The Shadows in the Street: A Simon Serrailler Crime Novel

The Shadows in the Street A Simon Serrailler Crime Novel Simon Serrailler has just wrapped up a difficult case for SIFT Special Incident Flying Taskforce and is on a sabbatical on a far flung Scottish island when he is called back to Lafferton Two local pro

  • Title: The Shadows in the Street: A Simon Serrailler Crime Novel
  • Author: Susan Hill Steven Pacey
  • ISBN: 9781609988005
  • Page: 404
  • Format: Audio CD
  • Simon Serrailler has just wrapped up a difficult case for SIFT Special Incident Flying Taskforce and is on a sabbatical on a far flung Scottish island when he is called back to Lafferton Two local prostitutes have gone missing and are subsequently found strangled By the time he gets back, another girl has disappeared Is this a vendetta against prostitutes by someone witSimon Serrailler has just wrapped up a difficult case for SIFT Special Incident Flying Taskforce and is on a sabbatical on a far flung Scottish island when he is called back to Lafferton Two local prostitutes have gone missing and are subsequently found strangled By the time he gets back, another girl has disappeared Is this a vendetta against prostitutes by someone with a warped mind Or a series of killings by an angry punter But then one of the Cathedral wives goes missing, followed by another young married woman Serrailler follows lead after lead, all of which become dead ends It is only through a piece of luck, a chance meeting, and a life put in grave danger that he finally gets a result.

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    1. EXCERPT: They could never quite decide if he was OK or not. He wasn't weird. He wasn't anything. All the same. . .'Say what you like,' Hayley had said, 'not normal.'Only he seemed normal, watching them eat the sandwiches he'd made for them, pocket the chocolate bars he'd bought out of his own money, finish off the hot tea or coffee. He had a normal coat, normal blue wool scarf. Normal black shoes. Normal. He was clean, he shaved, he hadn't got anything special about him or anything peculiar eith [...]

    2. The Shadows in the Street is the fifth book in Susan Hill's detective series of books featuring Simon Serrailler. However this series deviates from the convention, where a named detective, plus possibly their sidekick, use their consummate skill and experience to solve devious crimes. Simon Serrailler does not feature much in the novels at all, frequently entering very late in the story, and sometimes being only on the periphery of the action. This novel follows several murders of prostitutes in [...]

    3. Once again, Susan Hill has written a mystery and police procedural that provides developed characters and plot, ideas that don't lead to easy or glib resolution--much like real life. In this episode, while Serrailler is on a sabbatical after a long and difficult case, two local prostitutes are murdered and then a third goes missing. Simon is summoned home shortly before his scheduled return date to take full charge of the investigation. As in prior outings the Lafferton Cathedral itself becomes [...]

    4. Review from Badelynge Susan Hill has been writing extraordinary fiction for over four decades. She is adept at characterisation and building complex emotional landscapes for her characters to inhabit. In 2004 she turned her hand to writing in a completely new genre; the detective novel. She plays with the genre's staple ingredients and adds her own flare for exploring human relationships to the mix, creating a thoroughly engrossing series. The latest installment The Shadows in the Street, contin [...]

    5. Shadows in the Street is Susan Hill’s fifth novel in the Simon Serrailler series which follows the trials and tribulations of the Detective and his family in Lafferton.Lafferton is a Cathedral town and in recent times has seen an increase in the number of prostitutes found walking the streets. They have started to encroach on the centre of town, an unwritten taboo broken by the introduction of pimps and the trafficking of younger working girls.Serrailler is on an extended holiday on the remote [...]

    6. This is the fifth in the Simon Serrailler detective series which I am reading through in order. For me it is the best so far. Like the others it is set in Lafferton a cathedral city in the South of England. Indeed I think the series might be called after Lafferton rather than Simon as it involves the whole community not just Simon and his family. I certainly shouldn’t want to live there as it has. more than its fair share of serial killers and a murder rate which must rival that of the Midsome [...]

    7. The Shadows in the Street, the latest addition to Susan Hill's Simon Serrailler mystery series, showcases the author's amazing ability to balance the elements of both plot and character without sacrificing one for the other. Hill allows her characters to simmer and become full-bodied persons who walk off the page and into the reader's mind where their stories intersect and blend to reach a very satisfying conclusion.In Shadows the cathedral town of Lafferton is a cauldron of old and new. Simon s [...]

