Software Foundations

Software Foundations Available online cis upenn bcpierce sf

  • Title: Software Foundations
  • Author: Benjamin C. Pierce
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 268
  • Format: ebook
  • Available online cis.upenn bcpierce sf

    One thought on “Software Foundations”

    1. After I managed to get over the hurdle of starting this book (I needed some serious math refreshing), it quickly became one of my favorite books. Programming in Coq is extremely addictive, and Software Foundation's treatment of it and of programming languages concepts in general are very well done. Additionally, I think it's worth pointing out that I would have loved to have learned proofs and induction in this style (proofs as programs) rather than my dry boring university lectures from the mat [...]

    2. The best introduction on using dependently typed progamming to prove a lot of fundamental CS. Begins from simple logic all the way to partial evaluation in lambda calculus.The problem sets are really fun! All exercises are in Coq, feel like you're solving a puzzle game.

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