A Field of Poppies

A Field of Poppies A work of Women s FictionTwo families One Secret Separated by a river and twenty years of lies Two families One secret Separated by a river and twenty years of lies Five minutes changed Poppy Sadler s

  • Title: A Field of Poppies
  • Author: Sharon Sala
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A work of Women s FictionTwo families One Secret.Separated by a river and twenty years of lies.Two families One secret.Separated by a river and twenty years of lies.Five minutes changed Poppy Sadler s life forever Tick The hospital called Her mother s battle with cancer was finally over Tock The police showed up at her door Her father s body has just been pulled frA work of Women s FictionTwo families One Secret.Separated by a river and twenty years of lies.Two families One secret.Separated by a river and twenty years of lies.Five minutes changed Poppy Sadler s life forever Tick The hospital called Her mother s battle with cancer was finally over Tock The police showed up at her door Her father s body has just been pulled from the River Tick Murdered Tick, Tock Five minutes and a secret is coming undone.Across the river, Justin Caulfield s vast fortune can buy him anything but time Tick A deadly disease is stealing his daughter s life He needs a miracle Tock The person he never doubted names the price he never knew he owed A price than one man can pay Tick Betrayed Tick, Tock Twenty years of lies may cost him his very soul.

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    1. This was pretty different from Sala's regular style. I expected a romance but while Poppy fell in love it was only one element of this book. I would really consider this more of a drama. There were a lot of characters and nearly everyone got parts in their POV. There were a couple of characters who got a significant page time. Mostly Poppy and her biological father. Frankly I liked him better than her. I did enjoy that he was written as a well rounded character rather than a stereotype of an old [...]

    2. I was captivated by this romantic suspense from start to finish even though the majority was who-done-it and the last section was the romance. There were lots of heart-tugging moments especially at the beginning and the end. Poppy learns that her mother just died of cancer then five minutes later she is told her father was murdered.

    3. I gather this was a self-published book and it's obvious why. Poor writing and total unbelievability abounds!(view spoiler)[The main character, Poppy, is a total bitch. The book starts with her finding out her mother and father have died - one expected through cancer, one an awful murder - and even through the filter of shock and grief, her actions quickly render her unlikable. She shows up to work late because of the deaths and refuses to explain why, which leaves her coworkers annoyed with her [...]

    4. A FIELD OF POPPIESPoppy learns of her parents deaths from different causes, one cancer, one murder, virtually at the same time. Her world is spinning out of control, while trying to solve the murder the rug is pulled out from under Poppy. Poppy is a wonderful character, the story focuses on how she survives and thrives.

    5. This is the first book of this author's that I have read and from other reviews, I understand that it is different from her usual genre. This book seems to have a bit of everything: murder, crazy homeless people, illicit affairs, long buried family secrets, haves and have-nots separated by a river into two sides of a city, loss, illnesses, death, and redemption. Though at times the story was very moving, and at other times shocking, I found it hard to suspend my inner cynic. The plot seemed so i [...]

    6. 3,5 stars ^^Drama, family drama always be my comfort zone. Add a bit mystery and romance, then I'll be a sucker.In that rainy morning, Poppy's life changes in less than five minutes. A call from hospital tell that her mother died, then 2 cop in front of her door tell that they just pull out her father's body from the river. All these bad circumtances lead her into finding the truth about her mother and herself.At 40% of this book I've already know how'll this story going to be, but I'm too caugh [...]

    7. What I love most when reading a Sharon Sala book is guessing who the suspect/killer is in here novels. Her stories never failed to give me goosebumps specially when I read it with my bedside lamp as my only companion. She portrays her heroine not by the stereotypical damsel in distress but as a strong, independent woman capable of handling things on her own and at the same time capable of such strong emotions it never failed it make me cry. And for that this novel earned the perfect 5 star and p [...]

    8. This was a new area for Sala to write in and her very first self pub book because her publishers did not think her fans would accept her going into another genre. But from reading the reviews on facebook all of her loyal fan have purchased the book and have liked it.Overall the book was very good. And I look forward to read more books by Sharon in this area as well as in her romantic suspense books and I love.

    9. I love Sharon Sala. I have never been dissapointed by her work. This was not my favorite. But, it was very good. The book had my attention from the very beginning. I do think it was a little predictable, but I still liked it.Did anyone else have a problem with the dates of when Poppie was born and when her mother was born? Maybe it was just an error since I downloaded it on my Nook. Petty, I know. But, things like that drive me nuts.

    10. I loved this bookIt made me laugh and cryIt's a story about love,loss,trust and learning to forgiveWould highly recommend it!!

    11. This was an okay read for me. Nothing really special in my opinion. The murderer was revealed very early in the book, and once that was done, that was it for me. I struggled through the rest, which was basically the various' characters attempts at family reconciliation.

    12. A Field of PoppiesExcellent! I am really liking this author. This my 4th book and want to read more! She really tells a compelling story.

    13. I was once told by Sharon that Cat Dupree was her all time favorite character and to this point I had to agree with her. However she has so completely outdone Cat Dupree in this novel that I can’t see any character ever comparing.Sharon Sala’s A Field of Poppies reminded me of the very reasons why I fell in love with the romance genre. This book has more heart written into each word than any other book I’ve read in years. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, and it lends meaning t [...]