    8. Where I got the book: audiobook on AudibleS! Lafferton has another serial killer! Which is a good thing really, since Simon Serrailler is now in such an exalted job that he can only deal with serial killers, so let’s keep ‘em coming.This time the baddie is killing prostitutes, of which sleepy little Lafferton suddenly seems to have a high number. Did they build a casino or something? That’s the fun about fictional towns—you can just add in what you need, although the factories and mean s [...]

    9. I enjoyed this thoroughly. To me, this series is not so much Simon Serrailler mysteries as it is about his physician sister Dr. Cat Deerbon with him popping in here and there. Cat is the real centerpiece here and we find her a year after her husband Chris died of a brain tumor still hurting as she contends with three kids and a career as a doctor. Her new stepmother Judith helps by caring for the kids while she works and goes about activities and her rather cold and distant retired doctor dad Ri [...]

    10. I save the books in this series for a time when I need a change of pace from my usual reading, but also need to return to an author and characters that I can count on for a good, fast-paced mystery. Well written, well plotted, great recurring characters, and new ones entering the scene as well. And, as always, the town of Lafferton is a pleasure to return to.In this one, someone is murdering young prostitutes. I thought I had it figured out a couple of times, but Susan Hill had a few surprises u [...]

    11. Incredibly dull to read. I gave it a chance to pick up after it's underwhelming first paragraph, (in summary: "it's raining, it's been raining for a while. I should grab an umbrella before I go out into the rain. I think it may continue raining)." The opening paragraph was the true killer in this so called, mystery thriller. This is, by far, the most boring piece of entertainment I have encountered featuring a serial killer and murdered prostitutes. And I've spent countless dark winter hours wat [...]

    12. Another excellent audio book read by Steven Pacey! Susan Hill does her usual skillful writing, describing the controversies in a church when a new pastor wants to change the beloved aspects of church life, two groups from the church try to help prostitutes without really knowing what to do, the personalities of the prostitutes and their hopes and family life and struggles all are on the stage before the first murder is committed and well before Inspector Simon Serrailler is summoned back to Laff [...]

    13. Ah I think I'm going to need a little break from these, such sad, acute, pictures of people's lives. Plus Sam being sad and silent is wrecking me.

    14. Reason for Reading: Next in the series.I enjoy Susan Hill as a writer so much, even though I've only read three of her books so far! Fortunately she has an extensive backlist that will keep me busy for a long time. This latest Simon Serrailler novel continues on very much with the private lives of the Serrailler family, namely his sister and her children and his father and his new wife. They dynamics of Simon's private life takes up a good amount of space in these novels. The book also starts ou [...]

    15. I do enjoy this Simon Serrailler series. Plenty of twists and turns, and unusual characters abound. That is, once the current mystery really gets underway.I will say here that Simon did not come on the scene until about 100 pages in, and the first 100 pages were not that exciting.Part of the reason for this comes from Ms. Hill's series writing style. There is always reference to persons and incidents from previous books in the series. This is not a bad thing if they are going to have even a mino [...]

    16. Yet again, another great read from Susan Hill. This is one of my favourite series about the Serrailler family and the cases Simon Serrailler is involved with, in his capacity as a DCS in the Lafferton police force. As always, this is much more than a crime story, the series continues with Simons sister, Cat and her family, his father Richard who has remarried Judith and the various characters who come into play in the story. Here, Simon is away on extended leave in Scotland and is called back to [...]

    17. This was one of my favorite Susan Hill mysteries because it dealt with Seraillier's sister's tragedy as well as with the heart of Lafferton, i.e. its cathedral family.The book opens with Simon in the outer Hebrides enjoying the local, ahem, color. Thank goodness he has a healthy sex drive. I was beginning to wonder just how cold this guy could be. He gets called back to England to investigate the killings of local prostitutes, at the same time that the new Dean of the cathedral's pushy wife is t [...]

