The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits

The Hunting of the Snark An Agony in Eight Fits A beautifully re illustrated edition of Lewis Carroll s unforgetabe story the impossible voyage of an improbable crew to find an inconeivable creature The master of nonsense Lewis Carroll re illustr

  • Title: The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits
  • Author: Lewis Carroll Oleg Lipchenko
  • ISBN: 9781770494077
  • Page: 328
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A beautifully re illustrated edition of Lewis Carroll s unforgetabe story the impossible voyage of an improbable crew to find an inconeivable creature The master of nonsense, Lewis Carroll, re illustrated in a fabulous new edition A lovely gift book, and a delight to share, and read aloud.

    One thought on “The Hunting of the Snark: An Agony in Eight Fits”

    1. Absolute nonsense, which is to be expected with Carroll. I love how his writing brings me back to being a kid again. Obviously loved it!

    2. "You must read this book!" the Reviewer cried,As he searched for a suitable rhymeBut as long as he stole more than half of the wordsHe was sure he would get there in time.The rest of this review is available elsewhere (the location cannot be given for policy reasons)

    3. Well, I gave TV a chance today. However, I found Titanic, Terminator 3, reality shows and other stuff, so, those aren't real options for me. I have no sitcoms to watch right now. Although, I'm kind of tired of watching the same sitcoms/tv series all the time. There's nothing new now. Once Upon a Time is on, so that's a good background sound. What to do on a Saturday afternoon? Yes. Let's find something out of the ordinary to read. And what did I find? A brilliant, typical Carroll nonsense poem. [...]

    4. Another book I picked up at the Tate last week in Liverpool. More of the Tove Jansson nostalgic illustrations and a beautiful edition which sat happily in my hands last night as I read it aloud in bed. Thank God i live alone. The wonderful tumble of Carroll's rythmic pulsing verse is such fun to burble out and some of the verses made me smile out loud'He thought of his childhood, left far far behind-That blissful and innocent state-The sound so exactly recalled to his mindA pencil that squeaks o [...]

    5. The hunting of the snark, is something that ideally, should definitely be devoured in one sitting. This poem is a poem made of wit, but at the same time, it's pure nonsense. But the nonsense, I think, is what makes it so damn good.I am a huge Alice in wonderland fan, but I had never gotten round to reading this. The poem is split into eight parts, and is titled, "An agony in eight fits" Now, the title is attractive in itself, regardless of the contents. Only Lewis Carroll would use such a title! [...]

    6. Lewis Carroll doesn't really need an introduction. Having brought us the fantastic world of Alice in Wonderland and its sequel, he is not only one of the most well-known authors of classic children's literature, but must have been one of the most inventive and imaginative people on the planet.Apart from his novels, he also wrote this poem. I must admit to not having known about it. It was during my visit to Munich where I met Chris Riddell that I found out about The Hunting of the Snark since th [...]

    7. "Те го будеха с кифлички, будеха с лед,те го будеха с мед и горчица,те го будеха с троскот и мъдър съвет -и с числа в непонятна редица"Едно най-хубавите неща, които някога съм чела. Когато много умен и начетен човек разказва дивотии с ноншалантен вид и имаме късмета да го превед [...]

    8. Great poem but the illustrator is a debauched, discombubulated fool whose asemic scribblings and ink-blottings cannot stand up to even the most puerile graphical ravings of a den of opium-besotted thuggees, or even the currently uber-hip artiste visually polluting the cover of the New Yorker. Which ever one's worst, that's the one that this artist is worserer than.Frankly, I think there's something funny about the whole business and I wouldn't be surprised if there's prison time and/or stiff fin [...]

    9. Five stars for both content, Lewis Carroll's sublimely weird nonsense epic about an ill-fated hunting mission by a group of bizarre characters, and edition, which contains Martin Gardner's playfully brilliant introduction, extensive annotations, and appendices. Carroll says of his eight fits of Snarkdom that there is no real symbolism- the Snark is just a Snark. Or more precisely, a Boojum. Numerous scholars have pooh-poohed this, arguing that no Victorian writer can understand how he is influen [...]

    10. Сигурно има много начини да се влюбиш в нонсенса (и по-точно в nonsense verse-a), но моят беше през Едуард Лиър, Огдън Наш и Луис Карол - именно с The Hunting of the Snark. Толкова причудлива сплав от искрен смях и ненатраплив, самоироничен смисъл рядко се среща. Но да не се отплесвам. "На лов за Сн [...]

    11. This is the epitome of nonsense verse and the measure by which I compare all others. The verse is beautifully and nimbly handled without sacrificing the humor or the nonsense. My version has Martin Gardner's annotations which are helpful, but not necessary. Nonsense isn't supposed to make sense!I highly recommend this book for adults, children, and pets. It is one of my favorite books that I've re-read several dozen times. (Added note: Boris Karloff has an excellent reading of this that is avail [...]

