Tanz über dem Abgrund.

Tanz ber dem Abgrund When she begins receiving bizarre threatening messages from someone who seems to know her every move teenage Ashley after seeking help from the neighborhood tough guy comes to realize that she alon

  • Title: Tanz über dem Abgrund.
  • Author: Gillian Cross
  • ISBN: 9783800026531
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Paperback
  • When she begins receiving bizarre threatening messages from someone who seems to know her every move, teenage Ashley, after seeking help from the neighborhood tough guy, comes to realize that she alone can end the stalker s reign of terror.

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    1. This was a book I had started reading many years ago (2001-2002), and had posted a summary over in the "What's the name of that book?" group to try to figure out which book it was. I remembered the plot being about a girl who did graffiti, and who climbed up on risky structures to get a good tag. When someone finally suggested this title, I had to read it to figure out if it was the same.I'd been reading this book while working in a group home, so it was something I picked up in their library an [...]

    2. This book has so many twists and turns that it's hard to know who did it. Who sent "Cindy" those horror items. Blood, skulls. It's so dangerous, a dangerous game. Oh, even though it was my second time reading this book, I feel that I have never read this book. It's that good! I swear! If you don't like it, well, that's your problem. Still, yiou will not know who did all those terrible things to her, and her mother's sick! That person is really crazy, the one who sent her the letters and presents [...]

    3. You know how you can walk past something every day and not really see it? And maybe, months later, or a year later, you notice it. It surprises you. You wonder: was that always there? Why didn’t I see it before? Ashley’s been by Annie’s Deli hundreds of times; she gets food there for her sick mom, but she never noticed, never really saw, the beautiful expanse of wall above it. Plain. Unmarked. Untagged. Suddenly Ashley knows: this wall is mine. Her friend Vikki tries to talk her out of it. [...]

    4. To be honest I went to the library and saw that it was something new, so I read into it and found I WANTED to know MORE. This had kept me up all night and I did not want to let go of this book, it had me wanting me and so i was dying to find out how it ends.I liked how shes herself (know what i mean) like she had a dream to do a graffiti and she made it happen and did it again even if it was painted over! Even if her friend had said it was a bad idea she still went for it. I didnt like Eddie, he [...]

    5. Eddie Beale is the coolest guy on the Row. He looks after you, for a price. Ashley is the perfect child, well almost. She's shy, well-behaved, looks after her invalid mother, and takes care of their shabby home. But she has a secret, something that goes on at night. A secret only her best friend Vikki knows about, but not for long.Ashley is being stalked, and whoever it is, claims to know her secret. With the help of Eddie and his gang, Ashley learns the identity of her stalker - or thinks she d [...]

    6. I just finished this book and needed someone to listen to me rant about itthis book is great I loved Eddie's personality that you don't firmly grasp until the end once I really thought it over I realized that he us just like the Joker from batman (not the boring kiddies version but the dark night one or from the cartoons where they are allowed to cuss) this is because everything is just a game to him all he wants is some amusement to make him laugh and hates to lose once you start to win he goes [...]

    7. The thing I liked most about this book was that the protagonist is a young girl, Ashley, who is the main carer for her chronically ill mother. There are't many books with a main character dealing with this type of issue, and the author writes well about the situation and how Ashley deals with it. Most things about this novel are great; however, the central premise - how she got involved with a local crim who essentially ran the neighbourhood - didn't ring true to me. With the story lacking stron [...]

    8. I really enjoyed this book it has a fascinating storyline about a teenage girl, Ashley who creeps secretly out at night or in the wee hours of the morning to tag walls with graffiti. However, someone is always watching her. She starts receiving unpleasant messages and she seeks help from Eddie, the guy who 'takes care' of his friends as long as they entertain him. Can eddie really help her? What price does she have to pay? Questions start popping out and can really make the reader anxious to sta [...]

    9. I thought that this book was really good. I would recommend this book to people who want to read about stalkers. This book is about a girl who's mother really sick and cant do much and draws graffiti. This person starts stalking her and people say go to Eddie for help. At the end she finds out who the real stalker is and he wasn't really stalking her he just made it look like that and said that it was someone else so he could get revenge on that person.

    10. I like the way Gillian Cross wrote the book. It really is unique compared to other books I've read - the conventional third-person narrative plus the thoughts of some characters on every end of a chapter.It's a book full of:- twists- surprises- stalking- mind-boggling clues- omg moments- mysteriesAnd in the end, I knew there was somethingFigure that one out, goodreaders! :P

    11. It was an okay book, the entire plot was kinda sketchy and strange. Towards the end I didn't understand the bond between Ashely and The Hyena. Since the beginning of the story I was a little creeped out by The Hyena and his obsession with Ashley, turns out it wasn't him who was stalking her, but he still bothers me.

    12. This was a pretty cool book!! I enjoyed it and it was a fast read with some great characters. I would recommend this to people looking for an adventure and a heroism book, the different perspectives at the end of each chapter brought something different and much needed to the book and I loved reading about these super interesting people!! :)

    13. Found in a pile of hand-me-down books from an older cousin, I picked this one up and started it for fun. I found myself sucked into the upside down world of "Cindy" and every step she took I had to hold my breath to find out her next move. The book is very well-written for young adults but the story can entertain people of all ages.

    14. Painful. Reading this with a bottom set in Uganda where the cultural context is a bit lost made it just a nightmare that I rushed through with as little discussion as possible. Forgettable characters, nonsense plot and utterly unremarkable ending.

    15. Good mystery that keeps you thinking. Reflections from different characters at the end of each chapter give you more than one perspective on many things in the story. Surprising ending that makes the book memorable.

    16. This is a very good book about a girl who longs to make her mark on the world, and she lives a secret life to do so. The book has nice tension and very multi-dimensional characters. A great young adult read.

    17. A girl who walks everyday past this wall and relieses she wants it, she wants to be famouse wants to be CINDY

    18. I read this when I was about twelve, and though I don't remember now what it was about, at the time I liked it.

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