    18. Well you might be forgiven for assuming I really enjoyed this book as I devoured it in one sitting. In a way I did as usual it is set in the cathedral city of Lafferton which I imagine to be akin to Exeter. All the familliar characters from the first four novels return apart from those who have died usually in dramatic circumstances in the course of the series. As ever with Hill the writing is crafted and the conjuring of settings excellent. The plot however which involves the murder of sex work [...]

    19. Here is the fifth installment of the Chief Superintendent Simon Serrailler mysteries and the fact that I've gotten this far stands as a testament to this author's capabilities as a crime novelist. Yet there is a reason Hill isn't quite as renowned as, say, P.D. James, Elizabeth George or Minette Walters - and that reason is she's depressing as hell. It doesn't seem to be enough for her to have the various murder victims suffer so outrageously, we must have all the rest endure the worst sort of l [...]

    20. A British police procedural, part of a series, this novel is fine read on its own. Nice tight writing, a twisty plot, amusing characters make for a readable novel.Inspector Serrailler has to find who is murdering prostitutes and there are no clues. His family live near so he is involved in family life as well as police life. Makes for a lighter read.For readers who like police procedurals without four letter words and excessive blood and guts this is a good read for you.For readers who don't usu [...]

    21. Shadows in the Street by Susan Hill continues the story of police detective Simon Serrailer. In this latest novel, Simon is investigating a series of murders involving prostitutes. He follows several possible leads, but young girls continue to disappear. Simon's family, particularly his sister, Cat, make an appearance and this addition helps the reader more fully appreciate his character. Hill does an excellent job of creating the atmosphere of a small cathedral town in Britain. While the action [...]

    22. Not one of the best in the series and there are now characters missing from the first 3 books. Not able to warm to the new characters either but I'm hopeful for the next in the series.Like Serallier, sort of DCI you'd want looking into a case you were involved in, not gung-ho, not a heavy drinker or an emotional basket case as some of the detectives are in other series, it's amazing they get anything done.It's a bit slower than previous books in the series and there's a few twists and turns and [...]

    23. I've read two in this series; and with the way Lafferton attracts serial killers like moths to flame, I foresee their population dwindling faster than Cabot Cove, Maine. The story has a wide variety of characters, and a foreboding atmosphere that makes every character introduced (no matter how unconnected they seem to be from the rest) have the potential to be the murderer or to be murdered. Although I guessed the killer early on, it didn't destroy the suspense as I waited for it to unravel.

    24. Susan Hill writes so beautifully, and she never disappoints. She writes crime as well as she writes ghost stories, I highly recommend her Simon Serrailler series

    25. Chief Superintendent Serailler is recharging his batteries on a remote Scottish island when he is recalled to Lafferton to solve the murders of two young women prostitutes. Then a respectable but disliked older woman goes missing, and he has to determined if she has become a victim as well. There is also one of the strangest motives for murder at the end.My only fault with the book is that one of the young women who was attacked is a bit of the stereotype of 'the hooker with the heart of gold', [...]

    26. Some one is killing prostitutes in Lafferton, then the Dean's wife goes missing. Simon doesn't seem to be particularly effective at solving the case. Indeed the police spend most of their time harassing a librarian who takes the women food and drink at night (view spoiler)[ to the point that he has a heart attack. Despite various people describing him and his actions as odd, his motivation for what he does is never revealed. (hide spoiler)]I quite enjoyed Ruth, the Dean's wife, while she was bei [...]

    27. I have not read any of Hill's other books in this series.but I will after finishing this one. Her writing reminds me somewhat of Elizabeth George's work, although not quite as "precious". other words, her characters are not snobbishly effete. Simon Serrailler and all his family appear in this book and are nicely woven into the plot without seeming forced into the action just to include them in the story.Someone is murdering young prostitutes and the chase in onwhen other women are also found dea [...]

    28. I do like a delve into a good murder mystery and in that Susan Hill does meet the requirements. But as for her characters, I am afraid the main ones are starting to irritate. Cat and her wonderful children, Simon and his brooding isolation. Nobody has a dark emptiness of the fridge with not a morsel of culinary inspiration in sight, oh apart from the single mothers who work as prostitutes. The coffee is always freshly brewed and the wine chilled. Where is this hallowed universe. Give me Rebus ev [...]

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