    14. On a cold, rainy day, the hospital calls Poppy and informs her that her mother has passed away. Poppy has barely digested this news, when two policemen knock on her door. They tell her that her father's body has just been pulled from the river. At this point, I was hyped at the possibilities. Unfortunately, the story went downhill from there. There were just too many improbable situations, one after the other. It seemed like the author could not decide on a genre. I did enjoy the way she fleshed [...]

    15. This is only my 2nd Sharon Sala book and will not be my last. I don't know why but with this book and the first book that I read, made me feel like I was reading a story from the 50's, only to find out it is a story of the present time. Maybe it is her writing style, easy to become involved with the characters and feel like you are part of the family. In other words, "homey". This story draws you immediately to the young daughter of dead parents, both who die on the same day, in different ways, [...]

    16. Two families. One secret. Separated by a river and twenty years of lies.Five minutes changed Poppy Sadler’s life forever. The hospital called. Her mother’s battle with cancer was finally over. The police showed up at her door. Her father’s body has just been pulled from the River. Murdered. Five minutes and a secret is coming undone.Across the river, Justin Caulfield’s vast fortune can buy him anything but more time. A deadly disease is stealing his daughter’s life. He needs a miracle. [...]

    17. This is a good story but is a little different than the Rom Suspense. It is also her first self published and I can see more of her heart in the storytelling than normal but 100% honesty & friendship aside, there are a few more mistakes as well. Anything that needs cleaned up is just nit picking but what I did wish for was less repeating things over & over and more fleshing out the characters individuality. They all told us the same things again & again instead of telling us who they [...]

    18. "A departure from the "norm" for Sharon Sala, Field of Poppies was turned down by the big-name publisher, because of fear that Sharon's fans wouldn't "follow" her into an another genre." Crazy thought because Sharon's Sala's style always feels like home. There is such a genuine honesty to her storytelling that you literally feel the breath of her characters. This book may be outside the "norm" but true Sharon Sala fans will follow her down whatever journey her brilliant imagination wants to take [...]

    19. Good story. Kindle editions on other eReaders make for a nightmare of spelling and punctuation horrors. If I did not like the story, I would have given up by page 5. The text was all typewriter, no adjustment for text size and putting one to two letters on one line and finishing it on the next, annoyed the heck out of me. My pet peeve was an "s" at the end of one line and "he" on the next-no hyphen, just a free floating letter. Given all the annoyances I'm not sure the story was worth it, but it [...]

    20. This one of those books that give you a book hangover. It was heartwrenching, it was healing and it was a truly spectacular book. The author weaved so many story lines off one main one that it keeps you reading just so you can out how it all comes together. All the characters were amazing composed, their lives touchable. This author has ability to do what other authors sometimes miss. Looking forward to reading more from this author

    21. Sharon Sala absolutely has a winner with this book, it kept me up until 3:30 AM, reading until I could not hold my eyes open. Her characters are interesting, and although I have almost all of Sharon's books, this is now among my favorites! It catches you immediately and keeps going. The book contains Sharon's usual twists and turns, and keeps you guessing as to who murdered Poppie's father! I would not hesitate to recommend this or any other of Sharon Sala's books!

    22. Love her charactersI have loved every book that Sharon Salazar has ever written because the characters are so realistic and the heroines are usually sweet and the romance hot. All that took a backseat in this book and focused on a mystery. The heroine seemed kind of unforgiving and mean till the end. Otherwise, it was a very complex and character driven story. Sharon Sala is still one of my favorite authors

    23. This book was readable but the plot quite unbelievable! There are just too many coincidences for the story to be at all plausible. However I did like the characters and was intrigued as to how the story would pan out. The thing that really annoyed me though was that the conversational elements of the book, almost seemed Victorian, yet the book was set in the present. It just didn't seem to add up.

    24. Excellent, excellent. Sharon Sala has conflict down to a fine art and in this novel, the complex interrelations of the characters are even more in conflict than usual. Sharon has taken several premises and twisted them all around. The protagonist is now wilting lily; she's tough as you'd expect from her background. Great to see an author temper the wind to the shorn lamb. Thoroughly recommended.

    25. I love Sharon Sala, and I've never been disappointed by any of her books. This is a little different than most of her others, but the things that make me love her as an author are definitely still there--her interesting plots and extreme attention to character development. My daughter bought this for me for an airplane trip I took--I couldn't put it down!

    26. so glad that sharon decided to self-publish this book :) i loved it :) at the time, it was only available in ebook, but i got it and could not stop reading it till i was finished :) it is not the same genre as some of her books, but it is definitely worth the read :) i definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a good suspenseful read :)

    27. A superb read although the timeline was slightly off in places and had me scratching my head and going back to work out characters ages. But apart from this A Field Of Poppies was vintage Sharon Sala.

    28. A pleasure to read. From the beginning,throughout the tumultuous throes family secrets and strength of character that stirs hope in mankind.I only wish the author had more of her work available in the market of Kindle Books. I ha re enjoyed her as a favorite.

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