last twenty years, and a surprising stint on Dancing with the Stars, men proved to be the inspiration for multitudes of the decisions and dramas in Kirstie Alley s life In this collection of linked essays that s both hilarious and poignant in turns, Kirstie chronicles all the good, the bad, and the ugly men who have influenced and guided her She demonstrates how men can be the air that women breathe or the source of all of their frustrations But for better or worse, Kirstie shows that a life well lived is a life lived in the company of men, especially if they remember to put the lid down The Art of Men I Prefer Mine al Dente is a hilarious excursion into love, joy, motherhood, loss, sex, and self discovery from one of Hollywood s most enduring stars.

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    1. I loved the way this book feels like a conversation or many conversations with Kirstie Alley. It made it completely enjoyable and hard to put down. I love it that she shares her life in such a down-to-earth way, freely admitting that she has done things she shouldn't have and has many regrets. We all have done things in our lives that we would have done differently. The important thing is that we learn from our mistakes. This is what life is about: growing, changing, bettering ourselves. As I ha [...]

    2. I had seen Kirstie Alley in a number of movies, moreso when I was younger obviously and had liked her, but when she appeared on Dancing with the Stars the first time around, I really fell in love with her sense of humor and relationship with Maks (her pro dancing partner). I then saw a review of her memoir in People, got super excited about it and requested it right away at the library. I wasn't really aware of all her rendevous' with famous gentlemen, other than the flirtations she had with Mak [...]

    3. I went into this book thinking I wouldn't want to finish it. However, it had me laughing within the first couple pages. And it kept getting better. It was very entertaining and a very quick read. I didn't know very much about Kirstie Alley before this. After reading this book, i actually like her a lot. She's not afraid to admit when she was wrong or stupid. She doesn't hold anything back. And she makes fun of herself. I really did enjoy this book. She mentions a lot of celebrities, but it doesn [...]

    4. I started the book mainly to skim the juicy details and see the pictures. I came away with the vision of a very self absorbed woman who thinks she is irrestible to any man that walks. She also actually believes she a size six. I recently saw an interview of her on the Dr Oz show. She is funny, but I just can't get over her insistance that she believes she is thin. The book was shallow, as I expected.

    5. All you need to know about Ms. Alley's skill as a writer is in the title, where she first uses an art metaphor for men before suddenly switching to a food metaphor. The effect of this is nonsense. This book is riddled with poor writing. If there was a ghost writer present, they were either incompetent at their job, or chose to have so ghost-like a presence as to be unnoticeable. Alley capitalizes words unnecessarily, I guess to let the reader know that these words have emphasis or are being yell [...]

    6. I have always loved Kirstie Alley and thought that she was one funny and sassy bitch. About a year ago while following her on twitter I saw that she was writing a book. Once it was up on I purchased the book on pre-order. Although my hubby read me a review of it and it was a horrible review but I said you know what I love her I am going to read it anyways (plus I bought it so might as well read it). Well lets be honest it wasn't a prize winning book here, but it sure as hell was funny. It was a [...]

    7. This made me just feel really sad. Sad that she relishes her lack of innocence even as a young girl when it came to men. And she did some questionable things even to her brother! I found this book very disturbing and very sad and more so because she obviously still has some major issues with men, sex, drugs, and just human decency. "True, all that cocaine stuffed up my nose could have ruined my rep and put me in prison but I was willing to take that risk. I wasn't willing to be known as a tastel [...]

    8. Kirstie is very entertainingd in a strange way is very down to earth. There was not a lot of details, but still an entertaining, light read.

    9. Entering this book with an open mind, I was quickly disgusted by the author's admission of childhood sexual play, drug use, sexual manipulation of almost every man she ever met and her blaming her mother or the men in her life for any of her problems! Add to that her pushing of her "religion" (which she makes sound like merely a wholesome anti-drug support community) which she turned to when she was high on cocaine and you'll very quickly conclude that this is one screwed-up woman. The book is a [...]

    10. I've always thought Kirstie Alley was a good actress - I have enjoyed the films and tv shows she has done. It wasn't until I watched her shows Fat Actress and Kirsties Big Fat Life that I really understood how funny she is. Kind of crazy and spacey but, funny. I started following her on Twitter - she tweets a lot! I watched her on DWTS and just loved her and Maks and their relationship on that show - we all know it takes a special person to get along with Maks! I enjoyed this book - I had heard [...]

    11. I had a hard time enjoying this book. Its really sad how I started this book being a huge fan of alley and now after reading it she seems like a delusional wreck. It just rubbed me the wrong way. she basically describes in the book that every guy she has come in contact with in her life has wanted to run away and marry her even when she was already married. To her its like every guy that would say hi to her would become passionately in love with her. the entire book seems a bit narcissistic. She [...]

    12. I've always been a fan of Kirstie Alley since she was on Cheers and Veronica's Closet. Love her sassy and saucy attitude. I rarely pick up any celebrity's memoir but I couldn't resist picking her book up when I saw her book cover. Reading her book was almost like having a conversation with an old girlfriend, catching up on news. She was not afraid to admit her mistakes and shortcomings when it came to her relationships. There were a couple of laugh out loud pages, some of them got big snorts out [...]

