The Girl Behind the Glass

The Girl Behind the Glass Eleven year old twins Hannah and Anna agree about everything especially that they don t want to move to the creepy old house on Hemlock Road But as soon as they move into the house the twins start di

  • Title: The Girl Behind the Glass
  • Author: Jane Kelley
  • ISBN: 9780375862199
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Paperback
  • Eleven year old twins Hannah and Anna agree about everything especially that they don t want to move to the creepy old house on Hemlock Road But as soon as they move into the house, the twins start disagreeing for the first time in their lives In fact, it s almost as though something or someone is trying to drive them apart While Anna settles in, Hannah can t ignore theEleven year old twins Hannah and Anna agree about everything especially that they don t want to move to the creepy old house on Hemlock Road But as soon as they move into the house, the twins start disagreeing for the first time in their lives In fact, it s almost as though something or someone is trying to drive them apart While Anna settles in, Hannah can t ignore the strange things that keep happening on Hemlock Road Why does she sense things that no one else in the family does It s almost as though someone is trying to talk to her Someone no one else can hear Someone angry enough to want revenge Hannah, are you listening Is the house haunted Is Hannah crazy Or does something in the house want her as a best friend forever

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    1. Eerie, gothic and full of mystery, The Girl Behind the Glass is reminiscent of many of those early 2000's supernatural horror films like Dark Water and The Ring.

    2. I really liked the "voice" narrating the storyr the target audience it will take awhile to figure out who that is! Gives an interesting portrayal of a twin relationship/family relationship between torn asunder-at least momentarily. As believable as a ghost story for kids can be, without being gory. Definite girl appeal, perhaps not so much for boys

    3. Typical ghost story where a child can communicate with a ghost and the resolution is to solve why the ghost was unhappy/angry. The twist to this book is that its told from the ghost's perspective. You get hints here and there about what happened. My imagination thought it'd be something terrible but the end was decent enough. There wasn't a lot of hints about what really happened, just enough to tease you until it all unfolds in the end. The author managed to create some characters that you woul [...]

    4. Title: The Girl Behind The GlassAuthor: Jane KelleyGenre: Fantasy FictionTheme(s): Relationships, Transitions, DiscoveryOpening line/sentence: ““Girls!” No one had said that word in the house on Hemlock Road in an awfully long time.”Brief Book Summary: This book begins with a family moving into a new house on Hemlock Road. Two of the daughters are twins, Hannah and Anna, who are eleven years old. They did everything together, and knew each other so well that it times it seemed like they [...]

    5. This book didn't make sense. I tried to comprehend the writing but it just didn't make sense. The plot really didn't work either. I think if it had been it 1rst person it would've worked better.

    6. In this book a family of five moves into an old, scary house. The people in the family are mom(Mrs. Zimmer), dad(Mr. Zimmer), Selena the teenager, and Hannah and Anna, the 12 year old twins. The thing is that when they get there, Anna meets a new group of friends, while Hannah just wants things to stay the same with each other being their best friends. But that's okay because Hannah meets a new friend, her name is Ruth, Ruth doesn't like anyone but Hannah though. She has lived in this house for [...]

    7. Reviewed by Rusty Key Writer: Jordan B. Nielsen Recommended for: Though the story contains but one male character, the spooky plot line and tomboyish main characters should make this book equally appealing to both boys and girls. While there is no violence to speak of, there are some bloodless deaths, making this better suited to ages 8 to 12. One Word Summary: Spectral.I never get tired of haunted house tales. The creaky floorboards, the mysteriously locked doors, the chilling whispers, it’s [...]

    8. Overall Review: How scary it must be to live in a haunted house. Hannah and her twin sister Anna (and their family) have moved into a house that is purported to be haunted by a ghost with green eyes. But ghosts aren’t real, right? But what if the house you live in seems to have random gusts of wind…inside? And a tree branch (just one) that waves at you? And what if the longer you live there, the more you start to feel anger and hatred and suspicion of everyone around you? And is that a voice [...]

    9. Summary: ()When their older sister Selena fails to get into a decent New York City private school, identical twins Hannah and Anna aren't exactly surprised – Selena has never been the bright one in the family. In search of a new school the whole family up and moves from their beloved Brooklyn neighborhood to a small suburban town. The old house they're renting while their new house is being remodeled is creaky, smelly and teeming with critters. What with the mice in the cupboards and the bats [...]

    10. I've been reading a lot of middle grade ghost stories lately, so this one popped up as a recommendation on . I wasn't overly interested, but I was able to find it easily, so I decided to read it.It was ok. I'm sure a tween girl would enjoy this more than I did, and it's a good thing that is the target audience. I found the narration interesting, but that's something that others might not like. The story itself is fairly typical of a middle grade book with ghosts. Nothing new to see here. If you [...]

    11. Hannah and Anna Zimmer are twins, best friends, and not at all happy when their family moves from their trendy Brooklyn neighborhood to a creepy house in the country (dubbed "the house on Hemlock Road"). The narrator is a mysterious omniscient entity who has special knowledge about the house's past inhabitants, and repeatedly refers to the terrible things that have happened there. Not surprisingly, strange things start happening as soon as the Zimmers move in: the older sister, Selena, is terrif [...]

    12. When eleven-year-old twins Hannah and Anna move into the house on Hemlock Road, they are as close as two sisters can be. But there is another presence in the house -- one that speaks to Hannah, haunting her mind and tearing the girls apart. Told from the viewpoint of this ghostly presence, the story weaves together both the twins' family's present and the ghost's past, bringing them closer and closer to the big climax.The mysterious point-of-view is what makes this book unique, as it keeps the r [...]

