La dama del lago

La dama del lago De las llamitas algunas altas y poderosas eran vivamente brillaban y con claridad otras por su parte eran peque as vacilantes y temblorosas y oscurec ase su luz y amortigu base a trechos En el mi

  • Title: La dama del lago
  • Author: Andrzej Sapkowski
  • ISBN: 9788498890624
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Hardcover
  • De las llamitas, algunas altas y poderosas eran, vivamente brillaban y con claridad, otras por su parte eran peque as, vacilantes y temblorosas, y oscurec ase su luz y amortigu base a trechos En el mismo final hab a una llamita peque a y tan d bil que apenas ard a, apenas se remov a, ora brillando con gran esfuerzo, ora casi, casi apag ndose del todo De qui n es ese f De las llamitas, algunas altas y poderosas eran, vivamente brillaban y con claridad, otras por su parte eran peque as, vacilantes y temblorosas, y oscurec ase su luz y amortigu base a trechos En el mismo final hab a una llamita peque a y tan d bil que apenas ard a, apenas se remov a, ora brillando con gran esfuerzo, ora casi, casi apag ndose del todo De qui n es ese fueguecillo moribundo pregunt el brujo Tuyo respondi la Muerte Flourens Delannoy, Cuentos y leyendas

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    1. This is the final book of the series; spoilers aplenty!!! You have been warned and do not let anybody tell otherwise. The book begins with the retelling of the Arthurian legend, in particular the Lady of the Lake part (if you are surprised by this take a look at the title again). The problems are - there are always problems in Geralt's universe - the Lady was not exactly the ruler of Avalon, the coming knight was not Arthur, and nobody offered Excalibur or even an old rusty sword to anybody. The [...]

    2. This review can be found on Amaranthine Reads.We come to the end of the Witcher series, and I say thank Belzebub for that. It is difficult to say why I kept reading to the very (very) bitter end, since the series was getting increasingly worse by every page. I suppose the time I had invested and a small spark of hope that the end may have been worth it allThe Lady of the Lake is the final book and it brings the whole saga to an end, with Ciri finding herself in another world having gone through [...]

    3. This is the final tale in the dark fantasy series The Witcher, and all though it had a decent start the ending will, no doubt, disappoint many readers. The idea that the truths of ancient history and mythology can be unearthed by exploring them in the dreams of a talented sleeper is rather enchanting. It's an interesting idea, one that merges history and fantasy creating an almost dream like feel within the writing, though it never delivers what it promises. The fantasy elements in here are pred [...]

    4. Lady of the Lake is an unfortunately poor conclusion to one of the finest fantasy series ever written. Sapkowski attempts to mix in too many new things, his transitions between times and places are very poorly executed and quite overused, and everything about the ending itself is either too much of a cliché, or simply ridiculous.I've stayed with this saga for many years now, and it remains one of my favourites. Especially the knowledge that the game series takes the franchise to perfection, is [...]

    5. I'm usually a lot more careful when I enter giveaways to enter only the first one or the next one in a series I have read, but somehow it escaped me that Lady of the Lake was not the first in a series. With that in mind, I don't think I can give this book that fair of a review because I just didn't know what the characters did in the previous books or how any of the events unfolded. Instead, I will focus on the things that really worked for me in this book.Even though it is not the first book, I [...]

    6. Teško je jednim review-om obuhvatiti četvoromesečnu zabavu koju mi je pružilo čitanje serijala o Vešcu, ali hajde da pokušam.Slabo stojim sa serijalima epske fantastike - osim neizbežne Tolkinove trilogije "Gospodar prstenova" (pridodaćemo tu i "Hobita" jer je, zapravo, tu cela priča počela), mamutskog "Točka vremena" i nedovršene "Pesme leda i vatre" (spremna sam da se kladim da Martin nikad neće ni završiti serijal), "Saga o Vešcu" je došla kao prijatno iznenađenje, ne samo [...]

    7. Me ha dado muchísima pena terminar esta saga.Me gusta mucho como escribe Sapkowski, aunque hay algunas partes que no me interesaban nada, pero bueno, no me han molestado esos trozos.No me quería despedir de Geralt, Ciri, Jarkier y Triss, pero esta saga no se podía alargar más (sí, aún me queda Estación de Tormentas, pero ese ya lo leeré cuando se me pase la pena y necesite volver a leer a Geralt).No he conseguido cogerle ningún cariño a Yennefer, incluso he tenido muchísimos momentos [...]

    8. And so it ends.There’s nothing left to say, nothing that hasn’t been resolved or left me wondering, nothing that I can really put my finger on as being amiss. However, I feel like some untapped potential died with the end of this series, and I’ll carry that disappointment with me for a while.There were so many new threads explored in the final novel of The Witcher saga that I wish had been left out in favour of more time spent with our favourite characters. I think that is mostly what feel [...]