    13. I love Kirstie Alley and as such, really wanted to love this book - but it's very stream-of-consciousness and just as she'd get to a subject I was interested in (like her experiences filming Star Trek) that section would be over. I wish she had not chosen to define her book in terms of her experiences with various men - it limited the scope and make it more soap-y and less real. It was interesting to read her thoughts about Scientology (though I wanted more of that and less of the other stuff) a [...]

    14. I am a sucker for celebrity gossip (as evident by the US Weekly and People magazines strewn about my house). This book fed into my curiosity a little bit, but some stories definitely merely skimmed over the details.Also, I cannot believe her editor let her get away with saying "could care less" SO many times. That really bothered me! Was the editor not an English major?! Will I read her other book? I couldn't care less! ;)

    15. I like Kirstie Alley. I really do.But this bookh.I like her writing style, very conversational but the subject matter was sort of interesting but then not and her justification for some of the things she's done struck me as very self-serving.And I found it very difficult to get past her using the phrase "could care less". Shouldn't there be someone that catches that kind of thing BEFORE publication?

    16. I knew this woman would have stories. I also know this woman is batshit insane. That's fine - both of those qualities make for a quick, entertaining read and the used book sale price of $2 was well worth it.

    17. I have previously read Kirstie’s other book and I should have learned my lesson from that. I thought the idea of this book would be good, with each chapter dedicated to the different men in her life. The first chapter is excellent, with a hilarious story about the disabled “man” who wanted to meet her on the set of one of the Look Who’s Talking movies. And the stories about her first husband, her second husbands and all her affairs in between - due to the nature of this book, it’s not [...]

    18. Kirstie Alley may be that famous “Fat Actress” but at heart she’s just a boy-crazy, 16 year old school girl. The former star of Cheers and the Look Who’s Talking franchise has tackled her weight issues in her previous book, How to Lose Your Ass & Regain Your Life. Her current one, The Art Of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente) is a different beast altogether and centres solely on her fascination with the male species.The book is classed as an autobiography but Alley also sees it as a humoro [...]

    19. One of the reasons Kirstie Alley became an actress was that she could make out with handsome men. That is the kind of blunt and unapologetical confession you get from this book. She confesses what no one else has the guts to do.So… moralists are not going to like it. There will be drugs. There will be a lot of flirting. And just inadequacy in general. If you can’t get past that, this memoir is not for you. According to narrow minded individuals, she is not a model of “human decency”.Also [...]

    20. In Kirstie Alley's newest memoir, "The Art of Men (I Prefer Mine al Dente)," she fills the reader in on her relationships with the men in her life, and sets each of these stories within the context of her life growing up, as well as during her journey as an actress.She fills us in on her first love, as well as the "crushes" she had along the way. Her friendships with men, as distinguished from her lovers, sometimes bordered on more, but for various reasons, did not morph into lover mode. Like he [...]

    21. I was looking forward to reading Kirstie's memoir, what a BIG disappointment.I read 166 pages of this 304 page book, and I don't understand why she wrote such a degrading book about herself. I didn't find it entertaining or helpful in any way. She kind of said she wrote these things to help other girls not to make the same mistakes. I should hope they would be smart enough to not make those mistakes without having to read her "self-help book for dummies." I can not understand why she would write [...]

    22. This is not the typical kind of book that I read. I bought it to give as a gift and I started the read the first several pages and I could not put it down. The book, is what you think it would be, small snipets about the various men that have been in her life. However, the way she writes - so conversational makes it a fun read - and I thoroughly enjoyed it! It was fun to hear about how she started in Hollywood and what was going through her mind at the time. About actors that have come and gone, [...]

    23. You can feel safe in believing this book is fundamentally honest, because it's difficult to imagine someone admitting some of this stuff if it weren't true. So that's either authenticity or a kick-ass double bluff. Also, in style it's reminiscent of what you might expect if a very astute girl in her late teens went all-out to discuss and record her life and indiscretions - sometimes it's gauche and stirs a cringe or two, but occasionally it does become quite thoughtful and well-expressed, even i [...]

    24. I just don't know that much about Hollywood, or maybe my age is slightly off, but I never understood Alley was such a big star. The writing is funny and the stories are interesting and seem to portray her style and personality without being over the top and obnoxious. The pieces sing along from the beginning, but about half way through they lose their steam. They don't become repetitive or boring, but somehow change in tempo and entertainment.This wasa fun read and interesting, and she shares a [...]

    25. The stupid subtitle should have been my warning. Very awful book managing to be gossipy but uninteresting nonetheless. She has a lot of celebrity crushes, had a bad marriage to the actor Parker Stevenson, is a Scientologist.if you knew all that, you won't learn much new from reading this. Even if you didn't, you'll get tired of the repetition and likely find her disagreeable.I'm not sure to whom this would appeal. I like her ok as an actress, but maybe someone who thinks she's amazing and that h [...]

    26. Disappointing and not really what I expected from someone as comedic and likable as Ms. Alley. From the reviews I expected this to be laugh out loud funny, but I don't recall laughing once throughout the entire book. Come to think of it, I don't think I was even mildly amused. It was more of an autobiography with liner notes than anything and nothing really stuck out as particularly poignant. I don't know what I expected but it certainly wasn't this vain and totally misguided version of a glorif [...]

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