A Very Special Critter (Look-Look)

A Very Special Critter Look Look Alex a new critter at school uses a wheelchair to get around and at first the other critters aren t sure how to treat him But when they get to know Alex they find that even though he s a special c

  • Title: A Very Special Critter (Look-Look)
  • Author: Mercer Mayer
  • ISBN: 9780307127631
  • Page: 253
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex, a new critter at school, uses a wheelchair to get around, and at first the other critters aren t sure how to treat him But when they get to know Alex, they find that even though he s a special critter, he s really just one of the gang A Golden Look Look Book Full color.

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    1. This was one of my favorite books in elementary school. It allowed the others critters to get to know him because they thought he was different because he was in a wheelchair but he was just like one of the other critters. You learn that just because somebody may look different they could be as normal as you. It shows how you should introduce a disabled student to a classmate.

    2. Basic Plot: Little Critter gets a new student in his class who is different from everyone else: he has to use a wheelchair.In his typical style, Mayer makes his lessons accessible to children. The tone is a bit more serious in this one, as Critter is a bit confused about what it means to be handicapped. He learns, though, that wheelchairs don't make a person completely dependent and needy. There's a lot of good message here, particularly if your own little critter has never encountered a person [...]

    3. Critter finds out about getting a new class mate, his teacher says there is something different about this new critter. A wheelchair, the new Critter Alex has a wheelchair. Critter asks his dad for advice and he gives some good talking points but Critter finds somethings were not needed, his new friend doesnt need A LOT of help just a little bit like him. This book shows it is ok to ask someone in a wheelchair questions, if you ask questions you will learn more about someone who has a physical d [...]

    4. This book is about a critter named Alex who is in a wheelchair. The book does a really good job explaining how people who are handicapped are not different from the rest of the people in this world. I would recommend this book to every one of all ages. This book and all the other critter books have a moral that everyone should hear. This is one of my favorites from the Critters series of children books.

    5. Aside from the title really bothering me and not having anything to do with the story, I liked it. But in the beginning, dad gives advice, but it would had been better especially that the mc said he’d never met anyone in a wheelchair before should have made his own conclusion that the new critter wasn’t any different than him instead of having the dad say on page 5: “'Just because he’s in a wheelchair, doesn’t mean he’s any different than the rest of you. He probably just needs some [...]

    6. This is a great book to help students realize that everyone is different and that its good to have diversity in your life. I believe that this book would allow students to understand the differences between people and accept them. An activity that could go along with reading this book aloud would be to have students go around and say something that makes them totally different from other students in their class. This was a great read and should be read out to the students of every class because [...]

    7. Little Critter gets a new student in his class, but the new student is in a wheelchair. At first LC feels strange about the difference, but learns to see that the new student is just like everybody else!

    8. Synopsis: In this children's book written by Mercer Mayer, a new friend joins the class, but something is different about him. He uses a wheelchair to get around! The classmates are not sure how to feel about this at first, but soon everyone realizes he is no different than them or anyone else, despite his wheelchair. This book contains comedy and an important, easy to understand message about disabilities and how people sometimes react in situations such as these, but that it is best to be acce [...]

    9. This book was really cute. The class was told that a new student would be starting school there the next day. The teacher said that he was special though. He was in a wheelchair. He came in the next day and looked really scared. All the kids introduced themselves. When they went outside they thought he would need help, but they were wrong. He did not need as much help as they thought. He could do many things on his own, but certain things he would need help with. I liked the illustrations in thi [...]

    10. This story was about a class getting a new student, but he's not just another student he's a special case. He is in a wheelchair! The students must adjust to accommodate his needs, make him feel welcomed, and do their best not to leave him out.This book is great for teaching about individuals with disabilities, how they are still humans, and how they should be treated just as anyone else should be treated. For an activity in the classroom, I would have the students write about a person they know [...]

    11. I LOVE this book!! I grew up reading this series, so perhaps I'm biased. But, this book is so special! The authors tell a story of a new student who uses a wheelchair. At first everyone is afraid to ask him questions, and many think that he will need help all of the time. As they take time to get to know him, they learn that it is okay with him to ask questions and that he can actually do most everything that everyone else can. (And even though he may need help sometimes, so do the others!) I wo [...]

    12. I think this by far is the best one I have read in a while. When I read it to the 4 year old I babysit he loved him and helped a kid in his school. This book did a very special way of explaining someone is handicap. The fact that they say sometimes he needs help, but sometimes I do to. I felt like that was such an amazing point to make. I love the author and the way he writes these, so realistic. The illustrations are amazing and full of color, they really keep you involved.

    13. I love this Little Critter book. There is a new kid in Little Critter’s class who is in a wheelchair and Little Critter is unsure about it. This story addresses the questions a student may have about another student who is different. I love the language in this book and how it shows children that is ok to be unsure about something that is different, but that learning about those differences can calm those fears.

    14. Little Critter books are always pretty special to read to your child. He's like an average ordinary 'kid' and feels and thinks like one. In this one very specially written to help children understand that if another child is 'different' (like in this story one is in a wheelchair) that doesn't mean he is different from them. They still feel and enjoy the same things. Little Critter soon makes good friends with the new boy in the chair.

    15. This is actually a book that I still have from my own childhood. I loved this book and I like that it shares the differences and similarities between the students. And I think it encourages acceptance. Children are naturally inquisitive and this book shows a class of students asking questions and realizing how similar they are.

    16. Alex is new at school, but looks a little bit different from everyone else because he is in a wheelchair. This book demonstrates how children should be accepting and caring even if a person is not the same as them.

    17. This is a good book for young children that discusses a new student that comes to school and has a wheelchair. At first it is difficult, but when he makes a friend the whole class starts to accept him too.

    18. A new critter joins Little Critter's classroom, and though he seems very different from the rest of the class, they soon learn that he is very much the same in so many ways. Great book for discussing disabilities and differences and appreciating abilities and similarities.

    19. This is a book about a boy named Alex who is in a wheelchair. And at first the kids do not know how to treat him. Then they get to know him and find out he is actually really cool. This is a good book to use in a classroom if there is a kid in a wheelchair either in the class or just in the school.

    20. This is a classic book that is included in many many critter series. It's a great book to teach children that they can be friends with students with disabilities. It allows children to not be scared of the disability and see past it.

    21. These two story creators have done it again with this wonderful book! Their efforts have my 4 year old reading nearly all by herself. Thank you Gina and Mercer Mayer!

    22. Very simple picture book for young children that introduces differences and inclusion. Offers a lot of good illustrations too. May be familiar to children as there are several critter books!

    23. Perfect way to introduce the concept of children with special needs to children and show them it's ok to have friends who are different.

    24. a very special critter by mercer mayer is an early readerlearning about the big steps in lifelearning to accept people with disabilities

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