    9. Prior to reading the first book in this series I was very, very convinced that these books would end up being among the best in the worst genre to pick books from. I finished the first three, and they were perfect. They had everything that a fantasy novel should have, maybe not could ever have, but I always put a lot of expectation on what I would read and the first three titles hit the mark. An interesting world, painted with vivid imagery without clunky paragraphs of overwhelming description, [...]

    10. 3.5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum bibliosanctum/2017/04/13/Eighteen years after its original publication in Polish, this concluding volume of The Witcher series finally has its official English translation. While fan translations have been around for quite a while now, honestly I thought it was well worth the wait, if nothing else because I got to enjoy the excellent audiobook edition. I started off by reading the books, but then on a whim decided to switch formats once I got to Baptism of Fir [...]

    11. I'm disappointed. It took me a few days to reach that conclusion because I love The Witcher books, I tremendously enjoy Sapkowski's writing and I really did not want to be disappointed.The whole book felt rushed, as if desperately trying to close all the plot lines. The result is some loose ends, some deus ex machinas (one particularly horrible - look below) and some plot lines that started with a bang and ended with a feeble voice.Sapkowski is extremely talented at quickly introducing new chara [...]

    12. Είχα φτάσει ως τα δύο τρίτα του βιβλίου από τις ερασιτεχνικές μεταφράσεις. Και το είχα αφήσει εκεί, ήθελα να το διαβάσω κανονικά το τέλος. Και ξαναδιάβασα όλα τα βιβλία, από την αρχή, για να το χαρώ όπως του πρέπει. Και δεν μπορώ να σας πω πόσο πολύ ανταμείφθηκα για την υπομονή [...]

    13. Based on how the books ended, and the two months and a half that took to finish the seven books, i was expecting to feel quite sad after finishing it.I'm not sure if it was because i still have the games for consolation or because the writer but, at the end, my negative expectation where completely vanished.The story didn't slowdown even at the end and although, in my opinion it was more bitter than sweeter, everything was nicely settled and fulfilling.Overhaul it's a great series with involving [...]

    14. For the past months I've been reading almost only fantasy books, starting with George R. R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire, rereading LOTR, 'chilling' with Trudi Canavan. But it's 'cos of Sapkowski I redefined fantasy. The series is wise, intelligent and at the same time it's funny and light (in writing style). It shows that fantasy doesn't have to be pompous. And Sapkowski's writing style is pure genius!!!

    15. Μάλλον 4,5 δηλαδή 4 στο πρώτο μισό, 5 στο δεύτερο μισό, αλλά δε βαριέσαι, η επίγευση μετράει.Πάνε 7-8 χρόνια από τότε που διάβασα (και ξετρελάθηκα με το) The Last Wish και να που φτάνω επιτέλους στο τέλος του έπους του Witcher (το ξέρω ότι υπάρχουν και τα παιχνίδια, αυτά τα έχω επίσης φτάσει [...]

    16. *Minor spoiler alert* I dislike how the author decided to kill off some of the characters, i dont mind them dying , but you cant just kill one of the main characters who has been in at least 3 books , in 2 sentences. You have to have at least some buildup to it. *Spoiler alert* The deaths of Geralts litlle band of followers were so sudden and some just outright idiotic , that i was sure yenfer or ciri would revive them or that ciri would travel several hours in to the past and do it over again, [...]

    17. Něco končí, něco začínáAni za nic se mi nechtělo loučit se ságou, u které jsem strávil tolik času. Jasně, je tu ještě prequel Bouřková sezóna, ale už asi nebude mít kouzlo rozsáhlé série. Proto jsem si Paní jezera dávkoval opatrně, aby mi vydržela co nejdéle a díky pomalejšímu rozjezdu to ani nebyl problém. Avšak poté, co jsem se přehoupl zhruba přes polovinu, mě už od čtení nedokázal nikdo odtrhnout. Spád děje nabral na obrátkách, příběhové link [...]

    18. Well I did it, I finally finished the Hexer series!Well, this book had it's up and downs. Some plot twists started extremely good and exciting, but ended horribly. Thus, the storxy felt too rushed, it was like the author wanted to end the book as fast as possible (although the German edition has over 600 pages). Some new characters were really irrelevant. With each book we were introduced with new characters and adding to the last new ones - and killing old ones just like that off - did no goo [...]