    13. The Girl Behind the Glass a wonderful and interesting story surrounding a new family and ghostly narrator. Probably a great book to read days before Halloween. The story is about a family. Mom and dad, an older sister who could not get into a private school, and 11 year old twin sisters Hannah and Anna. The family moves into a creepy house filled with spirits only Hannah can feel and hear. The twins were so close that their mom would just call them under one name 'Hannah Anna'. But after the mov [...]

    14. It was a very powerful story. The narration was similar to the narration of The Book Thief with one major difference. In The Book Thief the death narrator helps to calm things down. In this story the narrator is the ghost and she keeps the tension high because the ghost is so angry and keeps hinting that something awful happened.The parents are a bit too clueless and too unexcepting that maybe there is a ghost. As a reader it does bug that people never seem to remember the lessons of ghost stori [...]

    15. What did you like about the book? why? I liked it when they first moved to the new house. Hannah and Anna got mad at their sister Selena because they think she was the one to convince their mom and dad to move. But they had to move because their house is getting rebuilt. When they move, they sit in a car and they get in trouble for doing it. They would draw alot and they drew something of a tree and other stuff. Then they decided to scare their sister when their mom goes to the store.Do you want [...]

    16. Since the first day living in their new house, both twins has been acting different and strange things starts happening. Arguments and disagreements begins which that has never happened to them both before but everything has change when they first step into their new old creepy looking house on Hemlock Road. Hannah kept on seeing and hearing strange things that's happening on Hemlock Road that nobody else can hear or see like her. The family thought that she's just being crazy and pretending to [...]

    17. To paraphrase Indiana Jones: "Bats. Why did it have to be bats?" I would have given this book 4 stars, but it had too many scenes with bats. Even reading about them gives me the heebie jeebies. All in all, though, this was a decent ghost story that is just creepy enough to give older elementary kids or tweens a good scare, but not too scary that they'll have nightmares. The book is narrated by the ghost of a young girl named Ruth. She starts communicating with Hannah, one half of a pair of twins [...]

    18. The Girl Behind the Glass is a nice ghost story for middle graders! The twins Hannah and Anna are great characters. They look out for each other, are caring and like to play tricks with their older sister. Oh and they also adore reading! At first I was confused with the narrator of the story. I didn’t know who it was. But, I figured it out and I guess for middle graders “the voice” would be very creepy. It gives an spooky vibe to the story. The plot itself is quite easy to understand and t [...]

    19. When twins Hannah and Anna are uprooted from their New York home they think things couldn't get much worse until they move into a dilapidated mouse and bat infested rumored to be haunted in a small town. Hannah and Anna have always been inseparable but now something, or someone, has come between them and unease settles over the old house. The Girl Behind the Glass is a not-too-tingling ghost story about a supremely unhappy ghost set on revenge for all the time she has been left behind, forever s [...]

    20. strangely convoluted and enigmatic little story i was never really sure what was going on hard to feel for any of the characters, as they weren't developed even well enough for such a short book the message/moral was nice, but i think it could hav been done better with more detail and possibly fewer characters mentioned, almost in passing, in nearly every chapter lacked emotional depth

    21. I abandoned this book maybe 10 pages in because I couldn't handle the the third person narrator having its own personality. I'm guessing people will tell me that the third person narrator is actually the ghost but it was just really offputting because I had hoped it would be a neutral, third person point of view or first person from the POV as one or both of the twins.Oh well. I'm sure I'll find more books that are about haunted houses that I like.

    22. Delightfully creepy thriller for the +Fic set, more appeal for girls. I especially appreciated the unusual narrator and her way of foreshadowing. Echoes of Anna Dressed in Blood and Miss Peregrine's but less violent than the former and a much easier read than the latter, obviously accesible to a younger audience.

    23. Unknown narrator keeps you guessing about what really went on in the creepy house that twin girls and their family move in to. Relationship between twin sisters as they gain different interests. Murder mystery. Kids who like Coraline, Mary Downing Hahn, Patrick Ness, kids who like stories that keep them guessing.

    24. Good and creepy in the beginning but gets kind of muddled in the 2nd half of the book. Still it is a good ghost story for 2-4th graders wanting something that will scare them but is not too horrific. Overall there were good creepy parts, and some great suspense but the whole thing somehow felt disjointed. Bonus for a good cover.

    25. Eleven year old twins find themselves involved in seperate situations for the first time. If being 11 years old and in a new school isn't enough - enter a "ghost?" The story keeps you turning pages to find out what/who is happening to this seemingly normal family. Various plots keep the reader guessing.

    26. Love the writing style but I totally HATE the plot the characters were fleshed out. I thoroughly hate the elder sister which is perfectly fine because that proved that the other got her point across. So I'd only give it 3 stars only because I liked the way it was written that it kept me reading the book if even though I sincerely hated it. =)

    27. Um, just a quick wow. Kind of wanted to start reading it all over again. Subtle ghost story, compelling mystery behind the who and the why and how the author told the story itself. More detailed review closer to release date. This is an ARC from the publisher that I borrowed from a friend-need to return in June 4.

    28. MG(9-12), Mystery.A story about SISTERS: Jealousy, Hate, Friends, Loneliness & Redemption. Author Kelley assigns omniscient POV to a GHOST, setting up a unique interaction between characters. Initially I favored this as a mediocre read until I understood the turmoil of the GHOST and what motivated her actions in the story. The book presents "insights" into real-world feelings of tween girls.

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