    12. обяснителните бележки! <3марш всички да гугълвате портманто думи, луискароловизми и Kofferwörter!

    13. The rhyme and verse are very pleasing. I like L.C. with his wide-grinning cats that disappear, jabberwocky, bandersnatch, and all, and so now it is on to this mysterious creature. I had to reread the last part a few times, but it seems this creature has a special ability not mentioned. Some are perfectly safe in its company and some, are not.

    14. The best, and certainly the only, nonsense epic poem I've ever read. Found this at Lit. Fest in Chicago, only $8. A steal. I infer that an annotated version of anything is based on scholarly research, so it's funny to me that such a sensical approach was taken to analyze something so nonsensical. But hey, what's more nonsensical than that? It is insightful though, with the illumination of his portmanteau terms, late 19th century vernacular, and such. Did I mention I love this poem? It is hilario [...]

    15. Just did a dramatic reading of this for my cat. As you do. She curled up and went to sleep. Compliment?I absolutely adore this poem, and when this edition caught my eye on the shelf while doing some tidying I felt it was time for another reading. I'd love to record this to video someday, so I consider reading it aloud for my cat as rehearsal. Yeah.

    16. Not this particular edition (which is cooler than the first one I read). I c9ollected various Carroll editions, so actually, I don't know which one I fell in love with first.

    17. Да се чете в пияно състояние. Тъкмо поради това не мога да напиша нищо смислено в момента.

    18. Had nog nooit eerder een boek gelezen alleen maar omdat ik 1 van de afbeeldingen die erin stond zo mooi vond, maar het was de moeite meer dan waard.

    19. Probably my favorite poem to date. This so intrigued me that I returned for a reread the same day.Much longer than "Jabberwocky," this "Agony in Eight Fits" (as Carroll calls it) is an adventurous, mysterious, brain-tugging story of a sailing crew which sets to find a Snark (whatever it is):"They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care; / They pursued it with forks and hope, / They threatened its life with a railway-share; / They charmed it with smiles and soap."The theme is dark and w [...]

    20. Прекрасно преживяване е този стихотворен "нонсенс". Ако обаче сте сериозен човек и не обичате безсмислици (тук изведнъж се сетих за бизнесмена от "Малкия принц", който обича да брои звездите, за да ги притежава), хич и не си губете времето с тази мъничка книжка. Ако обаче обича [...]

    21. He had bought a large map representing the sea,Without the least vestige of land;And the crew were much pleased when they found it to beA map they could all understand.The map, of course, is blank. Much of this poem is absence, but where The Jabberwocky fills absence with vague nonsense that somehow expands to suggest a world of dread, the story of the snark simply isn't, until it is, and that was not enough to carry the thing for me. However, this is a fun read, and as I'm turning it over I fin [...]

    22. На лов за Снарк: izumen/2014/10/blПрепоръчвам книгата, но не на всеки, разбира се. Това е специфично четиво, нонсенс литература - тренировка за любителите на езика и неговите странности. Ние останалите ще се задоволим с кикотене и бутилка ром.Цялото ревю: izumen/2014/10/bl

    23. "They sought it with thimbles, they sought it with care; They pursued it with forks and hope;They threatened its life with a railway-share; They charmed it with smiles and soap.Simply put, Mr. Carroll at his finest. One of the greatest works of nonsense ever.

    24. Брилянтен превод на Кристин Димитрова, с оригиналните илюстрации на Хенри Холидей. Безупречно издание във всяко едно отношение.Повече - на сайта "Аз чета".

    25. In which a Hemulen and other residents of Moominvalley venture in quest of a Snark -- but only if you read the edition with Tove Jansson's illustrations.

    26. Ще я науча наизуст и ще ви преследвам с нея. Изключително добър превод. Ювелирен.

    27. Desconocía la existencia de este libro/poema. La edición que leí incluía en la parte final un anexo de cartas muy informativo. Me gustó saber cómo se gestó las aventuras de Alicia en la cabeza del autor (me sorprendio saber que Carroll era meticuloso como yo). Algo que me chocó bastante, y me dio mucho pudor y un poco de 'guálaca', fue la forma en que Lewis se refería a sus 'amiguitas', niñas de menos de 10 años, pues lo hacía con tanta pasión e idealización que tendría mucho sen [...]

    28. I haven't read a single damn thing in 2018, so I figured a lighthearted and simple tale was the right thing to get into to. Not only does the "Hunting of the Snark (An Agony In Eight Fits)" not fulfill either of my two wishes, it has plagued me with deep and melancholy thoughts. Disquiet wraps every portion of this adventure and nothing is truly okay (logically, spiritually, mathematically, and so on). It is undoubtedly a great tragedy: but I cannot for the life of me pinpoint exactly about what [...]

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