    19. "Algo terminó y algo comenzó, y algo perduró y hubo silencio, silencio y paz."Final agridulce, pero agradezco mucho al autor esa historia extra.Voy a echar mucho de menos seguir leyendo sobre Geralt, Ciri y compañía :(

    20. SO I thought the book overall was really good I was a bit disappointed in the conclusion, but only slightly as the witcher 3 the wild hunt kind of picks up the story from there.

    21. I have so many thoughts after reading this final installment of the Witcher saga. The beginning of this book dragged on forever. Ciri is running around in Avalon, an entire different universe. I could care less about Condwiramurs, a woman who dreams about the legends of the Witcher in the future, and yet we return to her chapter after chapter. This is one of my main complaints throughout the book. There is so much time dedicated to new and minor characters, while the main characters' lives (and [...]

    22. Que puedo decir? Que me encanto? Que Andrzej Sapkowski es tal vez el mejor escritor de fantasia? Que esta saga deberia estar reconocida como una de las mejores? No, no puedo decir eso, porque no serian opiniones que apuntaran a la objetividad, aunque no creo que esta exista, tengo que intentarlo. Tengo que intentarlo para el que se tome la molestia de leer mi review. Asi que aca esta lo que opino de este libro y de esta saga:La historia me parece espectacular, no le falta nada. Tiene una calidad [...]

    23. Ve işte böyle sona eriyor Rivialı Geralt'ın destansı macerası. Serinin son kitabı olan bu ciltte Ciri'nin, Yennefer'ın, Triss'in ve Dandelion'ın serüvenlerinin sonunu okuma fırsatı yakalıyoruz. Yarpen, Zoltan, Regis, Milva, Angoulme ve Cahir'in de öyle Ünlü büyücüler loncasını görüyor, Nilfgaard ve Kuzey Ülkeleri arasındaki o meşhur son savaşa tanıklık ediyor, Vigefortz ve Emhyr'le yaşanan uzun soluklu çatışmanın nihayetine eriyoruz. Dahası, Anarietta'yla ve pe [...]

    24. Lady of the Lake (Saga o Wiedźminie #7) by Andrzej Sapkowski is a book of The Witcher but you don't have to have read the series to read this, it can be a stand alone. This book is told in such an unusual way that it makes the book intriguing in that way alone! The story is about Ciri, The Lady of the Lake, but told, well is a challenge to explain, easier to read. There is so many fantasy creatures and adventures in this book! Different worlds, so much action and adventure that my muscles were [...]

    25. (view spoiler)[Battaglie, azione, magia, romanticismo, ironia, lacrime, un destino tragico ed inevitabile che incombe su tutti i personaggi, ed un finale grandioso in stile "Arturiano" che più epico e memorabile non si può. (hide spoiler)] Una delle più belle saghe epic fantasy di tutti i tempi. Dopo la serie di video games che ha ispirato, pare siano in arrivo film e serie TV. Non vedo l'ora.

    26. 3.5 stars. And so ends the Witcher Saga, which I've been steadily reading throughout the last year. Everything is tied up, from the Wars with Nilfgaard and the Scoia'tael to the fates of most of the minor characters. There's a lot of different endings here, many of them bittersweet. Heroes die, heroes survive, villains triumph (as far as anyone can even be called a hero or villain in this series anyway). Even though everything is resolved, you get the sense that the world is still a broken place [...]

    27. One of those books where you miss the characters as soon as you put it down- time to play Wild Hunt for the third time!!

    28. I have to remind myself it was written in 1999, or one year before George R.R. Martin gave us the literary "Red Wedding." This is the longest of the Witcher books and takes its time about getting anywhere. I am going to have to re-read this book, because now that I know where it is going I can enjoy the stuff I was impatient about my first read through, but turns out to be important to the end.

    29. As a lover of (what many would call) high-art literature and also (what many would call) low-brow populist fantasy literature, I don’t generally find that the two worlds collide. Or when they do, they tend to smash into each other like an unstoppable force meeting an immovable object. There are rare exceptions, of course, but those are generally swept under the carpet or treated with disdain or incredulity or are just plain ignored by most readers, because, when all is said and done fantasy no [...]

    30. Paspaudžiau dvi žvaigždutes iš pykčio. Ne todėl, kad buvo labai gerai ir pasibaigė, nors labai norėjosi dar, o todėl, kad buvo gera ir su kiekviena sekančia dalimi (1. „Raganius" [Paskutinis noras, Likimo kalavijas] 2. „Elfų kraujas" 3. „Paniekos metas" 4. „Krikštas ugnimi" 5. „Kregždės bokštas" 6. „Ežero valdovė"), darėsi vis prasčiau ir prasčiau, kol viską vainikavo galutinai nuvilianti pabaiga. Kaip labai nuvilianti? Na pasakysiu, kad paskutinė pastraipa skam [...]

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